Finding The Best Double Oven For Your Kitchen

An essential guide to double ovens to help you choose the right one for your household.

The Best Double Oven For Your Kitchen

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In the UK, we love the ovens in our kitchens - which is why our round-up of the best double ovens is ever so delicious-looking. From oven pizza to roast dinners, most homes come with an oven already installed – which makes things super easy if you’re partial to using one. They're super convenient and don't keep you in the kitchen for long stretches of time. Larger ovens, with double the space, are ideal for larger families and get-togethers. However, if your kitchen is in need of an upgrade, you probably want to do some research on which double oven to buy to suit your household.

Choosing the right double oven will be determined by a few variables, such as your lifestyle. If you have a big household, something with a larger capacity and durability would be a smart choice. On the other hand, for those of you who are only partial to baking, you don’t necessarily need an expensive double oven. After all, you will not require all the latest and high-tech features. Have you considered that some ovens come with an induction-friendly hob space?

Best Double Oven At A Glance

Best Freestanding Oven: Beko KDC653S Double Oven Electric Cooker - View Offer at Argos
Best Budget Built-In Double Oven: BEKO Pro RecycledNet Electric Double Oven - View Offer at Curry's
Best Mid-Range Built-In Gas Double Oven: Belling BI902G Built In Gas Double Oven - View Offer at

An electric cooker will connect to the main socket via a plug and there will be no flame. Instead, electric ranges have either a smooth, glass top or black coiled elements that heat up. Whereas, a gas oven will be installed professionally via your gas connection valve. When cooking you will have to ignite your oven and cook over a naked flame burner on a hob. However, it's worth noting that: there are newer, hybrid and halogen ovens, too. They offer both electric and gas cooking options and will need to be installed near a mains power outlet and a gas line.

With a double oven in your kitchen, you're more than sorted for Christmas dinner - as you'll need all the space for baking trays you can get. For a detailed breakdown of how to choose the best oven for your home, read our buyer's guide. Now, onto the top picks from A Modern Kitchen... Double ovens galore.

Best Double Oven 2023

Best Budget Freestanding Double Oven

Bush AG56TBX 50cm Twin Cavity Gas Cooker
Price: £265 (was £320)

With a slim design, this Bush BGC50DBX 50cm Double Oven Gas Cooker won’t break the bank. With gas hobs, a grill and decent-sized oven space, you’re more than equipped for Christmas – and beyond. With an easy-to-wipe enamel finish on both the interior and exterior, you'll spend less time scrubbing too.

Customer Review: “This is a very lovely gas cooker, although it is a little small. I love the fact you can use both ovens at the same time and the hob. You can also use the top oven to keep things warm whilst using the main oven."


  • Great value double oven
  • Separate grill space
  • Four gas hob zones


  • Basic oven design

Best Budget Built-In Double Oven

Enjoy reliable results whether you’re roasting or baking. Make sure to use the fan heating in the oven for even cooking. Easy to clean thanks to the enamel liners, there’s no need for scrubbing. Offering a great capacity, this INDESIT Aria IDD 6340 IX Electric Double Oven is a great choice if you’re looking for a budget built-in model.

Customer Review: “Quiet, smart looking with a good timer/programmer which is easy to use. And it reaches the temperature quickly. It's not possible to see into the top oven when the door is closed because there is metal behind the glass exterior. There's also no light in the top oven.”


  • Great value double oven
  • Defrost and Slow Cook functions
  • A-rated energy rating


  • No light in the top oven

Best Freestanding, Gas Double Oven

From Beko, we have a freestanding Beko KDG582W 50cm Twin Cavity Gas Cooker with great reviews. Alongside four gas burners, this double oven has quality, easy-clean enamel interiors. This double oven is a great addition to your kitchen with its decent-sized capacity and push-button ignition. Easy and simple to use.

Customer Review: “I purchased this cooker a few weeks ago and I’m so happy with it. It’s so easy to use and the guys who fitted it were friendly and explained everything I needed to know.”


  • Large capacity
  • Separate grill space
  • Four gas hob zones


  • Simple, not flashy

Best Freestanding Oven

Perfect for your everyday needs, this Beko KDC653S 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker fan main oven and conventional top oven and grill offer great cooking flexibility. The stylish ceramic hob comes with quick heating and easy cleaning. Plus, the interior light and timer make this oven easy to use. Get that roast cooking!

Customer Review: “Reasonable price and clean, sleek looking. Useful double oven.”


  • Great energy efficiency
  • Good capacity oven
  • Four ceramic cooking zones


  • Grill tray included, but no handle

Best Budget Built-In Double Oven

The Beko Pro RecycledNet BBXDF29300Z Electric Double Oven features True Fan cooking in the main oven, letting you roast and bake evenly for delicious results. That’s ideal if you’re a fan of a Sunday Roast, as efficiency and even cooking are important. Plus, there’s a grill for adding finishing touches. Alongside an LED touch display, this double oven has a steam cleaning setting. Just wipe afterwards.

Customer Review: “Sleek and looks really good. Works effectively. The clock actually does keep time and the heat function is great. The steam clean works really well.”


  • Catalytic liners
  • Steam cleaning function
  • Fan and LED touch display


  • No handle on the grill pan

Best mid-Range Built-In Gas Double Oven

Belling BI902G Built In Gas Double Oven with Full Width Electric Grill
Price: £649

Belling has a fantastic hybrid option with this Belling BI902G Built In Gas Double Oven with Full Width Electric Grill. This could be the best pick for you if you’re looking for a mid-range double oven. The main gas oven is perfect for traditional cooking, whereas the second oven comes with a handy grill function. With minute-minder alerts and grease-proof enamel, this double oven is easy to use and clean.

Customer Review: “First time I've ever purchased a built-in oven, a double one at that. Mainly purchased this style for ease of use physically for my ageing mum, no more bending down. It's very stylish and fits in well with our black, white and silver kitchen theme. I've used it a few times after trying to get to grips with the instructions. The timer function comes in handy for mum’s baking and if someone forgets they've put something in the oven. We can also use both ovens at the same time for different foods which is very handy for our household. Overall, so far, I'm well pleased.”


  • Timer function
  • Plenty of racks
  • Easy to clean


  • Problems with the grill handle

Best High-End Built-In Double Oven

NEFF N50 U2GCH7AN0B Electric Double Oven
Price: £1,199 (was £1,399)

At the top of the price range, we have this NEFF N50 U2GCH7AN0B Electric Double Oven, which has been designed to make cooking at home very easy. Cook on multiple levels with premium results. Plus, the CircoTherm spreads heat around three levels so you can get an even cook throughout. No matter what dish you’re tackling, this oven has a program for the job – easily set with the LCD display. And – it has a pyrolytic cleaning programme, which is impressive.

Customer Review: “Brilliant, easy controls, easy to use and easy to program the delayed cooking function. I love the cleaning function on it - not used that yet. Plus, it looks really good.”


  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • Touch control
  • CircoTherm


  • No grill tray provided

VERDICT: Which is the best double oven?

Our top pick is the Belling BI902G Built In Gas Double Oven.

This mid-range hybrid model has great reviews with a handy timer function and grill.

Double Oven Buyer's Guide

Freestanding or Integrated: If you’re gutting your entire kitchen in favour of a sleek built-in design, you will need to decide whether your kitchen layout will prefer a freestanding or integrated oven. If you’re replacing a freestanding oven that’s no longer efficient, choosing a similar design will mean you won't have to find somewhere else for the hob to sit, as a cooker comes all-in-one.

Freestanding ovens are a versatile option as long as you have access to a plug outlet or gas connection. Plus, they are a lot more affordable than a mounted, integrated double oven which would always remain in a fixed position. Some options also work well during colder seasons as they will warm up your home with the extra heat and reduce your heating bill.

Hob: If you’re looking for a freestanding oven and need a gas hob, don’t worry. In fact, there are plenty of double ovens that have a place where you can put your cookware. You can even find a double oven with an induction hob.

Features: In recent years, oven features have had an upgrade. Many brands boast exclusive features on the latest models. These can include a delay feature, self-cleaning, defrost mode, delay cooking options, and more energy efficiency and better heat distribution. Remember to check what type of power your kitchen uses (i.e. gas or electric) to determine the features available. Did you know that pizza ovens are super popular?

Budget: Regardless of how much you’re changing in your kitchen, budgets are going to be different for every household. So, we’ve included a range of double ovens at multiple price points. To save some dosh, we don't suppose we could tempt you to a Salter AeroGrill? It's a fantastic and versatile cooking appliance.


What are the types of double ovens available?

Electric: A fan oven is an example of an electric oven; it circulates hot air evenly around food and results in a crispier dish (think of the roast potatoes!). Due to the increased air circulation, a fan-assisted oven tends to be a popular choice as it cooks food faster. However, any power failures at home and your electric oven will be the first to go, meaning any dish midway through is ruined.

Gas: Gas ovens have a higher initial cost than electric ovens. However, they tend to be more popular as they are cheaper in the long run. Not to mention they can provide extra heat, saving you pennies on your heating bill in the winter. Plus, the gas flame is also easier to control when cooking and works better with a wider variety of cookware. For a gas oven, you will need to have access to a gas point in your home or pay a professional to have it professionally installed.

Unfortunately, you won't find a double halogen oven.

How do I clean my double oven?

Regularly scheduling an oven clean will do it a world of good.

Tackling bacteria is only one of the reasons to keep on top of your oven’s cleanliness. Keeping your beloved double oven nice and clean means it’ll stay in top form and reduce any nasty clogging of grease and dirt. It will not only gleam but also perform better and be generally safer. Grab your microfibre cloth and get going.

We suggest using a handy oven cleaner for a regular wipe or a deep clean.

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