Best Pizza Ovens For Restaurant-Quality At Home

Enjoy authentic delicious pizzas from the comfort of your garden.

Best pizza ovens

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Melted cheese, a warm crust and tasty salty toppings - nothing quite hits the spot like a high-quality pizza in the best pizza ovens. No matter your age, pizza is always a crowd-pleaser from kids to grandparents and for a good reason. If you love this delicious Italian dish in your household and want to take pizza night to the next level, then the best ovens allow you to make restaurant-quality pizzas from the comfort of your home.

Whether you have a big garden or a small lot, cooking up a restaurant-style pizza from the comfort of your backyard is a simple and satisfying pleasure. Of course, you can make them in your range cooker or regular oven, but is there anything really as enjoyable as a signature handmade pizza fresh from the wood-fired oven?

To help you realize your best pizza night yet, we have rounded up the best pizza ovens on the market for all budgets and requirements. Some pizza ovens have gas burners, and others are fueled by charcoal or wood pellets. Most ovens can reach 400 and 500 degrees, and the better yours holds its temperature, the more pizzas you can make in one go.

Best pizza ovens at a glance:

 Best overall (Editor's choice): Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven - View on Ooni
• Best high-end portable outdoor pizza oven: DeliVita Pizza Lover's Outdoor Oven - View on John Lewis
 Best outdoor gas pizza oven: Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven - View on Ooni

Before we get stuck in, let's take a look at the different types of models out there to see which one suits you best so you can get cooking these delicious treats.

The best outdoor pizza ovens

Best overall (Editor's choice)

Pizza lovers will have heard of Ooni pizza ovens as the brand kickstarted the trend of making delicious pizzas from the comfort of your home. The Ooni Fyra is high quality and affordable, with foldable legs and a chimney that can be twisted off so you can store it inside the oven itself if you want to pack it away for storage. The Fyra promises to cook authentic wood-fired pizzas in just one minute, so you can whip up delicious restaurant-style pizzas all year long.

Review: "Wow, I love the Ooni wood pellets oven; it’s been my favourite purchase this year, and the quality!"


  • Quick to cook
  • Good insulation
  • Portable


  • Wood burning only

Best outdoor pizza oven for fuel options

You can indulge in authentic-tasting pizzas with the ROCCBOX portable pizza oven. It comes with folding legs and a convenient carry case. It can reach up to 500 degrees and makes outdoor cooking fast and straightforward. The Roccbox SafeTouch silicone jacket reduces the risk of skin burns, and it arrives with a professional-grade pizza peel. The detachable burners make it easy to switch between wood and gas.

Review: "If you like pizza and had enough of your electric 200-degree oven, then this is for you! It's simply amazing. 30-40 minutes to fully heat up the stone and then bake at 400 degrees+ for around a minute or two. Quality is excellent and very easy to set up. If you’re new at making pizzas, except for some trial and error, but results will be amazing. YouTube has some good tutorials. Enjoy."


  • The silicone jacket is excellent for protection
  • Easy to transport
  • Two-fuel options


  • Can be tricky to use when cooking with wood

Best high-end portable outdoor pizza oven

This lovely outdoor oven is perfect for pizza lovers looking for a stylish appliance. The DeliVita pizza oven comes in various colours and can make 12-inch pizzas in a flash. It is also waterproof and comes with a cover, so you can leave it outside if you choose. Plus, you can make other dishes in the outdoor oven, such as meat, flatbreads or any other food that you would like to have a smoky aroma. One thing to note is that this appliance is on the heavier side, but if you have space and want to make restaurant-level pizzas, you will love this oven.

Review: "A DeliVita oven is not just an oven, it's an experience. We've had lots of fabulous evenings with friends, rolling out dough and dressing their own pizzas... it's a communal experience around the fire. And DeliVita are a great bunch of people that treasure the personal touch."


  • Looks professional
  • Available in different colours


  • Heavy

Best outdoor gas pizza oven

Cooking outdoors with gas has never been so simple with the Ooni Koda. Featuring instant gas ignition, it is ready to cook in 15 minutes and can reach temperatures up to 500 degrees. The letterbox-style opening is ideal for sliding pizzas in and out easily, and the oven can also roast meat, fish and vegetables. Simply flip open the foldable legs, insert the stone baking board, and connect to a gas tank.

Review: "It's a great little oven which we have used for both pizza and bread so far. We have certainly learnt from our first mistakes - not to put too much filling on and nothing that can easily roll off as you slide the pizza into the oven. Use plenty of flour on the peel. The bread was easier to bake and tasted lovely."


  • Portable
  • Good gas controls


  • Only gas

Best professional-grade outdoor pizza oven

This award-winning oven has been developed to be the perfect oven for both beginners and avid home cooks. You can cook pizzas on the live fire and roast, smoke, bake, steam and even cold smoke produce and meat. It features multiple useful accessories, an integrated gas burner, and a regulator.

Review: "Gozney have done everything so right here. The dome has by far taken over the normal oven! And hats off to the packaging; you will not find anything that’s a better package. Brilliant service and product well worth it. I’ve recently bought more items from Gozney, and every extra comes with the same attention to detail as the dome. Brilliant oven."


  • Best professional oven
  • Digital thermometer
  • One stone floor puck to switch between wood and gas


  • Dome is only suitable for use indoors with gas fuel when correctly ventilated to the atmosphere

Best budget pizza oven to use on BBQs

Made from stainless steel with a pizza stone to retain the heat, this portable pizza oven quickly heats up, ready to cook your pizza in minutes. It sits directly on top of your BBQ, so you can whip up authentic stone-cooked pizzas, burgers, and sausages in one session. Not to mention it is suitable for use with gas or charcoal barbecues.

Review: "Great product. It is easy to use on the gas BBQ and heats up well. The stone at the bottom gives an amazing crisp pizza base. I bought a peel to use with it as a normal spatula won't work as well. I can't recommend it enough."


  • Compact
  • Can be used on BBQs
  • Affordable


  • Handles are not heatproof, so can be tricky to move

Best affordable outdoor pizza oven and charcoal BBQ

The Monster Shop Pizza Oven is an adaptable cook station that easily transitions between the role of the smoker, pizza oven, sear plate and low, sealed grill with a flip-down door. Not to mention it is a reliable all-rounder that will permanently stay on your patio and is suitable for cooking meat, baking bread, barbecuing meat, fish, and veg. If you are looking for an affordable and versatile option, this is a great choice.

Review: "This is great for the price... very easy to assemble. It's cooked my pizzas to perfection, so I am excited to bake a sourdough loaf and make of other summertime yumminess."


  • Affordable BBQ and pizza oven
  • Compact unit


  • Reviews say it can be hard to assemble

Best outdoor pizza oven and BBQ

The Big Green Egg BBQ range comprises versatile ceramic grills that are guaranteed to be well-built and portable. This extra-large model can sear, roast, grill, or smoke your food. The charcoal grill is efficient as it holds heat and moisture and simplifies temperature control. Not only that, but coal also delivers a unique smoke-infused flavour that you just can't beat. One grill, so many opportunities. This Extra Large Big Green Egg bundle includes two acacia wood shelves for food preparation and a nest with transporter wheels. It comes with all the accessories you need to master the perfect crisp-bottomed pizza, so you will never need to leave your home for restaurant-style pizzas. It also comes in mini size and large size.

Review: "I bought this as a surprise birthday gift for my husband - what a great investment! It cooks to perfection, looks great and is very economical on fuel. It takes a fair amount to fill it, but the charcoal lasts for many sessions. It is very easy to control the cooking temperature, and our family BBQs have definitely moved up several notches from mostly burgers, chicken and souvlaki. An American-style BBQ cookbook to go with the egg will open up a whole new world for you. I purchased from JL to ensure a doorstep delivery rather than the kerbside delivery offered by Egg; it's a big, heavy item."


  • Works in all weathers
  • Good investment for outdoor cooking fanatics
  • Award-winning
  • Investment purchase


  • Heavy


What are the different types of pizza ovens?


If you love cooking outdoors but have a small garden - or make pizzas on special occasions, then these lightweight ovens can reach impressive high temperatures and are super portable with features such as foldable legs, so you can keep them indoors without taking too much space.


If you are a pizza fanatic and would love nothing more than to enjoy restaurant-style thin-crust in the comfort of your home, then you will get your money's worth out of a freestanding oven. They are large but don't have to be built in, so they are usually a cheaper option. You can also move it around your garden, and comes with protective covers, too, so you can leave them out all summer long, no matter the weather. These ovens can cook more than one pizza at a time, so pizza parties have never been quicker.


Lastly, hybrid pizza ovens are the most versatile options and can double up as a BBQ - so you'll essentially be getting two for the price of one. If you think you will BBQ and make pizzas equally, then this is a good choice, but keep in mind that appliances specifically designed for making pizzas alone produce the best cooking results. Hybrid models are perfect if you love to cook outdoors and don't have much space.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at the best outdoor pizza ovens from brands like Ooni, Salter, Gozney and more so you can make restaurant-quality pizzas from your own backyard.

Is it worth buying an outdoor pizza oven?

If you love pizzas and think you will get good use out of it, then outdoor ovens are a great investment. Not only can they cook pizza in just over a minute. At the end of the day, pizza ovens are not necessarily better at making pizza, but they are better at making thin-crust pizzas. You can also use pizza pans and trays in your oven.

Which is better, a wood or gas pizza oven?

Although a gas-fired outdoor oven is faster and more practical than a wood-fired one, it doesn't have the same rustic charm or taste as burning wood. However, a gas burner is more versatile and easier to power up, but if you are looking for an authentic thin-crust stone-baked taste, then an oven with a wood-burning setting would be the most suitable option.

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