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Ideal for those who adore spending time in the kitchen, our guide to the best range cookers brings these all-in-one appliances to a modern kitchen; in this guide, we demystify and debunk these highly practical cookers equipped with the latest best oven technology. Thanks to Leisure Cooker – a leading brand of range cookers in the UK – we’re able to answer the question: What is a range cooker? According to the brand, a range cooker is a “great choice for those who want or need the very best.”

In general, a range cooker is essentially a freestanding cooker that usually comes with a double oven and a selection of hob burners – not to mention a grill space. Versatile, this all-in-one appliance has moved past its antique past and can now be tailored to the look of modern kitchens. If anything, they’re super practical, and you don’t have to find several bulky appliances that match—looking for something a little smaller? Maybe our oven buyer's guide can help.

Best range cookers at a glance

Best on-trend green range cooker: Rangemaster Leckford Deluxe in Mineral Green – View on John Lewis
Best range cooker in red: Bertazzoni Professional Series in Red – View on John Lewis
Best induction range cooker: Stoves Richmond S1000Ei MK22 in Anthracite Grey – View on Appliances Direct

Not only do they offer a practical element to the kitchen, but range cookers also offer a unique focal point to your kitchen’s overall design. They’re a statement, adding bold beauty to the mix, unlike a built-in oven. A range cooker is not just for rustic Country Kitchens, like Lily Allen and David Harbour have in their New York apartment. Indeed, these freestanding oven and hob appliances come in all shapes and sizes, with a fabulously vast choice of colours and styles to fit any preferences.

Alongside the flexibility they bring, range cookers allow us to batch cook, cope with multiple courses at beloved dinner parties and you can cram a decent amount of baking trays in at once, which is required for a classic Sunday Roast. At the end of this article, we’ve made sure to list all the benefits of a range cooker, below in the FAQS. A range cooker is really just that. It has the range. As Leisure Cooker says: “High capacity, high quality, versatile freestanding cooker, with great aesthetics, too.”

Best Range Cookers

Best on-trend green range cooker

Combining style and performance, the Rangemaster Leckford Deluxe in Mineral Green is a robust choice ideal for both small and large families. Boasting dual spacious electric ovens, a five-ring induction hob, a separate electric grill, and a storage drawer, it caters to every culinary need. With vibrant colour, an Aga-inspired design, and sleek chrome handles, the LKD110EI seamlessly fits into contemporary or classic kitchens, embodying both aesthetics and functionality.

Customer review: "I am so thrilled with my new cooker after months of stress with another make I had, which I returned, but this is superior, it cooks to perfection, it bakes beautifully, the induction hob is fast and precise, the quality is fantastic, the colour is gorgeous and class. The Rangemaster delivery team was outstanding. I highly recommend this product."


  • Large-capacity ovens and grills
  • Easy cleaning with catalytic liners
  • Energy efficient and convenient


  • Few customer reviews

Best range cooker in red

Red – and on-trend, all five heating elements of the Bertazzoni Professional Series in Red can be used simultaneously, perfect if you're prepping a Sunday roast and organising pudding, also. With smart power-outing software, this range cooker has a Booste Function for extra-fast boiling. So fast, the induction hobs heat up rapidly and are highly efficient. With a cool-touch worktop and spacious multifunction ovens, you're ready to take on cooking in style.

Customer review: "This range is stunning looking but I can't comment on its performance yet as my kitchen isn't finished. The small splashback it comes with is removable and optional if you want to fit your worktops deeper (didn't realise this). Communication between John Lewis and the manufacturer was good. I ordered the orange and it is a beautiful warm colour – looking forward to using it."


  • Induction heats up fast and is safe to use
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Two multifunction ovens for versatility


  • Grilling is done in oven spaces, with no separate grill

Best induction range cooker

As for the Stoves Richmond S1000Ei MK22 in Anthracite Grey, it comes decked out for a large family dedicated to putting more than one meal on the table. With a five-zone induction hob, conventional oven and grill, multifunction main oven, fanned second oven and dedicated slow oven, you're spoiled for choice. A large cooking area offers so many possibilities at meal times. Providing great heat distribution, you're in safe hands with this range cooker.


  • Four ovens for supreme, versatile cooking
  • Easy-to-use controls for fast heat-up
  • Easy to clean with enamel interior


  • No customer reviews

Best 110cm range cooker

Next, we have the RANGEMASTER Esprit ESP11ODFFBL/C in Black, with a long width for larger kitchens. Ideal for everyday use, this range cooker features two large fan ovens, a slow cook oven and a dual-circuit variable grill for versatile, specific cooking. To meet your needs further, the six-burner gas hob can hold your pots and pans, allowing your sauces and spaghetti to simmer away in peace. Plus, the catalytic liners make the ovens easy to clean.

Customer review: "It's a very nice range cooker – and easy to use, though doesn't look or feel as good as my previous range cooker."


  • Two large fan ovens for everyday use
  • Features catalytic lines for easy clean
  • Six-burner gas hobs with wok burner


  • Width is not for small kitchens

Best dual fuel range cooker

RANGEMASTER Professional Deluxe in Slate and Chrome
Price: £2,349

Elevate every meal to a timeless masterpiece with the RANGEMASTER Professional Deluxe in Slate and Chrome. With two oven compartments, a grill, and a 5-burner gas hob, this range cooker provides ample space for boiling, baking, grilling, and more. Whether roasting or defrosting desserts, the ovens' multifunctional nature will come in handy, providing evenly-cooked food. Plus, we love the convenient catalytic liners that absorb grease, simplifying cleanup.

Customer review: "I absolutely love this cooker. It not only looks really smart but it is really smart! It performs perfectly, and it’s so easy to keep clean. I’ve used all of the hob, including the wonderful griddle, and had perfect results. The grill is so lovely with its glide-out grill pan and the ovens are giving me beautiful, even cooking. I couldn’t be happier."


  • 3 cavities and a 5 burner gas hob
  • Flexible Gas Hotplate offers safer cooking
  • Features catalytic lines for easy clean


  • The alarm is not very loud

Best classic range cooker

Exuding timeless elegance, the Rangemaster Classic Deluxe in Cranberry is the best choice for those with classical preferences, available in a stunning colour palette. The gas hob boasts five burners across four sizes, including a versatile wok burner, with cast iron pan supports for a classic touch. With a multifunction oven and a fan oven, the cooker offers eight diverse settings, including the Rapid Response feature for 30% faster heating. Effortless.

Customer review: "After an eight week wait, our cream unit was installed through JL 2 weeks ago. Really impressed with the cooker so far. Heats up really quickly and is very efficient with great build quality. The magnet on the tall oven is stiff but we've been told that this will ease. Only used the grill once so far and haven't used the wok burner yet, but if it's the same as the rest, then there'll be no worries. Very pleased so far and delighted with the colour. We've gone for the matching hood in black which complements the cream."


  • Offers quick and even heat-up and distribution
  • Ultra-chic styling in a classical take on range cookers
  • Adjustable, cool to the touch and easy to clean


  • Some customers comment that delivery took a while

Best 100cm range cooker

We're very impressed by this Leisure Cuisinemaster CS100C510 in Stainless Steel. Why? Well, it's a mid-size cooker, perfect for most kitchens and blends traditional with contemporary cooking styles with ease. This stylish, modern-looking model has three separate ovens, a slow cook setting, and a dedicated grill for a cheese toastie or two. Not only is it sleek looking, but it has five ceramic hob zones with extra safety features to prevent any burns or scolds.

Customer review: "Easy cleaning with good indicators for residual heat and plenty of oven space. The oven/grill is excellent for plate-warming. My eyesight is not good so it is a little difficult to read oven temperature settings."


  • Useful features such as heat indicators
  • Easy to clean with catalytic liners
  • Fan, conventional or slow-cooking


  • Some customers found it difficult to read the oven temperature settings

Best gas range cooker

Belling Farmhouse in Cream
Price: £1,499 (was £1,669)

You'll never run out of space with the Belling Farmhouse X100G in Cream, which boasts four cavities: two spacious ovens for roasting and baking, a grill for support and a storage compartment to keep your kitchen cupboards from bursting at the seams. Handy, right? Not only does the main oven have a large capacity, but it's also ideal for slow-cooking meat and crisping potatoes. Don't get the seven gas burner hobs for simmering, boiling and more.

Customer review: "Great piece of kit. I purchased this as a retirement gift to myself. Thrilled to say the least. It's a joy to cook on, The Rolls Royce of cookers. It feels solid when you put the pans on the burner supports, with no wobble at all. The oven took just 10 mins. To reach temperature and cook everything evenly. One minor criticism would be the length of time you have to hold the knob in to keep gas lit on a double of the burners but as I say this is just a minor thing. It's a great piece of kit."


  • 48L capacity - for medium-sized households
  • Seven-burner gas hob with cast iron pan supports
  • Sleek, cream and with plenty of storage


  • No handle on the grill pan

Best electric range cooker

Cook as you please with this budget-friendly electric pick from FLAVEL. Though little in price, you're promised great quality with an impressive A-energy rating. The FLAVEL MLN9CRS in Silver is ideal for preparing multiple courses together or getting adventurous in the kitchen. With two ovens, a standalone grill and five ceramic hob zones, you can prepare a feast fit for a king - all at once. Easy to clean with an LED timer, you're all set to impress.

Customer review: "Very easy to use and clean. Great space inside for double oven."


  • Budget-friendly range cooker
  • Great cooking flexibility
  • Complete with an A energy rating


  • No catalytic or pyrolytic cleaning

Best wood-burning range cooker

Esse Ironheart Wood Burning EcoDesign
Price: £5,450 (was £5,695)

If you're looking for a wood-burning range cooker, we love the Esse Ironheart Wood Burning EcoDesign from Direct Stoves, which has been updated to meet EcoDesig requirements, making it more eco and efficient than ever before. How cool is that? It'll keep you warm and cook your meals to perfection. With a large capacity, this oven can offer flexibility to your meals. Plus, the "dog bone" hot plate will certainly impress, accommodating up to six pans.

Customer review: "Beautiful and functional – thank you."


  • Meets EcoDesgin requirements
  • Convection panels radiate warmth
  • Flexibility with hotplates and large oven


  • Requires some maintaining

Our Verdict: Best Range Cooker

All of our picks are so fantastic! So, this was hard to choose. But, we recommend the Rangemaster Leckford Deluxe in Mineral Green. With a three-year John Lewis guarantee, this range cooker combines style and performance. It features dual electric ovens, a five-ring induction hob, an electric grill, and storage drawer. With an Aga-inspired design and vibrant colour, it will become the hub of any large kitchen. This appliance boasts multifunction cooking and convenient features, such as a programmable timer and catalytic cleaning.

Buyer’s Guide

Range cookers are a large investment – and it’s a great idea to do ample research on the topic. After all, there are plenty of different types, keen to cater to all spaces, lifestyles and budgets. Thanks to Appliances Direct, we’ve got a snappy guide to finding the best range cooker for your kitchen:


Consider the fuel. Luckily, there are different types of range cookers to cater to your preferences:

Dual Fuel – is the best of both worlds, says Appliances Direct. After all, with this type, you’ll get heat almost instantly, not to mention precision control and reliable cooking temperatures. Handy, we know. These tend to be the most popular choice of range cookers.

Electric – comes next, with a typical model providing an electric oven, alongside a ceramic or induction hob. So, make sure your pans are induction-friendly for this. Appliances Direct says that most of these ovens will include a fan, which “assists in spreading heat around the oven for even temperatures.” This makes things speedy when it comes to heating and cooking time.

Gas – is the third option. They will have gas ovens and hobs. Gas hobs tend to be the cheaper option to run – as gas, generally, is cheaper than electricity. But, this will depend on your provider. It’s best to weigh up your options and opt for a cooker that won’t cost much in the long run. Appliances Direct says these hobs are great for cooking pros, as “they provide instant heat and precise control.”


Next, comes the hob itself. Which fuel do you, and your pan sets, prefer?

Induction Hobs – are “electric and use magnetic technology to directly heat the pan,” explains Appliances Direct. Indeed, in turn, induction hobs tend to be more energy-efficient as no heat is lost, which is great if you’re looking to save as much money as possible. Plus, the hob surface will never become hot enough to burn, which is ideal if you have curious children. Not only do they heat up quickly, but they’re easy to wipe clean. Ensure your pans are magnetised before you buy.

Ceramic Hobs – bring a “modern look to the kitchen with their smooth and sleek surfaces,” says Appliances Direct, making cleaning easy-breezy. Though a little slow to heat up – compared with gas or induction – ceramic hobs are more compatible with pans on the market. For this type of hob, we recommend good quality pans with thick bases, avoiding anything that could scratch the surface.

Gas Hobs – are preferred by many, says Appliances Direct, as you get instant heat and you’re able to control temperature precisely. Not only that, any pot or pan can be used. Result. Plus, with a visible flame, you’ll be able to notice “when the hob is switched on, and the burners will have flame failure devices to cut off the gas supply if the flame were to go out.”


Size comes into play with a range cooker. After all, they’re large and in charge. For this, Appliances Direct recommends considering your space carefully. Luckily, there are a “variety of standard width sizes to choose from, enabling you to find one” that fits your kitchen to a tee. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the range cooker, the “more cooking space and functionality.”

Typically, you can choose from 90, 100, 110 or 120cm.


As with all ovens and cookers, there are different methods, depending on many factors. As for the higher-end models, they may be equipped with pyrolytic cleaning, which “burns off grease and grime at really high temperatures of 500°c,” says Appliances Direct. Smart.

On the other hand, some high-tech and premium range cookers may even have catalytic liners that “absorb spillages and dirt which are burnt off when cooking over 200°c.” These can come in handy, also, making our lives easier. After all, who likes to clean up the kitchen?

Typically, the smooth enamel liners will make cleaning relatively easy, as long as you keep on top of it. If you’re tackling burnt-on food and can’t shift it, we recommend some gentle oven cleaners.


Next, come functions, which are added on to make things easier when we choose to cook. For example, Appliances Direct says that range cookers may come with features such as rotisserie cooking – which is “perfect for succulent joints of meat”, defrost and even slow cooking.


Coming in handy for some of our favourite meals and treats, a grill can give our range cookers an extra leg up on the competition. If you’re a fan of grilled cheese or want to give a cottage pie a bit of pizzazz, why not let the grill do the work? Some range cookers will have one already installed.

We love the Salter AeroGrill, which is an air fryer and grill, all-in-one…


Range cookers are freestanding, says Appliances Direct, which “makes them easier to fit into your kitchen, usually between your kitchen cabinets.” For this, measure and make space for your new appliance – and accuracy is very important. They add: “Nothing should be placed above the hob unless it is heat resistant,” such as shelves and plug sockets.

For gas or dual fuel range cookers, an engineer will need to fit it for safety. You can’t DIY this one.


Though it may seem not very important, a lid on your range cooker can come in handy, says Appliances Direct. Typically arriving on the gas variety, a lid can protect your precious hob and allows you “to utilise the surface space as a worktop.” Suppose you’re stretched for space... Why not do some prep on this surface? Plus, they will protect walls from splashback, which is ideal for a messy saucier.

LPG Convertible

Believe it or not, some range cookers can be converted to work with bottled LPG gas. As Appliances Direct points out, this may be a good option for those who “don't have access to a mains gas supply.” Some will come ready to convert – and some will not. It’s best to check before you buy.


Perhaps, most importantly, style comes into play. There is a great variety of styles and colours to choose from, says Appliances Direct. Pick out your dream cooker that compliments your style. For this, we’ve handpicked range cookers for all interior styles and tastes. Why not jump on a 2023 kitchen colour trend and opt for a coastal blue or sage green cooker? They’re all the rage…

We adore colour in the kitchen.

FAQs: Best Range Cookers

What are the benefits of a range cooker?

With range cookers being rather different from your usual Bosch oven, there are some benefits you may not have thought of. Luckily, oven and stove merchant, Direct Stoves, has pointed us in the right direction with some fabulous thoughts. Are range cookers worth it? Well, it’s time to find out…

Style – comes first and is a big benefit of these cookers. They “really are stylish and can completely transform even the most humble of kitchens,” says Direct Stoves.

Increased Home Value – is one of the most “overlooked points about range cookers,” says Direct Stoves, and makes a home way more desirable, according to a survey by Selling Up/Populus.

Longevity – may be fairly straightforward but can last as “long as 50 years.” Hard to believe, right? Though the upfront cost is a little daunting, their huge lifespan is more than appealing, working out cheaper.

Versatility – above all, is a prime feature of a range cooker. You can do so much with them. For this reason, they can save you from having to buy other kitchen appliances,” says Direct Stoves.

Storage – is another great ‘pro’, offering storage to a “wide variety of kitchen items such as pots, pans, and griddles.” This way, you’ll never be cramming cookware into your cupboards again.

Convenience – comes to a range cooker naturally, as “they are effectively an entire kitchen in one single unit,” says Direct Stoves. Not only that, but they’re freestanding and easy to heat up.

Some more...

Efficiency – is important to us at A Modern Kitchen, as prices are soaring. As they’re multifunctional, range cookers can heat water and beyond, saving you money on breaking out an electric kettle.

Eco-Friendly – is an untapped benefit of a range cooker. After all, using wood and gas – as fuel – can be damaging to our environment. However, believe it or not, wood fuel stoves have made strides toward sustainability in recent years, lowering emissions. Plus, this appliance can last a while, “saving on the earth’s natural resources,” adds Direct Stoves.

Cost-Effective – appliances are favourable here, at A Modern Kitchen. As they combine multiple appliances and are long-lasting, range cookers may be cost-effective for your renovation.

More Cooking Space – makes the range cooker best if you’re “an avid cook, or often need to cook large amounts of food,” says Direct Stoves. After all, range cookers tend to be around 20% larger than your typical oven. Plus, you can use the warmer trays to keep your meals warmer for longer.

Improved Use of Space – is the final benefit, as the range cooker is effectively an “entire kitchen in one”, helping you make better use of space and buying multiple appliances.

Are range cookers expensive to run?

Though range cookers are known for their impressive functionality and stylish appearance, you may be wondering if the benefits come at a high cost to run. Well, this depends on several factors. And – while the initial purchase cost can be significant, modern range cookers have stepped into the 21st century with energy efficiency in mind. Newer models come with features and programs that will enhance your cooking, whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or not.

As for running costs, this is very likely influenced by the type of fuel it uses (electric, gas or dual), the efficiency of the appliance itself, frequency of use, and energy prices in your area. Electric range cookers may have higher energy consumption compared to gas ones, but they offer more even cooking and faster preheating times. Ultimately, it’s down to you. Some more thoughts…

What do I need to know?

Energy Efficiency – should come into play, especially when we’re holding onto our purses for dear life. For this, look for models with smart features that help conserve energy.

Usage Planning – can save you money in the long run. If you plan your cooking sessions to maximise multiple uses of the oven and hob burners, you can save time as well as energy.

Proper Maintenance – comes next, as regularly cleaning and maintaining your range cooker will keep it performing well and efficiently. We recommend keeping the oven seals intact, too.

Cooking Techniques – can affect your energy consumption from these range cookers. A Modern Kitchen recommends exploring energy-efficient techniques, such as batch cooking.

Energy Prices – seem to be going up continuously. A solution? Some energy companies offer reduced prices during non-peak hours, typically between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. So, if you’re a night owl, get ahead.

As mentioned above, while the initial cost is high, the ongoing expense of a range cooker is influenced by various factors. Luckily for us, modern range cookers have caught the energy-efficient bug and offer optimised energy consumption. If you’re considerate, the long run can be manageable.

So, you can enjoy the versatility and luxury of a range cooker without breaking the bank.

What is a dual fuel range cooker?

Think of a dual fuel range cooker as an appliance that is the best of both worlds – to enhance your cooking experience. It's a kitchen appliance that features the convenience of an electric oven and the precision of gas burners in a single unit. Sounds great, right?

This way, you get the even cooking and accurate temperature control of an electric oven, perfectly primed for baking and roasting, along with the quick and responsive heat of gas burners equipped to tackle stovetop cooking. So, this fabulous and versatile combination allows you to explore a wide range of culinary techniques, much to the happiness of us who love to cook all different ways.

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