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Hardwired appliances for when only a Sunday roast and sponge pudding will do.

Best electric oven

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Get to grips with convection baking with the best electric oven for versatile cooking. The only thing that's rising is your muffins, as the best ovens are energy-efficient thanks to improved insulation. Look for fan-assisted ovens that evenly distribute hot air around the cavity, therefore cooking faster and at lower temperatures. There's a lot of fuss about air fryers being a quicker and cheaper way to cook. But if you're feeding a family, a thimbleful of chips is not going to satisfy. For large households, opt for an oven with a 70+ litre main oven. Otherwise, a standard oven that's between 40–70 litres is ample for a three-to-four-person household. Singles or couples go for a space-saving electric oven that's 35–40 litres.

The key benefit of an electric oven is accurate temperature control and heat distribution. Both freestanding and integrated ovens are available. You may find that your kitchen has a cavity that's just the right width to fit a freestanding cooker. And you'll notice a big red switch next to it. This is an isolator switch which cuts off the electricity supply to a cooker. Crucially, a large electric oven operates at over 3kW. It must be hardwired into the cooker circuit by an electrician. Large electric ovens cannot run off a standard 13amp plug socket. The good news is that most retailers offer an installation service.

Best Electric Oven At A Glance:

Best electric built-in double oven: INDESIT Aria IDD 6340 IX Electric Double Oven – View on Currys
Best premium freestanding electric oven: Beko KDC653S 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker – View on Argos
Best budget integrated single oven: Bush BIBFOBAX Built-In Single Electric Oven – View on Argos
Best air fryer electric single oven: BEKO AeroPerfect AirFry BBIFA12300AC Electric Oven - View Offer at Currys

An electric oven can be a single or double cavity. In a double oven the main cavity is larger and has a fan so that heat is evenly spread. In addition, there will be a smaller oven (around 30 litres) that can also grill. A double oven offers versatility with several cooking modes, including convection baking, fan-assisted cooking, grilling, roasting and defrosting. You'll find that double ovens tend to be built-in to kitchen cabinets at eye level. Alternatively, opt for an under-counter oven to complement a hob that's integrated into the worktop.

Brand reputation and warranty that's offered with a large appliance are important factors too. You'll find with premium brands, such as Bosch, the oven will have advanced cooking modes, self-cleaning, and smart user interfaces. Also, you'll benefit from a longer warranty. So, if cooking is your passion and you want a future-proof appliance, it pays to invest in the best.

Best Electric Oven

Best electric built-in double oven

Enjoy a large-capacity fan oven (75 litres) and a variable grill (40 litres) that lets you choose between full and half heat. The INDESIT Aria IDD 6340 IX Electric Double Oven has an LED display with a timer, so you know at a glance when your dinner will be ready. In addition, there are Defrost and Slow Cook functions to ensure meat is safely and thoroughly cooked. Easy to clean thanks to the enamel liners, there’s no need for scrubbing. We think this electric double oven is a great choice if you’re looking for a budget built-in model to feed a family.

Customer review: "Heats up quickly, cooks evenly. Quiet."


  • Great value double oven
  • Defrost and Slow Cook functions
  • A-rated energy rating


  • Only one shelf in main oven

Best premium freestanding electric oven

This super double oven is another A-rated energy-efficient appliance that offers flexible cooking for families. The Beko KDC653S 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker has easy-to-use and robust metal knobs. The cavity is smooth and enamel-lined, so it's easy to clean. And the glass doors just need a wipe. Plus, the interior light and timer make this oven user-friendly too. Ideal for your daily cooking requirements, this electric cooker provides excellent cooking versatility with its fan-assisted main oven, as well as a conventional top oven and grill. Beko's ceramic hobs are made up of four 'rapidlite' zones that can quickly and efficiently reach their highest temperature.

Customer review: "Bought two weeks ago. Good size capacity, easy-to-read dials, sturdy and smart looking. Cooks a little cooler than the previous oven, but every one is different. Coped well cooking Christmas dinner."


  • Great energy efficiency
  • Good capacity
  • Flexible cooking


  • Grill tray included, but no handle

Best energy-efficient electric oven

Price: £799 (was £849)

The Haier I-Touch Series 6 has a generous 70-litre capacity and offers 14 diverse functions, all while maintaining an eco-friendly A+ energy rating. Integrated with the Haier app, this oven provides interactive recipes and step-by-step cooking assistance. Plus, its Climatech technology guarantees consistent temperature control, and the Meat Probe ensures your meats and fish are cooked to perfection. The 360° visibility allows you to keep a keen eye on your food while it cooks, and cleaning is made simple with the catalytic cleaning system. Aesthetically, its sophisticated black finish, complemented by contrasting brushed and smooth dark aluminium, will undoubtedly elevate your kitchen decor.


  • The oven is integrated with the hOn app
  • A+ energy rating
  • Offers 360° visibility
  • Equipped with a catalytic cleaning system


  • No reviews yet
  • No pricing information on the official site

Best budget integrated single oven

With an energy consumption of 80kWh per cycle, this A-rated Bush BIBFOBAX Built-In Single Electric Oven and grill is a smart way to cook on a budget. Fill the 67-litre main oven with Sunday roasts, jacket potatoes and big pudding dishes. It's smart and simple to operate, with six cooking functions and a defrost setting. The interior cavity is easy-to-clean enamel and the door is triple-glazed glass that safely contains intense heat. The grill and baking tray are removable, so it makes bringing the pizza to the table a doddle. Home delivery, recycling and installation are available.

Customer review: "I love this oven and as for the price it's excellent value. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a bargain and good performance."


  • Quiet operation
  • The timer function switches off the oven
  • Heats up quickly


  • Knobs are a little flimsy

Best single electric oven for ease of use

LOGIK LBFANX16 Electric Oven
Price: £149 (was £169)

With lots of shelves and fast heating elements, this LOGIK LBFANX23 Electric Oven is an A-rated appliance that boasts both a fan-assisted oven and grill function. Cook faster and more efficiently in the 66-litre oven, with five cooking functions that offer versatility – from grilled cheese on toast to roast chicken and all the trimmings. The durable enamel interior is easy to wipe clean, as is the double-glazed door. In addition, the interior light and wide door make it easier to monitor what you're cooking.

Customer review: "Good ideal built-in single oven. Easy to use and a reasonable price."


  • Good value
  • Spacious interior and lots of shelves
  • Versatile grilling
  • Efficient


  • Noisy

Best high-end integrated single electric oven

The sleek, stainless steel single oven makes cooking easy with AutoPilot. Simply, put your dish in the oven, set the weight, and AutoPilot determines the cooking mode, temperature and cooking duration. In addition, the 3D Hotair function ensures even hot air distribution. The BOSCH Serie 4 HBS573BS0B Electric Oven is a high-end appliance that delivers consistent, quality results. Bosch's Pyrolytic Cleaning turns food residue into ash. Just wipe away the ash without constant scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

Customer review: "This oven is so easy to use and so far cooks my food really well. It comes with two wire shelves, one large coated drop pan/roaster and two half-coated roasters/baking sheets. I don't know how good the clean is as I've only had it a week but from other reviews I've read, it should be easy to set off the pyrolytic clean."


  • Great for baking
  • Quiet
  • Heats up quickly
  • Self-cleaning


  • Timer is a bit fiddly to set

Best budget freestanding electric oven

Introducing the electriQ 50cm Double Cavity Electric Cooker in Black. With a full fan oven for even cooking, a separate grill, and a fast-heating ceramic hob, it's perfect for couples and smaller families. The clean design fits any kitchen, while features like an integrated thermostat ensure quality cooking every time. It's easy to use, too.

Customer review: "It’s a lot faster than my last oven, really pleased at the efficiency and overall cooking experience."


  • With a separate grill for ease of use
  • Clean and simple to use
  • Full fan oven ensures even cooking


  • Knobs may not be easy to read for some

Best electric double oven for features

This mid-range double oven has some exciting premium features. The Beko Pro RecycledNet BBXDF29300Z Electric Double Oven has True Fan Cooking in the main oven (75 litres), letting you roast and bake evenly for delicious results. In addition, the main oven has five shelf positions and boasts steam cleaning and catalytic liners to keep the cavity pristine and hygienic. The second oven is enamel-lined for easy cleaning and has a grill that can be used on a full or half setting. The sleek touch controls and LED display are the stars of the show for a streamlined and easy-to-use interface. Just wipe afterwards.

Customer review: "It looks great and it's bigger inside the oven, and looks more expensive than it was."


  • Catalytic liners
  • Intuitive touch control
  • Steam cleaning function
  • Fan-assisted cooking


  • No handle on the grill pan

Best high-end built-in double oven

From shepherd's pie to lasagne, this deep dish oven has a huge 105-litre capacity. In fact, the NEFF N50 U2GCH7AN0B Electric Double Oven has multiple levels, so you can cook many dishes at once with perfect results every time. Spatters and dripping get turned to ash thanks to pyrolytic cleaning. Or there's an EcoClean function for day-to-day cleaning.
CircoTherm spreads heat around three levels so you can get an even cook throughout. No matter what dish you’re tackling, this oven has a program for the job. The touch controls are user-friendly and easily set the LCD display. Also, there are retractable dials for a sleek look.

Customer review: "Looks great, controls are easy, gets up to temperature quickly."


  • Huge capacity
  • Touch control
  • Self-cleaning functions
  • Energy efficient


  • No grill tray provided

Best mid-range integrated single electric oven

This Bosch HHF113BR0B Built-In Single Electric Oven takes advantage of multifunction cooking. 3D HotAir evenly distributes heat quickly throughout the cavity so simultaneously cooking on all three levels is possible. Incredibly, you could cook a spicy pasta dish and a fruit crumble at the same time without mixing the flavours. With an easy-to-use LED display control to the time functions, this Bosch is a quality appliance without the bells and whistles of some of their higher spec models.

Customer review: "Very simple to operate, and cooks the food efficiently, good value for money. When the oven is switched off, the fan continues to operate for a while to cool down the oven but it's really quiet, you hardly notice it."


  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to clean
  • Cook a range of dishes simultaneously


  • Grill tray does not include a handle

Best premium integrated single electric oven

When the party's over, who's left to clean up? Well, not you! This AEG BPE742320M Electric Oven features an effective pyrolytic cleaning function that makes short work of caked-on food and grease. It also means you can avoid cleaning your oven with chemicals. Sensecook is a built-in probe that measures the temperature to ensure fish, meat and baked dishes are consistently cooked to perfection. There are 16 oven settings, including a pizza setting and slow cooking. The sleek touch controls are minimalist, stylish and easy to use. Whether you like your steak rare, medium or well done, this oven offers multifunctional cooking to ensure it's a winner-dinner every time.

Customer review: "Great efficient cooker. Great additions like recipes and the food sensor for cooking meat to the grade that suits you."


  • Pyrolytic cleaning oven
  • Fast heat up
  • Premium features
  • Quality build


  • Takes a bit of time to learn all the functions

Best air fryer electric single oven

Who doesn't love the convenience of an air fryer? Stand out with this BEKO AeroPerfect AirFry BBIFA12300AC Electric Oven. With a dedicated AirFry tray and AeroPerfect system, it delivers crispy, oil-free results. The touch control LED display, True Fan cooking, and 72L capacity elevate your culinary journey, ensuring perfect dishes every time - big enough for family dinners and get-togethers. If there's any burnt-on food, you can just use SimplySteam to soften it for easy wiping. Plus, RecycledNet means Beko used recycled fishing nets, so this is greener than your average oven


  • SimplySteam to soften it for easy wiping
  • Grilled meat or veggies from its full-width fan grill
  • Capacity is big enough for family dinners


  • No customer reviews

Our Verdict: Best Electric Oven

For its price and features, we recommend the INDESIT Aria IDD 6340 IX Electric Double Oven. It offers large capacity and functionality, plus a few features that we'd expect from a more expensive appliance. In particular, we're impressed with its versatility: slow cook, defrost, fan, grill and cook without fan in this A-rated energy-efficient oven.

If you have the budget, your chicken will be supreme in the AEG BPE742320M Electric Oven. This premium oven automatically adjusts its temperature so food is cooked perfectly. Also, the clever pyrolytic cleaning function is a timer saver and makes chemical solutions a thing of the past.

FAQs: Best Electric Oven

What should I consider when buying an electric oven?

When choosing a new electric oven, it needs to meet your cooking needs. Key features to consider include the oven's capacity, energy efficiency, temperature distribution, functions and user-friendly controls. Also, factor in its overall size and where it will be positioned in your kitchen. If you're really short on space, you may prefer a countertop halogen oven or an air fryer, such as the Salter AeroGrill.

As well as its energy efficiency rating, look for features and programmable timers that will reduce electricity consumption. A delay timer, for example, means you can come home to a perfectly cooked roast that's been set to cook for the exact time it requires. Also, ovens that have fans and temperature control mechanisms will ensure every part of the cooking cavity reaches an even temperature so you can batch cook without fail.

Other premium features to bear in mind are self-cleaning options and built-in smart technology that automatically adjusts the cooking settings.

The controls need to suit the user. Whilst some people may prefer dials, others will appreciate the precision of touch controls where you can set the time and temperature to the degree.

Finally, bear in mind most full-size electric ovens require hardwiring to a dedicated cooker circuit. This must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Which is better, an electric or gas oven?

Compared to a gas oven an electric appliance has the benefit of precise temperature control that results in more even cooking. Also, electric ovens are easier to use and safer than gas ovens.

What is pyrolytic oven cleaning?

Pyrolytic oven cleaning is a self-cleaning method that uses high heat to turn food residue into ash, making cleaning easier.

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