The Best Halogen Ovens To Help Save Money

Cook meals faster and save on energy costs with our guide to the best halogen ovens.

Best Halogen Ovens To Help Save Money

by Natalie Knowles |
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Why not consider our round-up of the best halogen ovens? Halogen ovens are a must-have appliance to save money in the kitchen. Faster, healthier and more efficient than a standard oven, these countertop cookers can bake, roast, grill, thaw, and so much more. All halogen ovens offer a faster way of cooking than a standard oven.

That's everything from roast beef, baked potatoes and cakes; all retaining an oven-baked authenticity because the moisture is sealed in during the cooking process. Some models even offer steaming, rotisserie and a setting for cooking pasta. They're a tabletop cooking appliance, much like a pizza oven. They really are an appliance to get excited about. So, if you've already got a slow cooker, take a look at the benefits of these all-in-one cooking solutions.

Best Halogen Oven At A Glance

Best small halogen oven: Daewoo SDA1032 Deluxe 17L 1300W Halogen Air Fryer - View offer on Robert Dyas
Best hinged lid halogen oven: Andrew James 12-17 Litre 1400W Digital Halogen Oven Cooker With Hinged Lid -View offer on Amazon UK
Best halogen oven for safety features: SQ Professional Blitz 12-17L Halogen Air Fryer - View offer on Amazon UK

What to consider? We'll take you through the size, controls, power, and capacity of the best halogen ovens on the market, and you'll be cooking up a feast in no time and saving money on those energy bills, not too dissimilar to air fryers, such as the Salter AeroGrill. Take time to measure your kitchen workspace and compare it with the dimensions of our featured cookers. You won't be taking up as much space as you would with a bulky double oven - rest assured.

Be mindful of the height of the appliance too, especially if it will be positioned underneath kitchen cupboards. Also, consider the type of controls that you would be most comfortable with; there are both dial and digital options available. In our guide, we’ve taken care to include a range. Read on for the best deals. Still a little clueless? Check out our oven buyer's guide, courtesy of Ellen Kinsey.

Best Halogen Oven

Best small halogen oven

The Daewoo Deluxe Halogen Air Fryer Oven has thousands of positive reviews with customers praising its quality and value for money. It is up to 73 per cent cheaper to run than a conventional oven (when compared to a 5000W oven). A real plus point is that it is available in a range of sizes – from 2L up to 17L – so there's a model that's perfect for individuals or to suit large families. The 2L and 3L models will be ideal for one-and two-person households. The Daewoo also has auto-shutoff, which is an attractive feature given the high temperature this halogen oven can reach.

Customers say they use it instead of an oven because it's cheaper to run. With its large capacity, it may actually be a more versatile purchase than a standard single air fryer.


  • Low cost to run in comparison to a standard oven
  • Healthier frying that uses minimal oil
  • Self-cleaning saves you time


  • Reviewers have commented that the bowl and racks cannot be put in a dishwasher

Best hinged lid halogen oven

Well-reviewed, the Andrew James Digital Halogen Oven With Hinged Lid has a hinged lid, which some people may find preferable to a fully detachable lid. This is especially useful if you have limited countertop space and nowhere to place a hot lid. It has a longer timer function than most halogen ovens on the market. It can be programmed to two hours on the digital display and the temperature can be adjusted with precision. This product also has a self-cleaning function and comes with a very good assortment of accessories: including racks, skewers and steamer trays.

This halogen oven has received more than 3,900 reviews, rating it 4.4 out of 5. While some customers praise it as a great mini oven, others say they've had to buy replacement bulbs or that the hinged lid has broken. However, the benefits are its capacity and that food can be stacked inside and still cook thoroughly. With its accessories it offers more versatility than an air fryer.


  • Hinged-lid option might be safer for some
  • Compact design so it doesn't take up too much worktop space
  • Precise cooking and self-cleaning for your conveinience


  • Reviewers have commented to take care when clipping the hinged lid in place as it will be hot when cooking

Best halogen oven for safety features

The SQ Professional Blitz Halogen Air Fryer is a popular pick, with 657 reviews rating it 4.2 out of 5. On the packaging, it states that this is "The All-In-One-Cooking-Solution". A full accessory pack includes an extender ring, tongs, steamer, and two racks. The rack acts as an extra shelf so that you can cook more. In addition, this halogen oven has a protective basket that encases the glass cooking dish, and there's an auto-shutoff switch. Of all the halogen ovens we have reviewed, this model has the most safety features.

Customers say it's cheaper to run than an oven, so it's more economical for a small household. Plus, it heats up instantly, so there's no bother with preheating. They also love how easy it is to clean, even after roasting a chicken in it. Howevoer, a customer review notes that the glass cook pot can crack and that over time the heating element can burn out. Otherwise, there are glowing reviews that say it's the best halogen oven they've owned.


  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Cooks fast and self-cleaning
  • Protective basket and steamer attachment to cook a wider range of foods


  • Some reviews have commented that the heating element is in the lid, and there's nowhere to store the hot lid when serving food

Best halogen oven families

Tower T14001 Health Halogen Low Fat Air Fryer
Price: £49.99

Cook 500g of chips in just 20 minutes with Tower Health Halogen Low Fat Air Fryer. It uses Vortx technology plus Vizion halogen, convection and infrared to cook 30 per cent faster with 99 per cent less oil. This model has dial controls to set the temperature and cooking time with ease. It's received 4,447 reviews on Amazon rating it 4.2 out of 5, and Tower is a trusted and longstanding brand. We were delighted to see that Tower has included a recipe inspiration book in the accessories. Homemade chips – with a pinch of paprika – are a new fave.

Customers love the clean taste of the food cooked in the glass dish, as unlike plastic, glass won't taint. It cooks super fast and it's easy to clean. However, do take care when taking cooked food out of the dish because it does get hot and it's all too easy to catch your wrists on it. Customers recommend wearing an oven glove.


  • Triple cooking power is fast and more efficient than other models
  • Energy efficient in comparison to a standard oven
  • Family-sized meal from a space-saving appliance


  • It's big and tall with the extender ring, be aware if positioning it underneath kitchen cupboards

Best small halogen oven

This is a super multi-functional appliance – you can even boil pasta in it. Like all of the ovens that we've reviewed, this Quest Halogen Oven cooks using a halogen bulb and rapid airflow that's thermostatically controlled - up to 250°C. The bowl is made of toughened glass and has non-slip feet. Also, the lid handle has a safety on/off function. It has a smaller capacity, yet it's one of the heavier halogen ovens on the market. The glass bowl is very exposed so that you can watch your food turning crispy before your very eyes.

Customers say they like how easy it is to clean the glass cooking dish and therefore it's more hygienic than a microwave oven, for example. You can monitor food as it cooks and the instant heat makes it excellent for cooking perfectly risen Yorkshire puddings.


  • You can see your food cooking
  • Easy to clean and glass can been sterilised so it more hygienic than some other appliances
  • Good value in the upfront cost and running cost


  • Some customer reviews have commented about the glass bowl having a danger of cracking

Best halogen oven for accessories

This appliance is unique for having an integrated rotisserie. The Cooks Professional Air Fryer Halogen Oven Rotisserie is a healthier way to cook all your deep-fried favourites. Accessories include a rotisserie spindle, chicken forks, and a fryer basket for chips. We're excited at the thought of easy chicken and chips. The pause function is a very welcome feature that some other halogen ovens are missing. The casing is cool-touch, which makes this an attractive appliance for families with young children. In short, it's a healthier way of cooking some of your favourite meals; even BBQs and stir-fries are an option in this product.

Customers love that it makes excellent chips and uses a fraction of the energy of a conventional oven. Crucially, a customer says it contains odours, which is all-important if you're cooking in an open plan studio or small kitchen. However, one customer did think the capacity was lacking to cook a whole chicken and the portion of chips was small.


  • Hinged lid for safety and contains odour
  • Cool touch exterior for safety, especially around children
  • Versatile oven with integrated rotisserie


  • Would benefit from having a larger capacity, especially for the rotisserie

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best Halogen Oven?

On balance, for its large capacity, power, versatility, and the addition of a protective basket the SQ Professional Blitz 12-17L Halogen Air Fryer gets our vote. It's simple to use and has a more interesting set of accessories than other models of a similar price. We feel that this product really is a good value for money, an all-in-one cooking solution, whatever size your household.

We also want to highly recommend Andrew James 12-17 litre 1400W Digital Halogen Oven Cooker with Hinged Lid. It had more plus points than most of the products we reviewed: a two-year warranty, an impressive array of accessories, and a longer timer function than most. In addition, we can see the benefit of having a hinged lid. Those glass lids get very hot and if you are limited for countertop space - or have hand, wrist or finger problems - this could really impede your enjoyment of cooking with a halogen oven. This is a really popular product, so do be prepared to find that it's out of stock quite often.


What are the benefits of cooking in a halogen oven?

For a start, they are small and efficient, no pre-heating is required, and by cooking faster less energy is consumed.

It has benefits over cooking with a microwave. A halogen oven will cook food more evenly and there's much less likelihood of cold spots. You'll also get that more authentic roasted and oven-baked taste that's impossible to capture with a microwave.

By utilising the timer function, you can ensure that food won't burn. The appliance will be visible on the countertop so you can watch your food cooking in the transparent dish.

Halogen ovens mostly have a toughened glass bowl like a Pyrex dish where the food is cooked. The bowl is so much easier to clean than the usual assortment of pots and pans. And most new models offer a self-cleaning function, which means no more burnt pans and energy saved on the washing up.

Why are halogen ovens healthier to cook in?

Make every day a Fry-day with the best halogen oven recipes. Food cooks in its own juices, therefore you only need a tiny amount of oil. Imagine the crispiest chips, the most succulent chops, and grilled bacon for the BLT of dreams.

How does a halogen oven work?

Inside the oven, the heat source is a halogen bulb, and a fan rapidly moves the hot air around. A thermostat regulates the heat, and the light of the bulb will turn on and off during the cooking process. You have control of the temperature range – anything from 20 to 250 degrees. Say goodbye to tossing your spuds - the hot air being circulated around the oven at a super high speed means you don't need to turn your food over during cooking. You’ll enjoy crispier, evenly cooked foods - everything from Yorkshire Puddings to a whole roast gammon joint.

Are halogen ovens safe?

Although there are many benefits to cooking with a halogen oven, please be mindful of the safety guidelines. Racks and cookware will get hot in the cooking process. Firstly, ensure you are using the correct cookware for the appliance, and secondly, take care to avoid burns when removing the contents from the oven. If you are concerned about lifting the lid off the appliance, you may wish to consider a model with a hinged lid.

A halogen oven will sit on a kitchen countertop, which is beneficial if you have mobility problems as there is no bending or reaching in order to use this appliance. The average weight for a halogen oven is 6kg, and some customer reviews have stated that they find this a little heavy to lift.

Is it worth buying a halogen oven?

We’re all very aware of energy efficiency now - you’ll be amazed to know that they vary between 1200-1400 watts of power, compared to the average standard oven, which consumes 3000-5000 watts. They’re also wonderfully timesaving; you’ll find it more like cooking in a standard countertop microwave than in an oven.

Halogen ovens are ideal for a family that needs an extra appliance to cater for more mouths to feed. Most come with an extender ring to increase the capacity of the appliance, which is ideal if you want to cook extra roast vegetables along with your Sunday roast.

They are also great for a money-conscious single person or a couple who wants to make a fast and healthy dinner. You might be living in a flat and looking for a space-saving and cost-effective way of making meals without compromising on versatile cooking and flavourful foods. No more bending or reaching too, as halogen ovens sit on your kitchen countertop.

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