Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review: Mid-Range and Versatile

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Testing the Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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If you want to elevate your coffee game, look no further than the Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. Delivering coffee shop quality at a fraction of the price, this coffee machine is a great option for any modern kitchen. When Beko launched its user-friendly CaffeExperto bean-to-cup model this year, we were enticed by its sleek appearance and promise of a versatile experience.

It’s safe to say, I was sick of pressing sub-par coffees in cafetières – and of course, summer is long gone, so my craving for an iced cold coffee was no more. With the CaffeExperto, I can harness the power of freshly ground coffee to make my morning cup. Like many of our readers, coffee is the first thing I think of when I wake up. It’s not just a drink to me: it’s a ritual, an essential part of my day.

Though a little pricier than other models, a bean-to-cup is the perfect coffee shop substitute for an authentic coffee flavour. When deciding which coffee machine is best for you – and your home, consider the Beko CaffeeExperto Bean to Cup – it’s stylish, versatile and a reliable mid-range option. Stock up on some whole coffee beans – and don’t be afraid to try a few different types.

Here are my honest, unfiltered thoughts on Beko's new coffee appliance...

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Effortlessly brew coffees with a button - and revel in this machine's capabilities to cater to your coffee needs.


  • Brew two coffees simultaneously for a coffee break
  • User-friendly display with multiple coffee options
  • Complete with a milk frother and integrated cup warmer


  • A little bulky and noisy at times - as expected

Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine: Summary

The Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine is a relatively new venture for the brand. With an attached milk frother, this coffee machine comes in a dark, sleek colour. Of course, as it takes beans and coffee grounds exclusively, you won't need to worry about coffee pods it's compatible with - your chance to experiment.

This way, you can use a wide range of coffee brands on the market - perfect for those of us who like choice.

A premium model, it helps you tap into your inner barista. With a seamlessly integrated milk frother, this mid-range wonder is ideal for fans of frothy coffees. If you're looking for the latte of your dreams, you may have found it. This appliance boasts a dual nozzle for two coffees simultaneously, perfect if you want to invite a friend over for a cup. But, wait - it gets better. Beko, in their wisdom, has blessed us with an integrated cup warmer to keep our coffee warm, too.

User-friendly, the intuitive touchscreen menu makes coffee selection easy as... pie. It's a treat, that's for sure.

Photo: Piper / A Modern Kitchen

Price Analysis

The machine is available to buy on Amazon UK and directly from Beko for just shy of £450. For a bean-to-cup coffee machine, this is pretty mid-range - as some Sage models can creep up to around £800 for a barista-style appliance. It's a little cheaper than Smeg's Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, which is sleek and retro. Despite the versatility of this Beko CaffeExperto Espresso Coffee Machine, complete with all of its unique and user-friendly features, it's priced well.

Rating: 4.5/5

Key Features of the Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

User-friendly, colour touch display - navigate your way easily through the various coffee choices and functions to your perfect coffee selection. Luckily, there are clear colour images of the choices. Plus, you can intensify your cup by pressing the double bean option for a proper jitter-inducing caffeine fix.

Five-set coffee options for your mornings – expertly crafted to cater to your preferred taste, the CaffeExperto can make Espresso, Double, Ristretto, Americano and Lungo.

Dual nozzle – allows you to brew two coffees simultaneously. So, invite your pals over for a cup of Joe and a chat. With the dual nozzle feature, you're prepared to serve great coffee quickly and easily.

Integrated milk frother – comes in clutch for a foamy and delicious cappuccino, latte macchiato and many more. Take advantage of the integrated steam wand for your preferred frothy coffee.

19 Bar Pressure - ensures a full-bodied rich flavour experience in every cup.

Integrated cup warmer - holds up to six cups at once, keeping them warm for enjoyment.

Removable 2L water tank – is easy to remove and has an impressive capacity – fewer refills required.

Testing the Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

What was the product tested for?

I use the CaffeExperto daily at home. Luckily, I'm a remote worker, so can benefit from the extra benefits - as I'm not rushing out the door to catch a bus. As the only coffee lover in my family, I have pure ownership of this appliance - and its potential to impact my days writing for A Modern Kitchen. I chose some Illy Coffee Beans to make up my first cup - and I wasn't disappointed by the authentic taste. I'm open to trying some new blends with unusual notes, too.

In this guide, I'll be taking you through unboxing, coffee preparation and cleaning. Such fun!

Photo: Piper / A Modern Kitchen

What were the results?

So, maybe I exaggerated my credentials. I have a growing interest in coffee, which has flourished since writing coffee content at A Modern Kitchen. The title should read: "I'm a coffee dilettante." But I digress. Coffee is tasty - and I've grown to like the aroma and know a good cup when I taste it. When I first started drinking coffee, I somehow stomached instant. As for frothy, milky coffees (plant-based, obviously) it all depends on my mood.


The machine came well-packaged and mostly put together which made assembly and set-up a breeze. Without reading the instructions, I could see which bits you filled with beans and water on the top of the appliance. It's all pretty self-explanatory. But, I did consult the hefty instructions booklet before I decided to press the on-switch.

Though a heavy appliance, it will sit well anywhere you put it, provided you tuck away the long cable.

Having said that, I didn't think to look inside the machine, which caused some issues when I made my first few cups. The coffee ground box has a tricky plastic seal over it, which needs to be removed before you make any espressos, otherwise, the machine will say the coffee reservoir is 'full'. I thought: I've only made three coffees! It took me a few goes to work out how to open the door to the grounds - but, now I'm kicking myself because it is really easy.

Gently pull on the silver part of the nozzle - and the door opens - giving you access to the used grounds and drip tray.


After set-up, which was very easy, the Beko CaffeExperto has been assembled, a striking display. A sleek addition to any kitchen – no matter the style, this bean-to-cup appliance looks smart – and is ready to go. Is it user-friendly? Or, did I need to read the instructions a few times?

Well, it’s safe to say, that thanks to the straightforward, intuitive touchscreen display, this process is a breeze.

Water tank – is an easy task. A water droplet indicator will show, meaning you need to fill it up. Easily accessible at the back of the appliance, the water tank is easy to remove, the lid is no bother and slides back in its place with no problems. After this, the light for refilling should no longer be flashing.

Coffee beans – similarly, is a simple task to carry out. The coffee beans sit in a compartment at the top of the machine, with a useful whole bean graphic on the lid for clarity, similar to the design that appears on the screen if it needs topping up. Inside, there is the adjustable coffee bean grinder.

Photo: Piper / A Modern Kitchen

With the coffee and water inside the appliance, it’s time to plug it in – and turn it on.

One thing to note, when you switch on the coffee machine, it will start to pre-heat; the indicator is a mercury thermometer until the desired temperature has been reached. Not only that, but it will run an auto-clean to make sure your coffee is free from any nasties – and is as fresh and crisp as can be. As this is happening, the sparkle graphic on the screen will flash, ceasing when auto-clean is over.


As for performance, I’m impressed. When you place that cup under the coffee spout, you’re a little unsure about what’s going to happen. As someone who has never had a coffee machine before – or even used one, for that matter, I was a little aimless, hoping that I’d do it correctly. The height of the spout can be adjusted for my preference for large mugs.

With the clear, colour screen, I simply tapped Americano. Here, the cup lighter brightens up, meaning your coffee is being made. Fans of a strong cup of Joe can adjust the strength of their beverage by pressing the double bean icon before making a coffee selection. I've tried this option myself and the morning seems to fly by...

You can even save the volume of your desired coffee for all available beverage types. By holding down your coffee choice on the touchscreen, the appliance will continue to brew your drink for as long as you hold down the button. Two beeps afterwards mean the machine has saved your preferred volume. How cool is that?

From coffee intensity to the amount of coffee, this machine is made for your tastes.

Due to the grinding of the beans and brewing, this coffee machine does take a little longer than most coffee pod machines and so forth. However, this suits me. I’m not getting up early to rush out the door. I’m a home-bird, with ample time to watch my cup fill up with a hot drink of my choice. From the switch-on, automatic rinse and coffee brewing, this takes well over a minute of your time. But, the freshly ground coffee is worth the wait.

I’ve tried the “double” espresso option, for a stronger shot of caffeine, as well as the Americano. Though I am partial to black coffee, rich and strong, sometimes I like to have a little lightness, something to combat the bitter taste. It’s your coffee – so you have space to experiment with frothing your milk, and tasting different syrups.

Photo: Piper / A Modern Kitchen

Testing The Frother

Before my new Beko appliance, I’d been making do with a handheld milk frother from Aerolatte, which has been helping me make the occasional latte-style drink. A handheld milk frother such as this can whisk up aquafaba for vegan baking like nobody’s business – so, a great purchase all around.

At the local coffee shop, I see baristas expertly, and rather nosily, frothing milk, equipped with a metal jug. After all, the metal aspect means you can feel the temperature of your steamed milk, giving you control over finding the desired temperature. A milk frother metal jug is an additional purchase you’d need to make.

In the meantime, I’ve been making do with a simple glass jug.

By pressing the odd-looking steam nozzle icon, you need to wait for the nozzle to be ready. While the steam nozzle is pre-heating, the indicator light will flash. When still, it’s ready to go! Pop your milk jug under the nozzle and press the button again. Watch your milk froth and bubble away. When you’ve reached your desired consistency and temperature, simply press the button again. It’s that easy - and allows for absolute coffee creativity.

I’ve been frothing up Sproud’s Pea Protein Chocolate Milk to make tasty mocha latte hybrids.

Photo: Piper / A Modern Kitchen

OUR VERDICT: Is the Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine worth it?

Although more expensive than a budget coffee machine, the fresh-tasting coffee from a bean-to-cup appliance makes up for it. Not only is it user-friendly, but it’s versatile and allows you to have full creative control over your coffee. For all wannabe baristas out there, a Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine can revolutionise your morning cup of Joe with a push of a button. You’ll be saving on those pricey take-out cups, too.

Overall, this is an impressive coffee machine. Though a little bulkier than expected, once you’ve got the hang of how to use it, it’s a must-have kitchen appliance that makes up for it with its sleek, smart exterior and versatile options for any and every coffee drinker. Extra-tough mornings at the office are a thing of the past. Simply, push the button - and your coffee is here. It’ll take care of the rest – and you, for that matter. It’s an energy-saving gadget that’ll keep you going…

Full Product Specifications

Automatic or Manual: Automatic

Type of Drinks: Espresso, Double, Ristretto, Americano, Lungo

Coffee Options: Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee

Power Supply: Mains Electric

Brewing System: Unsure.

Water Container Capacity: 2L

Coffee Bean Container Capacity: 250g

Dimensions: H35.9 x W27.5 x D41.2 cm

Milk Frother: Yes

Weight: 9.6 kg

Power: 220 V / 1350 W

Cable Length: 95 cm

Heat-Up Time: 50 Seconds

Colour: Black

Guarantee: 1 Year


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Are bean-to-cup machines worth it?

A bean-to-cup coffee maker can be a worthwhile investment for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy the taste of freshly ground (and brewed) coffee - at home, at a fraction of the cost. These appliances offer the convenience of automated brewing, allowing users to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee with minimal effort. Not only is your morning cup fresh and aromatic but you're greeted with adjustable customisation options at the utmost convenience.

How do you clean and de-scale the Beko CaffeExperto Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

If you’re wondering how to clean your bean-to-cup coffee machine, we’ve consulted with Beko to find the best method. After all, regularly cleaning your coffee machine will prolong its life:

1. After disconnecting the power cord, use a damp cloth to clean the liquid stains on the appliance.

2. Disassemble the milk frother by turning it to the left and pulling down on it. The metal nozzle and cover should both be washed with warm running water and you may use gentle bristles to clean the hole. Following this, dry them both well to avoid any issues when you re-assemble and re-attach.

3. When the coffee residual container light appears, it needs to be emptied, typically after every 10 coffee brews. By emptying and cleaning the container, the error will be fixed. As mentioned above, you can access the drip tray and residual container by pulling the coffee spout gently to open the front cover of the appliance. Beko recommends removing and washing the brewing unit, also.

When the sparkle icon appears, that’s when you need to descale your appliance. Your Beko CaffeExperto will stay in tip-top condition if this is performed at least once a month:

1. To start descaling, you should fill the water tank until the “descaling level.”

2. Next, add one pack of descaling granules (which is provided in the Beko CaffeExperto box) to the water tank. For this cycle, place a container under the coffee spout and nozzle to collect the water.

3. When idle, press and hold the sparkle icon for three seconds. You’ll hear a beep, and the sparkle will flash until the water tank empties. Beko recommends refilling and repeating the cycle.

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