Best Coffee Stove Top: Moka Pots For Rich Rustic Brews

Make espresso without the need for a high-tech coffee machine.

Coffee stove top: Moka Pot

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The inviting aroma of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen is unmatched – and the nostalgia of the best coffee stove top pot bubbling on the stove is something coffee fanatics can romanticise. If you love the ritual of brewing your coffee on the stove, then we have rounded up authentic moka pots to make intense, rich coffees morning, day and night. They certainly make a difference from the modern coffee machine, which we have become accustomed to.

The stovetop coffee maker, also known as a moka pot, was invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti. It is mostly the same design still used for Bialetti's Moka Express model today. It has many benefits, with no electricity or fancy equipment or coffee machine needed to make strong coffee. Not only that, but it is easy to clean, portable, generally relatively cheap and keeps your coffee warmer for longer. But - perhaps, you're thinking: what is a stovetop coffee maker?

Best Coffee Stove Tops At A Glance

Best overall stove top coffee maker: Bialetti Venus Stove-Top Coffee Maker – View on John Lewis
Best simple stove top coffee maker: bonVIVO Moka Pot – View on Amazon UK
Best stove top coffee maker for design: Moka Carmencita Classic – View on Lavazza UK
'Moka pots' or stove top ‘espresso’ makers are little jugs that use a more traditional stripped-back method known as one of the most back-to-basic ways of brewing a cup of coffee. They're nothing like manual pump coffee machines, which is what you're likely to see your local barista using. The process behind stove-top coffee makers is simple and effective in practice. But coffee fanatics may need to dedicate a bit of time and patience to get that flavour and the same effect every time.

However, there is one tricky thing about moka pots: is that as it uses such a manual method, you can risk burning the coffee or creating a brew that’s too bitter. You definitely don't get that with a coffee pod machine, which is programmed to handle your coffee without scorching it. After all, you want the best-tasting cup in existence to greet you in the morning. So, if you are looking for the best coffee stove tops to handcraft a delicious full-bodied brew, here are our top picks for every budget, size and preference.

Best Coffee Stove Top Makers

Best overall stove top coffee maker

In our opinion, the uncontested best stove top coffee pots are from Bialetti, as they invented them in the first place. The Bialetti Venus Stove-Top Coffee Maker is our top contender. Sleek yet super functional, it works on all stove types and has an easy pour spout perfect for pouring your coffee without the drip. Made from stainless steel, this can be used on electric or ceramic induction hobs and gas on gas or fire, making it a versatile portable option. If you are really serious about espresso, this would be a great choice for you.

Customer review: "For me, this is one of the best ways to make coffee at home. Espresso is my favourite type of coffee, but it isn't easy to make at home, even with expensive equipment. The Bialetti Venus makes great coffee that's still strong and much more delicious than filter or pour-overs."


  • Easy to pour
  • Works on induction hobs
  • Made of stainless steel


  • It can be tricky to clean

Best simple stove top coffee maker

The bonVIVO doesn't look too dissimilar to the the Bialetti example above, even using stainless steel in the construction, good news for induction hob owners. Incredibly simple to use, add water and ground coffee, and the bonVIVO will produce up to 100ml coffee. Slightly cheaper than the Bialletti, this is a fantastic alternative, even if there aren't the same ergonomic touches. There is, however, a copper finish for the most stylish-conscious individuals.

Customer review: "It was straightforward to use and produced a steaming hot mug of coffee within four minutes. It doesn't take up much space in my small kitchen, as did coffee machines."


  • Brews great coffee quickly
  • Really easy to clean
  • Versatile


  • Hard-to-see max fill line

Best stove top coffee maker for design

The sleek, smart silver and black design gives the classic moka pot a contemporary revamp. The Moka Carmencita Classic is the ideal stove top coffee pot for preparing aromatic, full-bodied coffee. The conical shape gives it a classic yet modern style, and the 90° handle makes it easier to manoeuvre than other moka pots. Plus, with a three-cup capacity and a nice pour, this pot does everything you need it to while looking great too.

Customer review: "Beautiful and perfectly designed, a pleasure to use. "


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lovely design
  • Contemporary cone shape


  • Some may prefer a more traditional design

Best stove top coffee maker for gas hobs

Bialetti Moka Express 2020 In Headband Cup
Price: $24+

The first hit of the delicious coffee is one of the best feelings in the world, and the Bialetti Moka Express is as classic as it gets. The design looks much the same as when it was invented, with the famous octagonal base and aluminium body on this Italian coffee maker. To make deliciously rich, strong coffee, just fill the bottom with hot water below the valve, fill the funnel with coffee (untamped), then assemble and place on a heat source, and you have coffee in a matter of minutes.

If you enjoy the ritual of making coffee on the stove and appreciate the heritage and traditions of moka coffee, then the Bialetti Moka Express is for you.

Customer review: "Top quality sturdy and classic Moka pot, gets daily use and lasts for ages and ages."


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Traditional design and appearance


  • Not compatible with induction hobs

Best value stove top coffee maker

Cafe Collection Stovetop Espresso Maker
Price: £20 (was £60)

This excellent value large moka pot is available from Pro Cook for as little as £20. This Pro Cook Stovetop Espresso Maker is a standard take on the classic design, featuring a traditional shape, an impressive nine-cup capacity and a two-part design made from high-performing aluminium for an exceptional price. Suitable for all hobs except for induction, this stove top pot is fast, functions and creates rich espresso-like coffee ready for your caffeine fix.

Customer review: "Amazing coffee pot. Really good value for money."


  • Large nine-cup capacity
  • Excellent value or money


  • It doesn't work on induction

Best stove top coffee maker for camping

Stelton Collar Espresso Maker
Price: £65.30 (was £89)

The Stelton Collar Espresso Maker performs the same way the original moka pot does, with a bit of extra artistic flair. The smooth matt Teflon-coated stainless steel structure is distinctive of the Scandinavian brand's coffee equipment with minimalistic features and practicality in mind. This is a true treat to use if you fancy yourself as a bit of a coffee connoisseur and outdoor enthusiast.

This coffee maker is great if you have a gas stove and want a more rustic look when making coffee and has a 240ml capacity (four cups) and is suitable for gas, electric and ceramic hobs.

Customer review: "A great stylish coffee maker that gives something in the kitchen. The coffee tastes delicious."


  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact and good for camping
  • Matching milk jug, grinder and sugar bowl available


  • Not suitable for induction hobs

Best stove top coffee maker for induction hobs

Cute and compact, this updated version of the original Bialetti moka pot features all of the traditional quality and design but has been brought up to date with technology to work on induction hobs. Also made from aluminium and stainless steel, this Bialetti 4 Cup Moka Induction Hob Pot comes with handy plastic parts for the ergonomic handle and lid knob to ensure you don't burn yourself. The bright and cheery red colour makes a nice change from the other basic designs. However, different varieties, such as black or grey, are available depending on your preference.


  • 2-year guarantee included
  • Works on induction
  • Different colour variations
  • Compact


  • No customer reviews

Best stove top coffee maker for strong coffee

Espresso maker, stove top
Price: £31.95 (was £54)

This tall and narrow stainless steel espresso maker has a minimalist, smooth design with a wide handle to avoid the hot metal of the hob element and ensure safe pouring. If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable moka pot, this model is evenly weighted at around 662g. The Bodum Chambord Espresso Maker makes about 177ml and is usable on any stovetop: ceramic, electric, gas or induction. Plus, it makes a deliciously strong cup of joe.

Customer review: "This coffee maker makes excellent coffee, so much so I have stopped going to those cafes, and it paid for itself within a month. I bought two, and after writing this will be ordering two more for friends."


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good for all stove types
  • It makes a strong cup


  • Reviews have said do not open or close using the handle for leverage, as you will break it

Best stove top coffee maker on a budget

If you are looking for a budget option, this affordable, lightweight stove top coffee pot is a good choice. The handle has an ergonomic grip for pouring intense, full-bodied brews, and the 300ml volume is ideal for six small cups of espresso or one big mug of coffee. This VonShef Stovetop Coffee Maker is compatible with electric, gas, ceramic and halogen hobs but is unsuitable for induction. It also comes in two other sizes if you want something more suitable for nine or 12 cups.

Customer review: "Makes perfectly strong coffee. Easy and safe to use. I love it! In one full pot, I use a little in a cup and add boiling water as it is very strong. Same with flask. It goes a long way and smells great."


  • Two-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to clean and stains very easily

OUR VERDICT: What Is The Best Coffee Stove Top Maker?

Our all-around top pick would be the Bialetti Venus Stove-top Coffee Maker. This stove top coffee maker works on all stove types and has an easy pour spout perfect for pouring your coffee without the drip. However, if you would like something a little more traditional, the Bialetti Moka Express is a great pick; just bear in mind that it does not work on induction stoves.

FAQs: Best Coffee Stove Top Maker

Can a stove top coffee pot make an espresso?

Despite being marketed as 'stove top espresso machines', moka pots don't actually brew true espresso.

They typically produce a very concentrated shot of coffee. If you get your measurements and your temperatures right, you can still get that nice golden crema on the top as you would expect from a barista-made espresso. But, if you add less coffee and more water, you’ll get something more along the lines of an Americano.

You will not be able to extract an espresso that you are served in a cafe from a moka pot, but you can get fairly close with some of the better coffee makers below and a finer ground coffee.

How do you use a stove top coffee maker?

First things first, ensure that the ground coffee that you are using in your stove top coffee maker isn’t ground too fine. This may not allow the water in the lower chamber to force through the coffee and builds up pressure, resulting in the stove top pot starting to leak through the centre of the safety valve which will stop it from brewing.

Be very careful when handling freshly brewed coffee straight from the hob. We advise pouring the coffee straight out into cups or a server and leaving the moka pot on the stove to cool down.

You should also allow good time for the mechanism to cool before cleaning.

Check out Pact Coffee's brew guides for the best coffee stove top experience.

Is moka pot coffee high in caffeine?

Yes in that there is a slight difference in caffeine levels between a moka and an espresso. Here is the average caffeine content in three different coffee options:

Cup of coffee (8 oz) = 105 mg of caffeine

Shot of Moka coffee (2 oz) = 105 mg of caffeine

Shot of espresso (2 oz) = 93 mg of caffeine

How do you grind coffee for a stove top espresso maker?

For moka coffee, it is recommended that you grind your beans on a fairly coarse setting like you would in a French Press cafetière and similar manual coffee makers. The finer grind can cause leakage and other issues.

Although a coarse grind works best for the coffee, the truth is each setup can be different. So, keep that in mind before approaching the coffee grinder. To find the right balance, you can experiment with a coarse grind. Or, a fine one until you find a setting that offers you moka coffee for your own palate.

How many cups does a moka pot make?

This depends on the size of the moka pot model that you choose. Brands and models vary in cup sizes, from a single one-cup stove top to a 12-cup stove top coffee pot.

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