6 Best Iced Coffee Machines and Makers To Try

When the weather gets a little warmer, an ice-cold caffeine fix sounds perfect.

Best Iced Coffee Machines

by Piper Huxley |
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Summer may not be so intense with the best iced coffee machine by your side. With the summer in full swing, you’re probably feeling the heat. So hot, you may be turned off at the idea of turning on your trusty coffee machine for a piping-hot latte in the morning. Coffee puts a pep in our step – it’s something we consume every day and for many, it’s an element of our morning ritual. Where would we be without our morning caffeine boost? We’re not quite so sure…

Perhaps, you’ve never tried iced coffee. Why not start now? It’s a refreshing and invigorating way to have your coffee. And – leaving your mugful of coffee too long so it goes cold doesn’t count. In that case, you may need to invest in a mug warmer. When it comes to cold brew or iced coffee, there are several ways it can be made. There are appliances like the Breville Iced Coffee Maker which rapidly cools coffee over ice – or cold brew pots, which are not so instant.

Best Iced Coffee Machine At A Glance

Best iced coffee maker: Breville Iced Coffee Maker – View Offer on Amazon UK
Best for cold brew: Hario Cold Brew Jug – View Offer on Amazon UK
Best for cold brew tea: Whittard x Hario Cold Brew Tea Bottle – View Offer at Whittard of Chelsea

Similar to a filter coffee machine, a cold brew jug is an overnight solution, offering the silkiest cold brew to the most organised of us. Move over, meal prep. On the other hand, an iced coffee maker is a budget-friendly coffee machine that uses smart filter tech to cool freshly brewed coffee over a tumbler of ice, serving a zingy ice-cold coffee in a snap. Just what you need to start your day.

If you’re looking to perfect coffee-shop iced drinks from the comfort of your kitchen, look no further. A Modern Kitchen has found the best iced coffee machine for you, tailored to your coffee needs. For those who love iced tea, you’re in for a treat. Not sure about cold coffee and need some more direction? Editor-in-Chief, Natalie, has written a guide on how to choose a coffee machine. Plus, below, we have answered some iced coffee machine FAQs for clarity on your coffee.

Best Iced Coffee Machine 2023 with Reviews

Best iced coffee maker

With a touch of a button, recreate your coffee shop pick-me-up in minutes with the Breville Iced Coffee Maker. Ideal for those of us on the go, hot concentrated coffee is poured over ice cooling quickly - meaning great taste and coffee that is positively full of flavour. Remember: experiment with sugar, milk and ice for some creative morning drinks. Complete with a tumbler and coffee scoop, it's a reliable and easy-to-use appliance.


  • User-friendly three-step method
  • Straightforward cleaning process
  • Comes with a tumbler, straw and coffee scoop


  • Requires a decent amount of ice
  • Some elements of the appliance feel flimsy

Best for cold brew


Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker (Brown) - 600ml
Price: $21.50

For the smoothest, silkiest cold brew, why not consider the Hario Cold Brew Jug? Not only is it rather beautiful to look at, but it's easy to fill with coffee and brew your favourite ice-cold beverage. After eight hours, the coffee will have passed through into the permanent filter for a rich, cold brew. Made from high-quality and heatproof glass, this jug is a great option for those of us who have busy lives and love to meal prep, plan and sort things the night before.


  • Makes smooth and silky cold brew
  • An easy and intuitive method to follow
  • Dishwasher-safe and high-quality glass


  • Takes at least eight hours to brew

Best budget-friendly machine

With the Drew + Cole Barista Ice Café, you'll have budget-friendly iced coffee brewed in minutes. In three simple steps, pop your water and coffee, add ice to the cup and press start. Easy as pie. This sleek and stylish coffee machine is so straightforward and promises a delightful brew every time. Great for on-the-go, take the tumbler out with you.

Customer Review: "It's OK. Very simple and basic."


  • Built-in measurements for ease
  • Brews in less than 4 minutes
  • Simply fill and chill...


  • Materials feel plasticky

Best portable cold brew

Need a travel coffee maker that will endure bumps and everything life throws at it? Well, your search is over with the asobu Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Practical and portable, this vacuum and insulated brewer is easy to use and clean, giving you coffee within 12 hours. Hot or cold, this carafe-brewing machine offers flexibility and portability.


  • Airtight and leakproof BPA-free container
  • Reliable tea or coffee filter for brewing
  • Complete with detachable travel carafe


  • Brewing can take up to 16 hours

Best large infusion pitcher

Cold Brew Coffee Maker - Large Glass Infusion Pitcher 1500ml - Iced Coffee & Iced Tea Pitcher with Stainless Steel Lid and Mesh Filter - Extra Fruit...
Price: $37.97

Next, we have this ultra-beautiful pitcher. The Hydracy Cold Brew Pitcher is perfect for making cold brews at home. Use the fine mesh of this device to brew your favourite beverages from tea to coffee to infused water. Use coarse grounds for a smooth, less acidic taste. Not only is this brewer very convenient for everyday use, but it is sleek, slim and will be in your fridge door. We are unsure about brewing times, though...

Customer Review: "I wanted to try cold brew coffee, so I bought this to fit in my fridge door. My first attempt failed. I used regular ground coffee. Apparently, the best coffee for cold brew is a coarse grind. So I found coarse-ground coffee expensive. My next option was to buy a spice grinder to grind my own beans. The result is a smooth cold brew, perfect for an iced coffee!"


  • Sleek, attractive pitcher for the fridge
  • Convenient and versatile
  • High-strength and dishwasher-safe


  • Brew time is unspecified

Best for cold brew tea

Though technically not a coffee maker, this Whittard x Hario Cold Brew Tea Bottle makes the cut. Hear us out... Whittard says that this method preserves the quality of the leaves. So, this uniquely designed filter bottle releases the true taste of tea, in a slower and selective infusion. Deliciously sweet, iced tea is the summertime drink you've been craving. Plus, this bottle removes the caffeine and tannin content significantly, with no bitterness and all goodness.

Customer Review: "I wanted to try out cold-brew tea and got the bottle and a recommended tea. I absolutely like the stylish bottle but even more the quality of the cold-brew tea. I will continue to enjoy cold tea throughout summer."


  • Reduced caffeine and tannin
  • Smooth, sweet and ice-cold tea
  • Smart, elegant brewing bottle


  • Tricky to clean with loose tea

Verdict: What is the best iced coffee machine?

Our top pick has to go to the Breville Iced Cofee Maker for its user-friendly interface that boasts perfectly brewed cold brew every single time. You can read Piper's review of the Breville Iced Coffee Maker here at A Modern Kitchen.


What do I consider when looking for an iced coffee machine?

Your pick will likely depend on a few factors...

Budget - influences how much we're willing to spend on a new piece of kit, especially if it needs constant upkeep with ground coffee or loose tea leaves. Luckily, all of our picks are under £50, which may suit most budgets.

Lifestyle - will come into play. How often are you likely to use this maker or machine? If you like an occasional hit, limit your choices to brew jugs. If you're a serial coffee drinker, perhaps a machine or pitcher-style brew jug is best.

Capacity - may be a factor for your consideration. Some of our picks will make copious amounts of coffee at the press of a button, whereas others are a little more limited. Think about how much you tend to drink in one day, a week.

How does an iced coffee maker work?

As for the Drew + Cole and Breville models, they take the brewing process to a new level. They create a concentrated coffee blend over ice to ensure fine and fresh flavour for your ice-cold brew. With precise ratios of coffee, water, and ice, the resulting iced coffee maintains its exceptional taste even as the ice slowly melts in the cup.

Brew jugs typically the use drip brewing method, allowing a free-fall of freshly brewed and infused coffee for your cup. However, this may take a few hours, which is why you make it ahead of time, perfect for the morning rush.

Can you make iced coffee with a coffee machine?

Certainly. In essence, yes – any coffee should be capable of preparing cold coffee, provided you have the ice. To achieve the most delightful, iced beverage, the crucial step is rapidly cooling over ice.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to answer which coffee machine makes the best iced coffee... For this, we recommend a specialised iced coffee maker for an iced, intense and invigorating caffeine hit.

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