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Bold and sophisticated - here are the best black dish washer models.

Black dishwasher

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Designing a kitchen in your vision is just as important as styling a bedroom or living room - so if you are looking for the best black dishwasher to suit your needs, you've come to the right place. Picking the right pieces for your kitchen is about creating a space that serves as a functional hub for cooking and dining and reflects your unique style. From the choice of cabinets and countertops to the selection of appliances, every detail contributes to your kitchen's overall aesthetic and functionality. Among these appliances, the best dishwasher plays a crucial role.

When it comes to dishwashers, there's a range of options to explore. The best integrated dishwasher, for instance, are designed to blend seamlessly with your kitchen cabinetry, offering a sleek and uniform look. They're hidden away behind a cabinet door, making them an excellent choice for minimalist or contemporary kitchen designs. On the other hand, the best slimline dishwasher is perfect for compact kitchens. Despite their smaller size, are still great in terms of performance and efficiency. Then there are freestanding dishwashers, which are versatile and easy to install. They can fit into various kitchen layouts and can be moved relatively quickly if you decide to rearrange them.

The best black dishwashers at a glance:

Best slimline black dishwasher: Beko DVS04020B Slimline Dishwasher - View on AO
• Best energy-efficient black dishwasher: Samsung Series 11 DW60A8050FB Freestanding Dishwasher - View on Samsung**
• Best value black dishwasher:** Hoover H-Dish 300 - View on Appliance Direct

There's something undeniably chic and timeless about black appliances. They bring a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, serving as a bold feature to lighter cabinetry or a complement to darker themes. However, the benefits of black dishwashers go beyond aesthetics. Black dishwashers are excellent at hiding grubby fingerprints and smudges, unlike their white or stainless-steel counterparts.

Choosing the right dishwasher that balances style, functionality, and personal preference. Whether you opt for the best budget dishwasher, integrated, slimline, or freestanding model - here are the best black dishwashers on the market.

Best Black Dishwashers

Best slimline black dishwasher

Beko DVS04020B
Price: £319

This black Beko DVS04020B slimline dishwasher is a perfect fit for compact kitchens. Despite its size, it can accommodate up to 10 place settings. The quick wash programme will have your plates spotless in just 30 minutes plus, if you're not in a rush, the Economy Wash option is a great way to save on energy and water. The built-up heat dries your dishes, so you can put them away immediately, making this model the perfect blend of efficiency and convenience.

Customer Review: "Lovely little dishwasher, we were tight on space, but this fits perfectly. For a slimline, you can actually get a fair bit in it, we're a family of 4, and it does us ok. It's reasonably quiet. You can hear it when it first starts the cycle but doesn't really notice it after that. Would definitely recommend it."


  • Compact size ideal for small kitchens
  • Quick wash programme, energy
  • Water-saving economy wash option
  • Heat recycling for dish-drying


  • Limited capacity due to slimline design
  • E energy rating is not the most efficient

Best energy-efficient black dishwasher

The Series 11 DW60A8050FB/EU is a freestanding dishwasher that combines style, tech and performance. Due to its high-tech features, it has an impressive C energy rating to save on your bills in the long run. It is Wifi connected, has 14 place settings and eight programs, plus it offers generous capacity and flexibility too. The 60-minute express wash is perfect for smaller loads of lightly soiled items, getting your dishes clean and dry super fast. Plus, the Auto Door Open Dry system ensures your dishes are always perfectly dry.

Customer Review: "Fantastic dishwasher that has great use. We're lucky to get this product from AO as other stores did not have it in stock; thank you very much."


  • Large capacity with 14 place settings
  • Eight programmes for flexibility
  • 60-minute express wash for quick cleaning
  • Auto Door Open Dry system
  • Energy efficiency C rating
  • Wifi-connected


  • May be too high-tech for some needs

Best freestanding black dishwasher

The Russell Hobbs RHDW3B-M is a sleek, built-in dishwasher that's perfect for families with stacks of dishes. With space for 12 place settings - it's designed to save you money on your energy bills and save you time. The six easy-to-use programmes, five temperature settings, and delay timer settings give you all the flexibility you need. Plus, the automatic release door improves drying performance and reduces overall energy costs.

Customer Review: "Very straightforward to install, good value for money, pretty easy to use once you read the instructions through once. Glasses come out sparkly clean, and dishes clean also, even if you don't rinse them first."


  • Built-in design for a seamless look
  • Six programmes
  • Automatic release door for improved drying.


  • May not have as many advanced features as other models

Best integrated black dishwasher

The SMEG DID211DS is a full-size, fully integrated dishwasher that's all about precision and versatility. Its Orbital wash system ensures every corner of the dishwasher is reached, while the stem glass holders reduce water marks and secure your glasses. With five wash programs, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. It also contains an adjustable top basket and 13-place settings, making this dishwasher ideal for a household of three or four people.

Customer Review: "Does what it should do, easy to load and very quiet."


  • Orbital wash system for a thorough cleaning
  • Stem glass holders
  • Five wash programs
  • Adjustable top basket


  • May be too large for smaller kitchens
  • Only suitable for integrated kitchens

Best quiet black dishwasher

This full-size dishwasher HOTPOINT model has a 3D Wash Zone that uses just the right amount of water for each load, and the ActiveDry feature automatically opens the door at the end of the cycle for optimal drying. With 14 place settings and a super quiet operation, it's a great fit for medium-sized households and open-plan kitchens.

Customer Review: "The automatic drying system on the eco wash. ’s really quiet and cleans really well. The digital display is really good too."


  • 3D Wash Zone for efficient water use
  • ActiveDry feature
  • Quiet operation
  • 14 place settings for medium-sized households


  • May not be suitable for small kitchens

Best value black dishwasher

This affordable Hoover H-Dish 300 is a freestanding dishwasher that's all about convenience and efficiency. With 10-place settings and a slimline design, it's perfect for smaller households. The 32-Minute Quick Wash and seven Programmes ensure your dishes are always spotless. The adjustable upper basket and up to 23-hour delay timer give you the flexibility you need. Plus, the intensive programme is perfect for tackling stubborn, stuck bits making washing up easier than ever at a good price.

Customer Review: "Works and cleans well. Excellent dishwasher, easy to use, cleans very well but can be a bit fiddly finding how to fit stuff in if you have odd-shaped crockery."


  • Slimline design for small kitchens
  • 32 Minute Quick Wash for fast cleaning
  • 7 Programmes
  • Adjustable upper basket for flexible loading


  • Limited capacity due to slimline design

Best retro design black dishwasher

The retro design Montpellier MAB135K is a freestanding dishwasher that's all about style and efficiency. With '50s looks and 13-place settings, it's a chic fit for any kitchen. The five programmes and three temperatures ensure your dishes are always spotless. Plus, the adjustable racking optimises loading options. With an E energy rating, it's designed to save you money on your energy bills.

Customer Review: "Great speedy service, excellent, highly recommended."


  • Retro design for style
  • 13 place settings for large-capacity
  • 5 Programmes
  • 3 temperature options


  • E energy rating


The Samsung Series 11 DW60A8050FB/EU Freestanding Dishwasher is a perfect blend of style, capacity, and performance. Its sleek design and energy-efficient operation make it a fantastic great addition to any kitchen.

On the other hand, the Beko DVS04020B Slimline Dishwasher shines in its category with its compact design and efficient performance. Despite its slimline design, it can accommodate up to 10 place settings, making it ideal for smaller kitchens or households at a great price.

What to consider when choosing a dishwasher:

Full-size Dishwashers: Full-size dishwashers, approximately 60cm wide, offer ample space with around 12 place settings or 150 items. They are perfect for large households, reducing the need for multiple daily cycles.

Slimline Models: Slimline dishwashers fit into a 45cm-wide space, making them ideal for smaller kitchens. Despite their compact size, many models still offer substantial capacity. However, for larger households, a full-size model may be more suitable.

Integrated Dishwashers: For a seamless look in your kitchen, consider an integrated dishwasher. These appliances are installed within a kitchen unit, with a door that matches your cabinetry.

Freestanding Dishwashers: They are an ideal solution for those lacking space for an under-counter model, although they do occupy some countertop space.

Programmes: You can also look at the wash programmes available. A quick cycle might prove to be a blessing in busy households where time is of the essence, whilst more intensive programmes will ensure even the dirtiest crockery comes out sparkling.

Cutlery: Most dishwashers come with a cutlery basket. However, you may want to consider a cutlery tray instead. Usually built into the top of the machine, you can spread out your cutlery to ensure it gets cleaned in every spot. It will also free up dishwasher space for more plates and pots, and pans.

Energy: Dishwashers' running costs are influenced by their energy ratings, which range from A to G, with A-C being the most energy-efficient. On average, dishwashers use about 1.8kW per cycle, costing around 50p per cycle based on average electricity costs. This equates to about £3.50 per week for a household running a dishwasher cycle daily.


FAQS: Best Black Dish Washers

Do I need salt for my dishwasher?

Dishwashers require soft water for optimal results. If you live in a hard water area, dishwasher salt is essential. It is usually added to a compartment near the filter at the bottom of the machine.

Are dishwashers bad for the environment?

While dishwashers do contribute to carbon gas emissions, models with good energy ratings and eco-cycles can minimise this impact. Using eco-friendly and biodegradable dishwasher pods can further reduce environmental impact.

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