Best Hotpoint Dishwasher To Suit Your Household’s Needs

Get that satisfying smell of squeaky-clean crockery, still warm from the wash.

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The best Hotpoint dishwashers offer good value for money and reliable performance from a trusted household brand. If you're looking for the best dishwasher to fit your kitchen with the right capacity, a Hotpoint dishwasher is a top choice. These dishwashers come in a range of sizes: full-size freestanding, slimline, semi-integrated, and integrated. Capacity is measured in place settings. One place setting is a full set of tableware used in a three-course meal. In the Hotpoint range this can be 10 up to 15 place settings. Discover affordable and not-too-techy appliances that anyone can use.

You may not be on board with sleek and seamless integrated dishwashers. After all, a dishwasher without a power indicator on the front is a bit risky. Modern appliances are so quiet it's difficult to tell if they're mid-cycle without a sign on the front to say: "Washing in progress". If you haven't had enough coffee, the polite notice can be missed, and you'll get a jet of water in the face. The trouble is, opening a dishwasher door can stop the whole wash cycle. A dishwasher unusually has its control panel in the top inside rim of the door. The controls are totally hidden when the door is closed. If you prefer to have the controls visible, Hotpoint have models with front-mounted buttons, a digital display and a program dial. Much more user-friendly.

Best Hotpoint Dishwasher At A Glance:

Best 15 Place Setting Hotpoint Dishwasher: Hotpoint H7IHP42LUK Hydroforce 15 Place Setting Fully Integrated Dishwasher – View on Appliances Direct
Best full-size Hotpoint dishwasher for families: Hotpoint HFC3C32FWUK 14-Place Full-Size Dishwasher – View on Buywise
Best budget full-size dishwasher: Hotpoint H2FH626 14-Place Dishwasher – View on Very

The Hydroforce model from Hotpoint is an affordable yet premium integrated appliance with some super features. Firstly, it's ever-so-grammable with its bronzy rose hue, which is on-trend as kitchen utilities are increasingly colourful. This model has a third rack for smaller items, also the tub is 10 per cent larger than a standard dishwasher. Hotpoint dishwashers have colour-coded FlexiLoad racking, so you can adjust the shelving to accommodate large pans. Proper stacking helps to achieve the intended cleaning performance that the tub interior has been designed for. There's lots more too, which we'll explain in the FAQs.

Even the best dishwasher in the world can't cope with chicken drumsticks and spare ribs, which is why you should always scrape your plates before loading the dishwasher. That said, Hotpoint dishwashers do excel in removing stubborn baked-on stains. This is all thanks to 3D Zone Wash technology, which aims water spray at particular internal baskets for 40 per cent more powerful cleaning. Energy efficiency and hygiene are also front-of-mind with Hotpoint appliances; be it a budget dishwasher or a high-end model. For more dishwasher know-how, scroll to the questions and glossary after this sparkling range of Hotpoints.

Best Hotpoint Dishwasher

Best 15-Place Setting Hotpoint Dishwasher

Hotpoint H7IHP42LUK 15 Place Setting Fully Integrated DishwasherAppliances Direct/Hotpoint

The main feature of this stylish Hotpoint H7IHP42LUK Hydroforce 5 Place Setting Fully Integrated Dishwasher is the Maxi Space tub, which means this appliance can accommodate 10 per cent more. In addition to 3D Wash Zone for intensive cleaning and ActiveDry for economical open-door drying this model has some design enhancements that make it a more premium appliance in the Hotpoint range. The Auto programmes detect how much power, water and time is needed to clean the load — saving YOU time and energy. In addition the lower basket has an Anti-derailing feature, so it's sturdy even when it's stacked with heavy pots and pans. Also, we particularly like the light on the floor that indicates the dishwasher is on and the Super Silence feature for a whisper-quiet wash.


  • Large capacity
  • Array of premium features
  • Super quiet
  • Auto programmes for energy-efficient washing
  • Sturdy and adjustable racking


  • No customer review

Best full-size Hotpoint dishwasher for families

Hotpoint HFC3C32FWUK 14-Place Full Size Dishwasher, WhiteBuywise/Hotpoint

It's never a case of rinse and repeat with the Hotpoint HFC3C32FWUK 14-Place Full-Size Dishwasher, this freestanding appliance washes fast and effectively for sparkling results. This machine has a 14-place setting capacity and is Quiet Mark awarded as its inverter motor runs at just 43dB. The hygienic stainless steel tub has Flexi Load racking so you can alter the height of the internal cavity, with colour-coding for larger pans. 3D Zone Wash Technology lets you choose between 40 per cent more energy efficiency or 40 per cent more washing power. If you're in a hurry choose a Rapid quick wash or Half-Load cycle. A Four Stage Filtration System keeps dirt away from dishes, and there's a Sanitizing Program to keep the tub tip-top. Finally, a Child lock prevents little fingers going where they shouldn't.

Customer review: "I was swayed to the above dishwasher, in particular the ‘tray’ cutlery feature. Baskets have always frustrated me, taking up valuable space, but this Hotpoint dishwasher is outstanding never have I seen my glassware gleam and sparkle so bright, the cutlery tray is the phenomenal superbly clean instead of cluttered up in a basket."


  • Adjustable internal cavity and racking
  • Quiet
  • Quick wash
  • Visible digital display


  • Cutlery tray has mixed reviews

Best budget full-size dishwasher

Hotpoint H2FH626 14-Place DishwasherVery/Hotpoint
Price: £290 (£369)

The Hotpoint H2FH626 14-Place Dishwasher is an excellent price for a simple-to-use, full-size dishwasher. While it's not the top utility appliance for energy efficiency or quiet performance, it still has inverter motor technology and 3D Zone Wash to get 40 per cent more washing power and target stubborn, crusted-on food. Water consumption is 9 litres per cycle, and there's Rapid and Half-load cycles. Finally, the Delay Timer means you can take advantage of the off-peak rate and do your dishes in the dead of night.


  • Great budget price
  • Simple front-mounted controls
  • Flexible racking
  • Powerful washing boost


  • No customer review

Best slimline Hotpoint dishwasher

Hotpoint HSFE1B19UKN Freestanding DishwasherAppliances Direct/Hotpoint

Available in white, black or silver, the Hotpoint HSFE1B19UKN Freestanding Dishwasher is a slimline appliance that is designed to slip into less than 50cm in any kitchen or utility area. A dishwasher with 10-place settings is best suited to a couple or smaller household. It's a great option if you're in a flat or apartment. It has front-mounted controls with a dial that's easy to operate. If someone you know finds washing up difficult, this could be the perfect solution.

Customer review: "Very pleased on the whole with the dishwasher. Timings good on the appliance, one of the reasons why we chose this product. Efficient , not noisy and cleans well. Clear instructions in booklet, to inform you about the different settings and how to use the dishwasher to its best ability."


  • Slimline for smaller homes
  • Fast cycle
  • Eco cycle
  • Delay timer function


  • Less energy efficient than other models

Best black slimline Hotpoint dishwasher

Hotpoint Aquarius Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher,Appliances Direct/Hotpoint

A similar spec to previous dishwasher, except the Hotpoint Aquarius Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher is in sleek and stylish black. It gives this slimline appliance a contemporary vibe and makes it look more expensive than it is. If you can't afford an integrated dishwasher but want an inconspicuous appliance, this could be the next best option. While it's not the most energy-efficient, this model does have seven programmes and a delay start timer.

Customer review: "Good for smaller space but still takes a impressive wash load… also quiet and a one hour cycle."


  • Standard wash programmes
  • Easy to operate
  • Fits a small space
  • Stylish black appliance


  • Difficult to see the dial settings as it's grey on black

Best semi-integrated Hotpoint dishwasher

Hotpoint HBC2B19UKN Semi Integrated DishwasherAmazon/Hotpoint

A semi-integrated dishwasher fits under a countertop, and the display remains visible rather than behind a cupboard door. This Hotpoint HBC2B19UKN Semi Integrated Dishwasher has a sleek and contemporary digital and button-operated control panel to complement any modern kitchen. It consumes 11 litres of water per cycle and has capacity for 13 place settings. Not all bells and whistles in terms of features but it does have Intensive, Eco, Express, Soak and Half-Load cycles.


  • Semi-integrated to blend in with your kitchen
  • Sleek appearance
  • Easy LED interface


  • No comprehensive customer reviews

Best semi-integrated Hotpoint dishwasher for quiet

HOTPOINT HBC 2B19 X UK N Full-size Semi-Integrated
Price: £339

Speed up your dishwashing routine with the Hotpoint HBC 2B19 X UK N Full-size Semi-Integrated Dishwasher. Featuring a Rapid 30 cycle, it swiftly cleans dishes in just thirty minutes, making it ideal for unexpected gatherings when you're short on clean plates. Additionally, its Intensive programme effectively removes stubborn food residue from pots and pans, sparing you the effort of scrubbing. Designed for medium-sized households, this dishwasher has a Flexi Load system, enabling easy rearrangement of items in the lower basket to maximise space. With adjustable racking and a height-adjustable top basket, accommodating larger dishes and pans is effortless. Furthermore, the Delay Timer allows you to postpone the cycle by up to 24 hours, ensuring your dishes are ready precisely when needed.

Customer review: "30 minutes wash cycle is really effective for most loads."


  • Eco cycle
  • 30-minute wash


  • Customers comment on lack of fold-down rack on the bottom shelf

Our Verdict: Best Hotpoint Dishwasher

For less than £500 and packed with features, we recommend the Hotpoint HFC3C32FWUK 14-Place Full-Size Dishwasher as a quiet and energy-efficient freestanding appliance for a household of four. If you're in the market for an integrated dishwasher, go for the Hotpoint H7IHP42LUK Hydroforce 15 Place Setting Fully Integrated Dishwasher with room to squeeze in a few more coffee mugs thanks to its Maxi Tub design. Additionally, with its light on the floor power indicator, you'll never accidentally open the dishwasher mid-cycle again. Simple, yet clever design.


Hotpoint Dishwasher Glossary

Some features, such as Intensive, Super Silence and Half Load, are self-explanatory. But other aspects of Hotpoint Dishwashers and their benefits may need a little more explanation.

Rapid Cycle washes a small load of lightly soiled dishes in just 30 minutes.

Flexi Load is an adjustable Vertical Zone so you can secure large pans and free up space in the lower basket.

3D Wash Zone delivers powerful and targeted cleaning performance. There are upper and lower spray arms with powerful water jets propelled by a variable inverter motor. It ensures that precisely the right amount of water is aimed at a selected basket. Choose between 40 per cent more cleaning power to remove baked-on stains or 40 per cent energy efficiency for a smaller load.

ActiveDry opens the dishwasher door 10cm wide at the end of the cycle to allow items to air dry.

Maxi Tub models have capacity for 15 place settings thanks to a 10 per cent larger tub and improved racking design.

Hydroforce 3rd Rack in Hotpoint's newest model, the dishwasher, has a third rack for smaller items.

Rack Lift Up is an adjustable second rack that can be moved up or down in order to fit tall or bulky items.

Delay Timer allows you to program the start of a wash cycle up to 24 hours in advance. This is an essential feature if you an on an Economy 7 electricity tariff or want to take advantage of the cheaper off-peak energy rate. In addition, these Hotpoint dishwashers are so quiet they won't disturb you if you run them at night.

What is the benefit of using a dishwasher?

If you're a household of two or more, using a dishwasher obviously saves on the chore of washing up. But also, a dishwasher uses less water than handwashing in a sink. According to Ovo Energy, an energy-efficient dishwasher has an annual running cost of between £37 and £49. Slimline dishwashers cost even less: between £23 and £37 annually. Research conducted by the Energy Saving Trust found that using a modern dishwasher on an eco cycle is the most efficient way to wash dishes, accounting for three per cent of an average household's water use. In comparison, handwashing dishes accounts for four per cent.

Can a dishwasher clean effectively using cold water?

Logic would dictate that a dishwasher would be more energy-efficient if it washed the dishes in cold water. However, for effective and hygienic cleaning a dishwasher does need to use hot water. Cold water is heated inside the appliance rather than running off your home's hot water supply. In addition, a dishwasher is not a power-guzzling appliance, say in comparison to a tumble dryer.

There is the initial expense of buying the appliance, but as it's a long-term investment, a dishwasher will save you energy, both in terms of utility costs and your effort, in the long run.

What should I avoid putting in my dishwasher?

Never put wooden spoons in a dishwasher. The high temperature can split the wood and cause warping. Also, the vacuum seal on insulated cups can get damaged, and the surface of non-stick pans can be damaged over time.
But interestingly, for a clever cleaning hack, children's bath toys, vases, and cleaning sponges can benefit from a thorough hygienic clean by popping them in the dishwasher.

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