Best Table Top Dishwasher For Convenience And Small Spaces

Table top dishwashers are a great fit for those who have smaller kitchen spaces.

best table top dishwasher

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There are many different types of dishwashers out there these days, but the best table top dishwashers have changed the game when it comes to smaller spaces. No matter if you live with a large family or are a household of two, having the best dishwasher is a luxury. Not all of us are lucky to have the kitchen space to factor in an integrated or freestanding dishwasher and some of us choose to not use them every single day.

They offer convenience by efficiently cleaning dishes, glassware and utensils without the need for manual washing in the sink. Like a slimline dishwasher, they are a lot smaller and normally have 4 to 6 place settings. While they may not hold as many dishes as full-sized dishwashers, table top versions are energy-efficient, using less water and electricity.

Best Table Top Dishwashers At A Glance

• Best overall table top dishwasher: Cookology CTTD6 Compact Mini Portable Counter Top Dishwasher - View on Amazon UK
• Best table top dishwasher for larger loads: Bosch SKS62E32EU Serie 4 Freestanding Compact Dishwasher - View on Appliances Direct
• Best portable table top dishwasher: Baridi Mini Portable Table top 6L Dishwasher with 3 Place Settings - View on Amazon UK

An table top dishwasher is a great option if you only plan to use a dishwasher on special occasions and are happy for your dishwasher to sit freely on your work surface. Many table top models don't need to be plumbed in, making them a great option to bring on camping and caravan holidays. Additionally, it's a great choice for a budget dishwasher, especially for a small household. If you are on the lookout for a table top dishwasher, then we have rounded up the very best on the market.

Best Table Top Dishwashers

Best overall table top dishwasher

This Compact Mini Portable Counter Top Dishwasher from Cookology will not only look great in your kitchen but it provides plenty of features that will make your life a lot easier. From 6 place settings, a 24-hour delay timer, seven wash cycles and a stylish touchscreen display. The dishwasher connects like any other plumbed dishwasher but can also be fitted to a kitchen tap as long as you can connect the standard water hose using a suitable adaptor.

Customer review: "Works like a charm, the only issue is capacity but you'd expect that on a small countertop dishwasher. Honestly, I have nothing critical to say about it. It's simple, and it works."


  • Quiet
  • Plenty of programmes


  • May need to buy an adaptor

Best table top dishwasher for larger loads

Bosch is a reputable name when it comes to dishwashers, and their Serie 4 Freestanding Compact Dishwasher is a great choice for smaller households who still want to stay loyal to the brand. Features include eight litres of capacity, glass protection, Active Eater technology that uses less water and less energy and an extra drying option for difficult-to-dry loads.

Customer review: "Pricey for the countertop version but such a good reliable brand. Can fit plenty in, easy to load and operate. Stunning results with even quite food-laden items. Glasses sparkle. I use the 40 minute programme and never see a need for a more intensive programme (it does have them) as it is so effective. There is also a rinse-only option. They recommend you do not open the door for 30 minutes after it finishes - they’re right, everything comes out bone dry that way."


  • Easy to install
  • Innovative features
  • Multiple wash programmes


  • No signal sound when a cycle has finished

Best table top dishwasher for small spaces

This electricQ Freestanding Mini Table Top Portable Dishwasher is perfect for small kitchens or even caravans and will be a speedy helping hand thanks to the Quick Wash functions that gets dishes sparkling in just 30 minutes. There is no plumbing required, you just simply fill up the in-built tank. Although small, it has room for up to 22 pieces, including plates, mugs and cutlery.

Customer review: "No need for plumbing and easy to use, great for older people as so easy to use."


  • Quick wash
  • Simple to use
  • Good for small homes


  • Cutlery rack isn't great

Best compact table top dishwasher

The Hermitlux Mini Table Top Dishwasher has been designed to fit in even the smallest spaces and helps save a considerable amount of water compared to washing dishes by hand. You can choose between a solid door or a glass door and enjoy five washing programs that include Fast Cleaning and an ECO wash. No installation is needed either.

Customer review: "This mini dishwasher is brilliant and does one days loads of all our plates/bowls/glasses and other cutlery we eat off each cycle, saying us a lot of time washing up, only for pots/pans/trays and other prep items now. It’s just big enough for our 27/28cm plates, although they do need a bit of a jig around to fit comfortably. It was easy to set up and has a long plug lead and hose, which at first we fed across to the sink to empty the 5L in-built tank, although we have such a tiny kitchen and little counter space we’ve moved it on top of the tumble dryer, the hose now runs into a 6L watering can, allowing us to easily empty it outside or down the sink. It also only needs 8g dishwasher tablets, meaning you can perfectly split a normal one in half, so they go twice as far as well."


  • Ideal for small spaces
  • No need to plumb in
  • Efficient


  • A bit noisy

Best table top dishwasher for style

This RUSSELL HOBBS Table Top Dishwasher can easily fit on your kitchen counter or even in a cupboard. Even though it is small and compact, you can choose from 6 wash programmes, including Glass Mode and Rapid 30, that will wash your dishes in no time at all. We also love the low water usage that is much less than if you washed your dishes by hand.

Customer review: "Great washing everything comes out clean and glasses sparkle, and multi programs."


  • Small and compact
  • Good for small families
  • Very quiet


  • Layout could be better

Best portable table top dishwasher

The Baridi Mini Portable Table Top Dishwasher will compliment any kitchen space, whether that be in your home or on the move. Completely mobile, the dishwasher can be connected to your water supply or run using its built-in water tank and comes with 3 place settings and 7 different wash functions that include Eco and a Glass wash.

Customer review: "This dishwasher is the correct size for my husband and I. We use it every day with excellent results. Glass is squeaky clean and plates, mugs and utensils are beautifully clean.
We have ours half on the drainer, it isn't bulky and it's incredibly quiet. I highly recommend this machine. I am so thrilled with it 5/5."


  • Great for camping and caravans
  • Looks great
  • The lightest on the list


  • Pots and pans don't fit easily

Our Verdict: Which Is The Best Table Top Dishwasher?

Table top dishwashers are a great choice for those smaller households that don't have the amount of people or space to commit to a large machine. With this in mind, we think the Hermitlux Mini Table Top Dishwasher fits the bill. Not too pricey but full of handy and energy saving features that will make your life a lot easier and you don't even need to plumb it in. It also has tonnes of five star reviews on Amazon.

If you're after a more well-known brand, the Bosch SKS62E32EU Serie 4 Freestanding Compact Dishwasher will help with larger loads and is packed full of Bosch's best-selling technology, including glass protection.


Are table top dishwashers worth it?

If you lack space in your kitchen, investing in a table top dishwasher can be a convenient and practical option to help you keep on top of cleaning your dishes. However, there are some factors to consider before you buy a table top dishwasher:

Do you have enough room? Table top dishwashers are generally smaller and more compact than standard-sized dishwashers, making them a great choice for small kitchens, apartments, and mobile homes. However, they do still take up a good amount of counter top.

Energy and water efficiency. If you're put off from buying a dishwasher because of the amount of energy it uses, table top dishwashers generally use less water and energy than full-sized models. If you live alone or don't plan to use a dishwasher often, it will be more energy-efficient and a more cost-effective solution.

Cleaning capacity. Table top dishwashers have a smaller capacity, usually accommodating around 4-6 place settings - a lot less than the standard dishwashers.

Noise level. Tabletop dishwashers can be noisier than full-sized ones, as they usually sit on the countertop and are not as well-insulated as standard dishwashers.

Do table top dishwashers need hot water?

Yes, table top dishwashers, like all dishwashers, require hot water to effectively clean your dirty dishes. Hot water is essential for removing grease, food residue and sanitising the dishes so they sparkle. Most table top dishwashers are designed to be connected to a standard kitchen faucet, which supplies both hot and cold water. Some countertop dishwashers come with an internal water heater to boost the water temperature further, providing better cleaning results.

For more information, read our guide on which dishwasher to choose.

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