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It's your bread and butter appliance at breakfast time.

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Rise and shine in the morning with the best toaster. That breakfast ritual of filling the kettle, making fresh juice and brewing coffee is made even better with the aroma of toasting bread. Savour that comforting time of day when you and your household can get fuelled up with carbs, caffeine and sweet things. It's a precious few minutes to get the news headlines, do a crossword and help the kids with last-minute homework. All made a lot easier with convenient small kitchen appliances.

The British Dietetic Association reminds us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Depending on your household's needs, choose between a two-slice or a four-slice toaster. In busy families, alongside the kitchen kettle, the toaster is a workhorse, churning out toasted slices of your favourite loaf. As such, go for a four-slice model. Alternatively, if it's for occasional use – toasting the odd teacake or crumpet to go with soup – then a two-slice toaster is ample.

Best Toasters At A Glance:

Best premium toaster: Sage A Bit More 2-Slice Toaster – View on Sage Appliances
Best toaster for useful features: Bosch TAT2M127GB MyMoment Delight 2 Slice Toaster – View on Argos
Best toaster for appearance: Tower Bottega 2 Slice S/Steel Toaster White/Rose Gold – View on Amazon UK

A toaster consists of a few key components that work together to create perfectly toasted bread. There's a rack for the slices and a spring holds it in place. Your toaster needs to have a strong spring if you want to capture that TikTok trick of catching a piece of toast one-handed as it's ejected. The heating element toasts the bread. Bread gets crispy because it loses moisture through the toasting process and the Maillard reaction browns it. A heat sensor detects the temperature to prevent burning. Also, a timing mechanism linked to adjustable browning control regulates toasting duration; it saves you from scraping the burnt bits off your toast.

If the toaster is for daily use, then durability is important. In this instance, choose a robust stainless steel model over plastic. Main features to look for include variable browning, 'lift and look' and a removable crumb tray. Also, there are usually reheat, defrost and cancel functions. Premium models include pre-set buttons for English muffins, fruit loaf and more. Also, there are smart toasters and multifunctional appliances, such as the Ninja Foodi 3-in-1 that can be adapted into a panini press. For a coordinated look, go for a matching toaster and kettle set.

Best Toasters 2024

Best premium toaster


The Sage A Bit More 2-Slice Toaster features extra-wide slots, suitable for various types of bread, including a specific function for crumpets. Its 'A Bit More' feature allows users to send bread back for further toasting. While a dedicated setting accommodates fruit bread by adjusting the toasting time. Additionally, it offers the convenience of checking the browning progress mid-cycle without disrupting the toasting process. Also, its Frozen function enables users to toast bread directly from the freezer with delicious results. It's a premium appliance that performs impeccably and looks super stylish.


  • Large slice capacity for versatile toasting
  • Auto functions
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish
  • Robust


  • We found that fruit bread needed less toasting than the pre-set button defaults to

Best toaster for useful features

Bosch TAT2M127GB MyMoment Delight 2 Slice ToasterArgos/Bosch

The Bosch TAT2M127GB MyMoment Delight 2 Slice Toaster features a bun warmer that's perfect for gently heating croissants and rolls. A knob on the side adjusts the browning level over six settings. The toaster incorporates a high-lift function, making it easy to remove smaller bread slices. Its lift and look feature allows users to inspect their toast without cancelling the toasting process. Operating with independent slots, it offers flexibility in toasting preferences. Its compact design and straightforward aesthetic seamlessly blend into any kitchen décor. It's a great choice for both functionality and style.

Customer review: "It's got a number of different settings. Once you find the one that suits your preferred bread the best by trial and error, you will get consistently good toast. It's also got a gizmo on the top for warming or defrosting sausage buns."


  • User-friendly features
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money


  • Plastic exterior

Best toaster for appearance

Tower Bottega 2 Slice SSteel ToasterAmazon/Tower

We think breakfast should be decadent, and this marble effect white and rose gold adds a touch of luxury to the morning grind. The Tower Bottega 2 Slice S/Steel Toaster is a popular pick on Amazon. It has six settings for browning and a self-centring function that holds bread in place so it toasts evenly. The controls are basic, but made aesthetically pleasing with the addition of a toast colour dial. This toaster is also available in plain white or black.

Customer review: "We bought it to match the kettle and microwave and it looks great. Functionality is good with independent operation for the 2 x 2 slots."


  • Stylish
  • Tidy cord storage
  • Adjustable controls


  • Reports it does not toast evenly on both sides

Best budget 2-slice toaster

John Lewis ANYDAY 2 Slice Toaster,John Lewis

At just £20 the John Lewis ANYDAY 2 Slice Toaster is a great basic toaster – ideal for students or if you need a small, simple occasional toaster. Thanks to a high-lifting rod, toast automatically pops up, saving on the faff of finding those rogue toaster tongs. It's lightweight and small, so you could consider this toaster for a campervan or caravan too.

Customer review: "Bought both this toaster and the matching kettle. Both easy to use. Light and don't take up much space. Toasts evenly."


  • Stylish
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money


  • Basic features
  • Not one for regular toast enjoyers

Best luxury 2-slice toaster

Smeg TSF01 2-Slice Toaster, Emerald GreenJohn Lewis/Smeg

'Toast in style' with the iconic Smeg TSF01 2-Slice Toaster. It brings 1950's retro flair with attractive chrome details and a luscious range of colourways. This premium toaster features two extra-wide slots with automatic centring racks for even toasting. With six browning levels and four functions, including defrost and bagel settings, it caters for all. Non-slip feet ensure stability, while a removable crumb tray keeps cleaning simple. Countertops stay neat, too, thanks to the integrated cable storage.

Customer review: "So easy to use and the controls are so precise. This is a quality built toaster and worth all its money."


  • Iconic style
  • Available in a range of stylish colours


  • A case of style over substance?

Best affordable 4-slice toaster

Cookworks Pyramid 4 Slice ToasterArgos/Cookworks

If you're looking to send the kids off to school fortified with boiled eggs and soldiers, this toaster is a top pick. This Cookworks Pyramid 4 Slice Toaster looks like a premium Dualit toaster, albeit at a more affordable price point. Crumpets, waffles and potato cakes will be extra crispy thanks to its powerful 2,300 wattage. It has an independent slot function, so it's versatile whether you're making a slice for yourself or a sackful for the whole household. With a simple dial, lever, and button controls, it's a great family toaster.

Customer review: "Toasts evenly. Slots are nice and deep as well as wide. All the controls are solid and easy to use. Overall it’s a lovely looking toaster that’s easy to keep clean."


  • Wide slots
  • Independent slot function
  • Popular pick


  • The outer casing of the toaster gets very hot

Best for fast toasting

Russell Hobbs Midnight Blue Eclipse Ombre Four Slice ToasterAmazon/Russell Hobbs

The sleek and stylish Russell Hobbs Midnight Blue Eclipse Ombre Four Slice Toaster claims to toast 55% faster than a previous model. Its aesthetic is inspired by the colours of the sun and the moon in perfect alignment. Additionally, this appliance has four extra large slots so it can accommodate bagels and Irish potato farls. Also, its six variable browning control options cater for all preferences, while the lift and look feature allows for easy monitoring without interrupting the toasting cycle. Be aware that it is a large toaster, so you will need a spacious countertop area devoted to it.

Customer review: "Early days yet but seems very robust. Good features including individual controls and keep warm. One gripe is slice size could be a bit bigger."


  • Stylish
  • Variable browning function
  • Independent toasting slots
  • Fast toasting


  • It takes up a lot of counter-top space

Best smart toaster

Tefal Smart 'N' Light 2 Slice Digital ToasterAmazon/Tefal

Satisfy a cheeky craving for Pop Tarts with the Tefal Smart 'N' Light 2 Slice Digital Toaster. It boasts a seamless digital screen that offers a large and clear countdown timer. With seven browning levels, it ensures you'll achieve toasting to your liking. Featuring three backlit functions for thawing frozen bread, reheating toast, or stopping mid-cycle, it adapts to various needs. Its two-slot design accommodates a range of bread sizes, while the high-lift lever ensures safe and easy retrieval of small items. Plus, a removable crumb tray simplifies clean-up.

Customer review: "Really good toaster. I love the two different wide holes. Easy to use and working well."


  • Innovative countdown timer
  • Range of browning levels
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Wide slots


  • Have to position the toaster facing outwards in order to see the controls and display

Best 2-slice toaster for extra wide slots

Russell Hobbs Attentiv 26210 2-Slice ToasterCurrys/Russell Hobbs
Price: £80 (was £87.99)

Toast up slices of baguette in the Russell Hobbs Attentiv 26210 2-Slice Toaster. With extra-wide and long slots, plus a bagel function, this toaster is ideal if you want toasty doorstep sandwiches. It features an easy-to-use touchscreen and dial controls. With a stainless steel body, it's a robust and durable appliance that would be an asset to any modern kitchen.

Customer review: "Makes wonderful evenly toasted bread."


  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Sleek and smart appearance
  • Robust stainless steel body
  • Extra-wide slots


  • It can shift about when pushing down the lever

Best multifunctional toaster

Ninja Foodi 3-in-1 Toaster, Grill & Panini Press ST202UKNinja
Price: £129.99 (was £149.99)

Grill, bake and produce perfectly pressed paninis in the Ninja Foodi 3-in-1 Toaster, Grill & Panini Press. This powerful 2,400W toaster can flip between being used vertically as a toaster or horizontally as a grill. With one long, wide slot it offers unmatched toasting versatility and is the ultimate snack machine for crispy pastries, paninis, pita bread and toasties.

Customer review: "Brilliant product and easy to use. Wish I had bought it sooner."


  • Robust stainless steel build
  • Edge-to-edge, even toasting
  • Multifunctional


  • Can only toast one panini at a time

Our Verdict: Best Toaster

We recommend the Sage A Bit More 2-Slice Toaster. A Modern Kitchen tried and tested it and understand why it's a toaster par excellence. We were especially impressed with the even, edge-to-edge toasting. It created a crisp exterior whilst the inside of crumpets, muffins and bread stayed soft. As well as its superior toasting, the one-touch pre-set buttons and status bar were lovely user-friendly features. Above all, it feels premium thanks to its robust brushed stainless steel body. Pair it with a matching Sage The Smart Kettle, which we also tested and highly recommend for fasting boiling, pre-set buttons and build quality. In short, these are the perfect partners for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, supper... and midnight snacks.


Is it unhealthy to eat burnt toast?

There is a myth or truth debate around the risk of cancer caused by regularly eating charred toast (or any burnt food).

The browning process is scientifically known as the Maillard reaction. It's a chemical reaction that creates the flavour and appealing aroma as amino acids and sugars interact when heated.

According to Cancer Research UK, there is no definitive conclusion that eating burnt foods increases the risk of cancer. There has been concern about the chemical Acrylamide, which is produced as a result of cooking starchy foods at high temperatures for a long time. A classic example is barbequed meat.

It's certainly best to avoid eating charred foods in large quantities, as the effects of Acrylamide are the subject of ongoing research.

What's a toaster bag?

Make grilled cheese sandwiches without a mess. Toaster bags are super useful for heating up snacks without making a mess in the toaster. Popular picks, such as these Lakeland Reusable Toastabags can be used up to 500 times. It allows you to extend the versatility of your toaster. They're also useful if you have a gluten-free or coeliac member of the household, as the bag will protect them from cross-contamination from crumbs.

Want to know a hack for buttered toast?

Two members of the A Modern Kitchen team testify to putting just-made toast in the fridge for a minute before buttering. It stops the butter from melting straight away. Get a tasty bite of thickly buttered toast. Try it for yourself – it's delish.

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