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You can’t go wrong with this brand if you desire spotless results.

Bosch Washing Machine

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Reliable and innovative, Bosch leads the way in the home appliance market - evidenced by our guide to the best Bosch washing machine. When it comes to a washing machine, Bosch seems to know what they’re doing. After all, a washing machine isn’t some luxury appliance. It’s essential. Most households will be taking their mucky clothes for a spin at least once a day to save having to handwash; tiresome and nowhere near as thorough. This is where Bosch comes in - perfect for providing good quality results.

Bosch is considered the number one brand for major domestic appliances in Europe. However, their extensive range can cause a little confusion as there are many features and models to choose from Bosch makes everything from handy combined washer dryers to hefty 10kg washers for larger households. So, we’ve put together a useful guide to find you the best Bosch washing machine model for your home, covering all bases.

Best Bosch Washing Machine At A Glance:

Best budget Bosch washing machine: Bosch, S2 Freestanding Washing Machine, 7kg - View Offer at John Lewis
Best Bosch washing machine: Bosch, S4 Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg - View Offer at Currys
Best for A-rated energy performance: Bosch, Series 6 WGG24409GB Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg - View Offer at John Lewis
Best combi washer dryer from Bosch: Bosch, Freestanding Washer Dryer, 8/5kg - View Offer at Argos

Why choose a Bosch washing machine? Well, Aside from their lifetime guarantee and reliable German engineering, what else does Bosch have to offer? Well, add eco-friendly innovation and smart home connectivity to the list, too. But, what really sets Bosch apart from other washing machine brands, is their features, which we cover in the FAQs. They’re kitted out. Still clueless about which appliance will suit your home best? Take our washing machine buyer’s guide for a spin.

Best Bosch Washing Machines

Best budget Bosch washing machine

Super efficient, quiet and still kitted out with great features, we love this budget buy from Bosch. The Bosch, S2 Freestanding Washing Machine, 7kg (WAJ28001GB) comes with programmes for delicates and wools, as well as an AntiVibration and EcoSilent design for quiet cycles.

Customer review: "A replacement washing machine for my previous Bosch which had lasted 10 years. So far I am loving my new machine!"


  • Good value appliance
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Commendable B energy rating


  • Not smart tech-enabled

Best Bosch washing machine

BOSCH, S4 Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg - White
Price: £499 (was £599)

With the Series 4, you'll be having quieter cycles that use less water, too. With the ActiveWater Plus feature, the washing machine uses smart sensors to determine how much water you require - so, less waste. Plus, the SpeedPerfect function gives you great results, despite cutting washing times by up to 65 per cent. It saves you time, water and money.

Customer review: "Extremely quiet, especially compared to the old one! I had to keep checking it when I first ran it to make sure it was working. The clothes come out clean, too, However, I would like more options for the door colour, and a flusher finish as the top edge is a dust magnet. These are minor niggles, though."


  • Runs very quiet
  • Adjusts water usage


  • Prone to dust under-counter

Best 8kg Bosch washing machine

Bosch, S4 Freestanding Washing Machine, 8kg - White
Price: £449 (was £499)

When you think of Bosch, we're sure you think of efficiency. With this WAN28282GB model, Bosch is caring, too. Perfect for a medium household, this Bosch, S4 Freestanding Washing Machine, 8kg comes decked out with the best features this brand has to offer such as AntiVibration and Ecosilence for some peace and quiet. Plus, it comes with care for allergy sufferers so you're looked after, for sure.

Customer review: "Great washer, it's very quiet and has all the functions of the 10-year-old Bosch unit it replaced. I like the feature where you can add additional items after the wash has started. I read other reviews that stated the wash times were over 3 hours, but there is a mixed load 1-hour option which I find is fine."


  • Holds 40 shirts per wash
  • Fast, efficient and clear to use
  • With Hygiene Plus for allergies


  • The spin cycle can be noisy
  • Temperamental with heavier loads

Best anti-allergy integrated model

Killing 99.99 per cent of germs, this Bosch, S6 Integrated Washing Machine, 8kg is powerful and is programmed to protect your home, as well as your favourite clothes. With a Quiet Qash option with a guaranteed quiet (and long-lasting) motor, this built-in option promises perfect results, in less than half the time. Sounds ideal, to be honest. The WIW28302GB comes equipped to handle anything thrown its way, from allergy sufferers to half-loads. It's efficient and saves you plenty of time.

Customer review: "Had Beko and Candy appliances previously, my Bosh is definitely much better, very quiet and the smart water adapter means no wasted water (cheaper bills) we have needed to move our appliances a few times as reconfiguring our Kitchen layout so the water adapter means there are no pools of water when trying to move the washer! Having a light in the drum makes seeing inside the drum much better, no lost socks! I can wash a mixed full load on the mixed wash (although it says 4kg) everything comes out clean and my whites are still white."


  • Perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Handles clothes with care
  • With a Quiet Wash option


  • The door needs a strong pull to open

Best for A-rated energy performance

Thanks to the Class A energy rating and ActiveWater Plus, this Bosch, S6 Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg ensures perfect results with minimum energy and water consumption. Perfect for saving you money and the environment, this model is reliable, efficient and speedy. Plus, with AntiStain, Bosch ensures the reliable removal of four of the most common stains. So, muddy PE kits, begone! The WGG24409GB has a Hygiene Plus feature (even at 40°c) and is gentle with your clothes but thorough - of course.

Customer Review: "Had to replace my previous Bosch washing machine after many years of family use. So impressed with the more modern replacement. Has a programme for every eventuality. Slowly working my way through them. Washing comes out bright clean and much drier than before, Excellent cleaning results. also, the machine is so quiet, far quieter than our previous one. I can definitely recommend it, The service from John Lewis was also excellent, ordered and arrived within the week, unpacked and fitted by delivery guys, All packaging plus the old machine was taken away, couldn't ask for more."


  • Eco and efficient appliance
  • Reliably removes stains
  • 9kg load capacity for families


  • Standard cycles are slower
  • Tricky button selection

Best for graphite kitchens

Needing a grey appliance to fit in with your kitchen? No fear, Bosch has the answer. For perfect results, in less than half the time, this graphite Bosch, S6 Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg is kitted out with everything Bosch has to offer, such as an Easy Care programme, SpeedPerfect and even a setting for Sportswear. Who knew? Adjustable for all load sizes and fabric types, this WGG2449RGB model is long-lasting, efficient and quiet. It'll even save you money in the long run with the A-class energy rating.

Customer review: "This is a stylish and pretty quiet piece of engineering. The spin is so much quieter than our old machine. Once you've added your load in its capricious 9kg drum it weighs your laundry to give a time duration for the selected wash cycle. This can be reduced on some washes by selecting the speed-perfect setting. It's energy rated 'A' so is modest on the power consumption and our clothes come out smelling lovely. We're very happy with our new Bosch."


  • A-class energy rating
  • Innovative programmes
  • Not a burden on your bills


  • Grey may not suit all kitchens

Best premium integrated washing machine

Guaranteed to help your busy lifestyle, this Bosch S8 Integrated Washing Machine, 8kg, has a quiet and long-lasting motor, ideal for some hush. It ensures perfect results - in less than half the time - with SpeedPerfect. Powerful but gentle, this washing machine will take your favourite clothes for a gentle spin, dependent on the programme you select. It's thorough, too. Plus, the ActiveWater Plus tech helps with the water bill, too. This WIW28502GB is perfect for a crazy, hectic home life. Sit back and relax…

Customer review: "The service provided by John Lewis was outstanding! The delivery and installation by the engineer and his assistant were perfect. A price drop, a 3-year additional warranty, and a great machine, with very minimal noise, made for a great experience in purchasing a Bosch machine. The only drawback for me is the time it took to do a cotton wash…..over 3 hours and 29 minutes."


  • Minimal noise and fuss
  • Handy timelight for progress
  • Lifesaving 15-minute quick wash


  • The cotton wash is slower

Best 10kg Bosch washing machine

BOSCH Series 8 i-DOS WGB256A1GB WiFi-enabled 10 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine
Price: £999 (was £1,299)

ThisBosch, S8 i-DOS Freestanding Washing Machine, 10kg, is a great choice if you're looking for a spotless load. For this, it has a special wash system that combines a direct water spray with an extra spin that leaves fabrics perfectly clean. Plus, with the adjustable detergent programme i-DOS, even tough stains won’t stand a chance. Plus, the temperature, drum movement and soaking time adjust automatically to get rid of messes like chocolate, grass and red wine. They’re the main culprits. Perfect for a large household – or a regular washer, this WGB256A1GB model is roomy.


  • i-DOS to adjust detergent for load
  • Home Connect enabled
  • Super quiet with EcoSilence drive


  • Does not suit smaller households

Best combi washer dryer from Bosch

For our favourite Bosch combi washer-dryer, this appliance may be hefty in price, but it's worth it. Saving you space in your kitchen and treating your precious garments well, this washer-dryer is equipped to deal with any textile. It fully adjusts to load size, humidity and fabric for a perfect and efficient wash. It can clean 8kg of clothes and dry 5kg, so it is perfect for medium-sized households. Quiet, it even has Iron Assist tech for help removing wrinkles. Sounds ideal.

Customer review: "We got our new washing machine to replace the one we'd had for the last 10-15 years. We opted for the Bosch one as it seemed the best fit for what we needed. Able to comfortably take our usual washing loads, economical settings etc. and the drying capability meant we could give away our old tumble dryer and save some space. The machine gives excellent results at low temperatures and has a good spin. We are also very pleased with how quiet it is. All in all, it's a great washing machine and value for money, with a reassuring guarantee should something go wrong."


  • Ideal for medium households
  • Comes equipped for all fabrics
  • Reduces your ironing pile with Iron Assist


  • Lower energy rating

Our Verdict: Which Is The Best Bosch Washing Machine?

For the top spot, we recommend this Series 4 WGG04409GB freestanding model, which has a respectable 9kg capacity and an anti-allergy program for those with sensitive skin Plus, it has Quick Wash cycles and a stunning A-class rating on the energy scale. To top all of that, it's not even the priciest washing machine of the bunch. Great value, and even greater cleaning.

What Do I Need To Look For In A Bosch Washing Machine?

Washing machines from Bosch are known for their flashier features, which can even be programmable via your smartphone. The future is here! Some will be silent enough not to disturb a peaceful morning cup of coffee, and others will conserve their energy for other functions. More on these later. Plus, you’ll have the option to choose between a freestanding or integrated washing machine.

Like many brands nowadays, Bosch understands how vital it is for us to conserve precious energy. Especially at such fraught economic times, we need to be careful where our pennies go, so Bosch’s higher-value appliances will be an investment to save money on your bills. For this, refer to each machine's energy-efficiency rating with those rated A-C being the most efficient. We’ve included the ratings in our round-up.

Lastly, we feel it pertinent to mention the price of a Bosch appliance. Like Bosch’s dishwasher range, their washing machines come in a price range determined by their numerical 'Serie' categorisation: 2, 4, 6 or 8.

As the number goes higher, the swankier (and pricier) the model. If you’re unable to go high, don’t stress. Bosch’s more affordable range is still very reliable and held in esteem.


Are Bosch Washing Machines Reliable?

Bosch is a popular appliance brand that performs superbly and provides good quality and reliable white goods to households across Europe. Not only do they sit in many of our round-ups, but reviews come glowing. Specifically, Bosch's mid-range Series offer probably the best value on the market in terms of quality, innovation and price.

What Makes Bosch So Special?

SBehold Bosch’s washing machine programmes explained:

EcoPerfect – reduces energy consumption by up to a third, saving you money and cutting down your environmental impact.

EcoSilence – means your washing machine will be seen and not heard – at an impressively-low 47dB. Some models will come with an innovative Night Wash program for reduced speed and noise

Home Connect – brings smart tech to your appliances. Control your Bosch Home Connect washing machine with your phone, tablet and even voice. This comes in clutch when in a rush. Just ask Alexa.

Antivibration Design – guarantees peace on wash day with a unique antispiral design. This unique feature makes the appliance less noisy and much more stable.

SpeedPerfect - helps speed up your wash time by almost two-thirds. Can you imagine a load finishing in an hour? With this feature, it’s possible. It gives you more time back in your day.

i-DOS – automatically determines how much detergent, temperature and water the machine is going to use. Plus, it can even detect the weight and type of fabric in the drum – and adjust it.

Reload – is the ultimate ingenious function, perfect for us forgetful bunch. If you need to open up the washer for a solitary forgotten sock mid-cycle, take advantage of this feature. How clever.

Allergy+ - is a setting that will wash clothes at a higher temperature with a longer rinse cycle. Supposedly, this will remove as many allergens as possible. Hopefully, you’ll stop sniffling.

What Is The Best Detergent For Bosch Washing Machines?

This can be confusing. Luckily, we’ve got some great laundry detergents to recommend for different loads.

Best powder for whites

Power detergents work best for white clothes, which can contain bleach or optical brighteners to keep the white looking crisp and fresh. They’re best loaded into the detergent drawer. The Ariel Formula Pro+ Powder - 13kg is a great option for this - as they're a leading brand.


  • Keeps whites looking crisp and fresh
  • Renowned brand for washing


  • Only 13kg available

Best for coloured clothes

On the other hand, if you’re washing lots of coloured clothes together, we suggest using a detergent specifically for this purpose, absent of any optical brightener. This will keep the colours for longer.


  • A great option for a coloured wash
  • No optical brighter to preserve colour


  • Not vegan or plant-based

Best for delicates and darker clothes

Black (and darker) clothes need cleaning with special liquid detergents. This detergent type doesn’t contain any bleach and will help preserve the colour of the clothing. After all, you want your black clothes to remain that way. You can dose this Ecover Non-Bio Lavender and Sandalwood Laundry Liquid in the drawer or into the drum with a dosing ball.


  • Ideal for delicates and special garments
  • Natural - with no bleach or lighteners


  • Plastic-free refills are not available through Sainsbury's

How much should I be using?

Using too much or too little detergent, says Bosch, "can lead to poor washing results." With the help of this superbly-impressive brand, we've got some key facts for you to consider before you take the plunge. Hopefully, we’ll answer the age-old question: How much detergent should I use?

Dirt – The more dirty the clothes are, the more detergent that's needed to remove it. Problem is, we can’t see a lot of the dirt on clothes and don’t realise they’re there. In fact, around 70 per cent of the muck on clothes comes from us.

Size – Of course, detergent dosages are based on things like drum size. The larger the load, the more dirt in the drum – so, more detergent is needed to remove it. Luckily, Bosch’s i-DOS feature will calculate how much detergent you need.

Water Hardness – If your water supply comes with a high concentration of minerals, you need to soften it for the best cleaning results. For this reason, most manufacturers recommend using more detergent for homes in hard water areas.

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