Best Washing Machine Under £500 For A Mid-Range Cleaner

Grab a bargain with our top reliable washing machine picks.

best washing machine under £500

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If you’re looking for a budget appliance, we recommend taking a look at our list of the best washing machines for under £500. After all, tackling laundry takes up a lot of our time. So, we recommended spending a little more on your washing machine – something mid-range will help you find something budget-friendly and decked out with great features, as well as a longer life. Don’t throw the towel in just yet. We’ve found some great washing machines for under £500 to take for a spin.

On this list, we’ve not left anything out. A Modern Kitchen aims to find the perfect washing machine for your home, whether you're a large household or home to a small kitchen. We’ve got the (white) goods. For example, we’ve listed a few budget Bosch washing machines, famed for their reliable appliances. Though often known for a heftier price tag, their Serie 2 and 4 models sit under the £500 mark.

Best Washing Machines Under £500 At A Glance

Best 8kg washing machine under £500: Hotpoint NSWR 845C GK UK N 8kg Washing Machine – View on Currys
Best energy-efficient washing machine under £500: Samsung, S5 Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg - View on John Lewis
Best washing machine under £500 with large capacity: Bush, Freestanding Washing Machine, 12kg - View on Argos
Best 9kg washing machine under £500: SAMSUNG Series 5 ecobubble WW90TA046AE/EU Washing Machine – View on Currys

If you’re cutting back and determined to spend as little as possible, our piece on washing machines for under £300 may be worth a look. However, with such cheap models, may arise issues regarding performance, longevity and overall adequacy. An extra £100 or so can really make a difference to those dreaded laundry days. Finding you a great deal on your washing machine is our priority.

Looking for a seamless looking to your appliances? We’ve handpicked some integrated washing machines at bargain prices, too. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure. With energy-efficient and virtually silent picks readily available on the market, we couldn’t resist including them. Now – onto the round-up, where we’ve found some flashy appliances at a mid-range price. And – if you’re a little clueless about which washing machine is best, our deputy editor – Ellie – has written a great guide.

Best Washing Machine Under £500

Best 8kg washing machine under £500

This attractive graphite Hotpoint washing machine boasts an Anti-Stain 40 programme for stain removal without pre-treatment. With Full Load 45, it washes an 8kg load in under an hour without compromising results. Additional features include Steam Hygiene, Anti-Allergy and Rapid mode for faster washing. In short, it's a stylish and value for money all-round washing machine for a family.

Customer review: "Good size drum and economical to run."


  • Quiet
  • Good range of wash programmes
  • Spacious capacity
  • Value for money


  • Eco wash cycle is long

Best energy-efficient washing machine under £500

This Samsung, S5 Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg comes with ecobubble™ technology, brilliantly designed to make laundry less of a chore. Essentially, it mixes air, water and detergent, it cleverly creates bubbles that wash your clothes at cooler temperatures, helping you to bring down your energy bills. How innovative is that? Promising spotless and hygienic results and some great programmes, we're very impressed with this mid-range pick from Samsung.

Customer review: "I am very pleased with the machine, it has a great variety of programmes to use. It is good to have a cotton wash at 1 hour 26 mins. Also a 15 minute refresh one. The clothes are spun very well. The gentleman who installed it was very efficient and helpful. This machine is certainly a great improvement on my last one."


  • Load capacity holds 45 shirts per wash
  • Innovative ecobubble™ technology
  • Complete with innovative features


  • Some customers found that clothes needed another spin after the main cycle

Best 9kg washing machine under £500

SAMSUNG Series 5 ecobubble WW90TA046AE/EU Washing Machine
Price: £399 (was £449)

This popular SAMSUNG Series 5 ecobubble WW90TA046AE/EU Washing Machine is packed with energy saving features. Bubble Soak and ecobubble for stain removal, creates a lather and washes at lower temperatures. Also, allergy sufferers will love the Hygiene Steam mode. With a 15-minute quick wash you can do a 2kg load in a jiffy. This is a long term investment and with a Drum Clean cycle and Digital Inverter Motor, expect this Samsung washing machine to last.

Customer review: "It's so quiet, and it sings when the cycle has finished. Number of programmes to suit all types of materials including wool. Length of wash times vary; including a short 15 minute wash. I like the extra rinses on a colours wash no streaks. Superb would recommend."


  • Energy efficient A rated
  • ecobubble technology washes at cooler temperatures
  • Bubble Soak gets rid of stubborn stains
  • Hygiene Steam removes pollen and dust mites


  • Some customers comment it's noisy

Best 10kg washing machine under £500

Hoover H-WASH 300 LITE H3WS4105TACE 10kg Washing Machine
Price: £349 (was £429)

Trying to get through several loads or getting urgently needed sports kits cleaned in record time can seem impossible. Thankfully, the Hoover, H-Wash Freestanding Washing Machine, 10kg comes to the rescue. It has a speedy 14-minute quick wash programme that can get clothes cleaned quickly and efficiently. An All-in-One programme to wash whites and colours together without having to waste time sorting. Plus, it adjusts the cycle time based on load size. Smart.

Customer review: "Early days but love this machine. Looks good, performs well and the 10kg drum is very handy. Happy with purchase.”


  • Great value and quiet
  • Straightforward, simple to use
  • Quick spins to save energy, time and water


  • Some reviewers found the 'start' button to be unreliable

Best graphite washing machine under £500

This Candy, Freestanding Washing Machine, 10kg is perfect for a large household and comes with a 10kg load capacity and a 1600 spin speed. There are 16 wash cycles, including a nifty Stain Removal wash. How handy is that? Choose from 3 Rapid Wash Cycles cycles under 60 minutes (44, 30 and 14 minutes), which ensure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned in the quickest time possible. Handy, innovative and pretty clever, this option is fabulous.

Customer review: "Lots of settings and a bit complex with all the settings. Very quick washes but I don’t rate the spin too much. The Wi-Fi element is great. I would recommend."


  • Fitted with WiFi technology for smartphone connection
  • Perfect for a large household with a large capacity
  • A-rated energy performance for efficiency


  • Settings may be complex for some

Best integrated washing machine under £500

The Hotpoint Anti-stain 9kg Integrated Washing Machine features intelligent Anti-Stain technology, removing 100 stains at 40°C. The Anti-Stain quick cycle tackles up to 40 types of stain in just 45 minutes. With 16 programmes including Rapid and Wool Care, it's efficient and gentle on fabrics. In addition, this is a rare instance of an affordable 9kg integrated washing machine, as normally built-in appliances have a 7kg or 8kg capacity.

Customer review: "This machine is so quiet, and washes lovely. It has a good amount of wash cycles, for all different types of clothing. Drum size is 9kg and 1400 spin cycle is a must. My last Hotpoint was used a lot and lasted 14 years. I am very happy with this machine."


  • Backed by Woolmark
  • Stain removal
  • Rapid wash
  • Large capacity for an integrated appliance


  • Customer comment that the cycle times are long

Best washing machine under £500 with large capacity

With 16 washing programmes including cotton, delicates, baby, economy, intensive and more, this Bush, Freestanding Washing Machine, 12kg ensures the washing requirements for every member of your family are catered for. It has an easy-to-navigate LED display and variable spin speeds and temperatures to get the best possible results for your clothes. In our opinion, the best feature is the 24-hour delayed start option to work around your schedule.

Customer review: "Well what a lovely machine. It’s got so many options to choose from to make each wash tailor-made to suit your needs. I have never known such a quiet spin cycle too which is a huge bonus and the drum is cavernous although we did struggle to get our super king duvet in there, but in fairness, it is a very thick duvet! We looked at loads of different machines before choosing this one and now we’re so happy we did. If you have any doubts about this machine then you can forget them now as I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with it. Five stars aren’t enough."


  • Wide choice of programmes
  • Great value for money
  • 24-hour delayed start option


  • Although B is a good energy rating, it would be better if it were an A

Best 7kg washing machine under £500

Bosch Series 2 WAJ28001GB 7kg Washing Machine
Price: £419

Praised for its quiet performance, the Bosch Series 2 WAJ28001GB 7kg Washing Machine is a great budget option for small households. This Bosch appliance boasts SpeedPerfect tech for 65% faster cycles, ActiveWater Plus for water conservation, and EcoSilence Drive™ for quiet operation. Additional features include Hygiene Plus, which is great for allergy sufferers. Also, there's a fabric care Jeans/Dark Laundry cycle to keep denim and dyed fabrics in tip-top condition.

Customer review: "Its got a decent range of programs which include an Eco and a short mixed wash. The child-lock is switched on by holding two buttons down together which has proved impossible for my toddler to override. Its also really quiet which I wasn't expecting."


  • Super quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • Fast washing
  • Hygiene cycle


  • Some found the controls took a little getting used to

Best small, integrated washing machine for under £500

Designed to be tucked away behind a cabinet door in your kitchen, this Beko, Integrated Washing Machine, 7kg will fit seamlessly into your fitted kitchen design. Highlights include 15 programmes and a range of quick washes. You can save even more time on your laundry with the Fast+ Function programme.

Customer review: "Fitted great, really good product that has a useful quick wash cycle. Really pleased with my purchase."


  • A quick wash in under 30 mins
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fits seamlessly into your kitchen


  • Loud

Best black washing machine for under £500

With smart features like Push&Go, this Indesit, Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg is a great addition to our list. Simply press and hold the blue button for a 45-minute cycle at 30 degrees. Easy and simple, right? There are eight rapid cycles for you busy lot. Plus, this appliance will save water and has an auto-clean program for keeping your appliance in tip-top condition. Sounds like a win-win.

Customer review: "Huge drum. Washes very well. Beeps when the load has finished which is great when you're busy. Great selection of programs."


  • Complete with A-class energy rating for eco-efficiency
  • Stain removal makes sure your clothes look their best
  • The auto-clean program cleans away dirt, food and residues


  • Selecting the right cycle takes some getting used to

Our Verdict: Best Washing Machine Under £500

When choosing the best washing machine under £500, we looked at performance, value and customer reviews. With that, we recommend the SAMSUNG Series 5 ecobubble WW90TA046AE/EU Washing Machine. It has 14 impressive washing programmes including Bedding, 15 min Quick Wash, Eco 40-60, Hygiene Steam, Delicates and more. and more.

When ensuring that every family member's clothes are catered for, this appliance has easy-to-navigate controls and variable spin speeds and temperatures to get the best possible results for your clothes. In our opinion, the best feature is ecobubble which can help you to save up to £250 on your annual energy costs.

FAQs: Best Washing Machine Under £500

What should I look for in a mid-range washing machine?

Though all washing machines may seem the same – requiring the same old washing powder – they can differ quite considerably. Below, are some key features you should be looking out for when you’re looking for a laundry bargain. Take these for a spin…

Drum Capacity – comes first. As we’re upping the budget from £300 to £500, there’s much more lee-way with how much washing you can fit in the drum. Though 7 or 8kg washing machines are typically cheaper, drum size will all depend on your household size, of course. Luckily, for all of the larger households out there, you can snag a 12kg washing machine for just under £500.

Spin Speed - may come into play but is not a feature greatly impacted by price range. Typically, the ideal spin speed is 1400rpm with anything below 1200rpm classed as poor.

Programmes – will be pre-set with your washing machine. Models in the £300 to £500 range will be abundant in smart features and innovative cycles. These can be an anti-allergy cycle, a delicate hand-wash cycle or a delayed start. Doesn’t that sound nifty? New-fangled washing machines are tailor-made for our needs, and hopefully, your washing machine will suit your home best.

Energy-Efficiency – is a great feature when we’re all feeling the pinch. Aside from keeping your washing machine in tip-top condition with washing machine cleaner – to increase its longevity – we recommend taking note of a washing machine energy-efficiency mark, which is rated A-G. As washing machines get dearer, the higher the ratings go – so, we’ve got some A-grade picks above.

How do I install a washing machine?

Most retailers offer installation and the removal and recycling of your old machine. It is an added cost (up to £50 for both for freestanding, £120 for integrated) but it does come highly recommended if you don't consider yourself to be particularly DIY-savvy or want to deal with the faff of moving and recycling a bulky appliance yourself.

However, if you do want to install your freestanding or integrated washing machine yourself to save a bit of money, we'd recommend following this installation guide from which takes you step-by-step through the process to get your machine in place.

How do I clean my washing machine?

"If it smells musty or damp then this is a sign it needs a clean,” says Persil. “[Cleaning] a smelly washing machine [will] remove bad odours, which can often be caused by bacteria." So, this could definitely be a worthwhile chore for keeping your machine alive for longer and your clothes smelling as fresh as possible.

So, what method is best? Well, we recommend giving your washing machine a spring clean, with a washing machine cleaner or a manual clean using vinegar. Luckily, some appliances will come with designated cleaning cycles and apps designed to keep up with maintenance. Super helpful, we know. But, unlikely features for a budget washing machine – so, it’s up to you to keep up with cleaning.


Robert Dyas recommends in their washing machine cleaning guide to “start with removing dirt and mould under the seal.” Equipped with rubber gloves, pour bicarbonate of sofa into the “dirty area between the metal drum and the rubber seal,” says Robert Dyas. Then, add vinegar and wipe.

Next, you should clean the drum with white vinegar. Add both bicarbonate of soda and the vinegar to the detergent drawer. Robert Dyas says to “put it on the hottest wash and it’ll be sparkling clean when it’s done.” Make sure to scrub any residue and mould from the detergent drawer, also.

Lastly, tackle the filter. If your washing machine smells, the filter is likely the culprit. Found behind a small door at the bottom right if the machine, Robert Dyas says you need to “remove all the gunk that’s built up” in the filter. You’ll have to unscrew it from its place. It’s not a pleasant job, so remember those rubber gloves. After you’ve removed all the gunk, give the filter a soak and scrub.

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