Best 12kg Washing Machine To Tackle Large Loads

You'll reduce your laundry load in no time at all when you've got a large 12kg capacity machine to wash it all in.

Best 12kg Washing Machine

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If you're on the hunt for a big washing machine to cope with large loads of laundry, the best 12kg washing machines will help you tackle the seemingly never-ending pile of clothes in no time at all. They’re made with big families in mind, so you can put many items in at a time and empty the laundry basket once after all. Well, until the next day at least!

12kg washing machines come packed with features to make dealing with laundry for a large number of people that bit easier. Many come with quiet motors and time delay settings so you can set your machine to run at a time to suit you, without disturbing anyone that may be sleeping or working from home. You may also find there are settings to help you remove stubborn stains and bacteria, as well as a quick wash for those items that need just a little refresh, and ones that will aid with reducing the number of creases when they’re dry.

Best 12kg Washing Machine Shortlist:

Best for tough stains: Samsung Series 5 ecobubble WW12T504DAN - View offer on AO
Best for allergy sufferers: LG TrueSteam FH4G1BCS2 - View offer on AO
Best for reducing ironing: LG TurboWash 360 with Steam+ V10 F4V1012BTSE 12 kg - View offer on Currys
Best for clothing care: Hoover H-Wash 500 HWB412AMBCR - View offer on Amazon UK

The beauty of a 12kg washing machine is that the capacity allows you to put more clothing inside at a time, as well as bigger and heavier items, compared to the more standard 7kg washing machine. The best 12kg washing machines are able to clean around 60 t-shirts at a time, or a weighty king-size duvet, so they’re certainly designed to keep up with the washing demands of a larger family.

Think one of these large capacity machines will be suitable for your household’s laundry needs? We've searched the web for the best 12kg washing machines and you can take a look at our top picks below.

The Best 12kg Washing Machine For Large Loads

Best for tough stains

Samsung Series 5 ecobubble™ WW12T504DAN
Price: £699 (was £769)

Is there anything more heartbreaking than spilling something messy on your favourite top or trousers and it leaving a mark? The Samsung Series 5 ecobubble WW12T504DAN can help with that as it has a bubble soak feature that bathes items for 30 minutes before the main cycle starts, which helps to loosen stains and give you cleaner clothes.

Customer review: "I found the machine simple to use, fantastic at cleaning, low energy consumption and because of the large drum size less wash loads for a family of 6."


  • Steam function for a hygienic clean
  • Bubble soak setting loosens tough stains
  • Can be controlled from your phone


  • One reviewer felt it was hard to see the buttons because they were grey in colour on a grey background

Best for allergy sufferers

LG TrueSteam™ FH4G1BCS2
Price: £899

Using pure water in its baby care and allergy programmes, the LG TrueSteam FH4G1BCS2 has been given the seal of approval by the British Allergy Foundation. It will sanitise your clothes and rid them of any bacteria, making this machine a great option for those with sensitive skin and homes with pets. It's also equipped with Smart technology, working with both Alexa and Google Assistant, and if you install the app on your phone, you can start or stop cycles, get reminders for maintenance and notification to let you know when your laundry is done.

Customer review: "Great machine. Simple to use, just select the program and the temperature and spin speed are highlighted. If you wish to alter these it is really easy. Once you are happy with your choice press go. The machine weighs the load and then shows you how long the wash will take. The machine is really quiet even on the highest spin."


  • Pause & Add setting so you can add extra clothes to the machine mid cycle
  • You can control the machine from your phone
  • Delay timer for up to 19 hours


  • It has a 14 minute speed wash setting, but this is designed for just 2kg of laundry

Best for reducing ironing

Another great option by LG is the LG TurboWash 360 with Steam+ V10 F4V1012BTSE 12 kg. It's designed for big households so you can do the laundry of up to six people, allowing everyone's favourite clothes to be cleaned at the same time. The TurboWash 360 technology sprays water in all directions to get your clothes looking and smelling fresh again, cleaning everything in less than 40 minutes. If that wasn’t impressive enough, there are also aiDD sensors inside that’ll adjust the settings to the fabric of the garments inside and a Steam+ programme that adds vapour at the end of the cycle to reduce wrinkles.

Customer review: “Lovely washing machine. Its 12 kg drum means that I don’t have to do so many loads of washing. Extremely quiet wash and spin. So impressed. I’ve had LG washing machines for many years and each one gets better. This is amazing, the soft steam setting is so good that you don’t need softener. I would definitely recommend this machine.”


  • Claims to reduce wrinkles and creases in clothes by 30 per cent
  • AI Sensors to adjust settings to the fabric
  • Can be controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Has a slightly large depth compared to other machines so you'll just need to check you've got space to accommodate this

Best for clothing care

The Hoover H-Wash 500 HWB412AMBCR is equipped with a long-lasting and powerful Eco-Power Inverter Motor that adapts the washing action to the load to ensure the best results for your clothes. Understanding what setting your garments should be washed on can be difficult but the Scan to Care function on the hOn app can help. You can create a virtual wardrobe by taking a picture of each item and the app will collect and store all your washing instructions. It will then suggest a specific programme and treatment available on your machine to take care of them.

Customer review: "Easy to use. Great app. Does the job!"


  • Power care technology helps to create the perfect mix of water and detergent in each load
  • Smart laundry care technology on the app
  • Sensitive yet powerful motor


  • One reviewer felt the door was flimsy

Budget buy

Equipped with an inverted motor that uses less electricity than a regular model, the electriQ 12kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine is a great budget machine that will help you save on your energy bills. It's got 15 auto wash programmes, which will help you tackle jeans and delicates, plus everything else in between. There's also a handy reload function that you can use to pause your washing machine mid-cycle to add and remove items, as well as a 24-hour delay timer.

Customer review: "I love everything about this washing machine it’s got a large drum fantastic time setting great spin easy to clean there’s nothing I would change! I had a Samsung ecobubble add wash before so I was dubious about this machine only to find this machine can also stop so if you’ve forgotten something you can put it after it’s started! Personally I think this washing machine is better than my old one"


  • Self-cleaning function designed to preserve wash performance
  • Pre-wash, extra rinse and extra wash settings
  • 15 programmes


  • Although B is a good energy rating, it would be better if it were an A

Best for energy savings

Haier i-Pro Series 7 HW120-B14979
Price: £849

With a super-quiet motor, low running costs and high energy efficiency, there's a lot to love about the Haier i-Pro Series 7 HW120-B14979. There's a handy light inside the drum that makes sure every inch is illuminated so you can easily spot the odd sock or pair of pants left behind. It's also got a steam function that uses vapour to relax fibres to give clothes and towels a more thorough wash, which will mean they'll leave the machine with fewer creases, too.

Customer review: "Fabulous washing machine, extremely quiet, huge drum size. Sleek and modern looking, easy-to-use interface. Very pleased."


  • Super quiet 67dB motor
  • Option to add an extra wash to eliminate tough stains
  • Steam setting kills bacteria and reduces creasing


  • One reviewer found the manual hard to understand

Great value for money

With 16 washing programmes including cotton, delicates, baby, economy, intensive and more, the Bush WMSAEX1214 ensures the washing requirements for every member of your family are catered for. It has an easy-to-navigate LED display and variable spin speeds and temperatures so you can get the best possible results for your clothes. In our opinion, the best feature is the 24-hour delayed start option so you can load your machine up and wash on your schedule.

Customer review: "Well what a lovely machine. It’s got so many options to choose from to make each wash tailor-made to suit your needs. I have never known such a quiet spin cycle too which is a huge bonus and the drum is cavernous although we did struggle to get our super king duvet in there, but in fairness, it is a very thick duvet! We looked at loads of different machines before choosing this one and now we’re so happy we did. If you have any doubts about this machine then you can forget them now as I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with it. Five stars aren’t enough."


  • Wide choice of programmes
  • Great value for money
  • 24-hour delayed start option


  • Although B is a good energy rating, it would be better if it were an A

Our Verdict: What Is The Best 12kg Washing Machine?

In our opinion, the Samsung Series 5 ecobubble WW12T504DAN is the best 12kg washing machine on the market. It’ll make light work on tough stains with its bubble soak feature that will bathe garments for 30 minutes before the main cycle starts. Plus, it also adds steam at the end of the cycle to remove any bacteria or allergens that may be lingering. We also love that you’ve got the option of controlling it from your phone using the SmartThings app, which you can use to see how long you have left before your load is finished, as well as start and stop your machine and change cycle settings.

What To Consider When Choosing A Washing Machine

What washing machine you choose very much depends on the needs of your household and the amount of laundry you're getting through. To help you decide whether a 12kg washing machine is the best one for your washing habits, we've listed some of the things you should consider during the buying process.

Drum Size

A 12kg washing machine is designed for big loads so if you're doing washing for a very large family and multiple loads in a day, this will be the ideal drum size for you. The height and the width of a washing machine aren't affected by the drum size of a washing machine, but the depth is, so you'll want to make you've got enough room to accommodate your chosen model or it may stick out from the wall.

If you're doing much less than this and are washing clothes for just one or two people, you would be better suited getting one with a smaller drum size. 7kg machines are the standard size, but 9kg washing machines are the most popular.

Energy Consumption

In a time when we're all trying to cut back on the amount of energy we use to save on costs, the amount of energy a washing machine uses is an important factor to consider. The energy rating scale for washing machines in the UK ranges from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient.

The best 12kg washing machines tend to help you use less energy when you compare them to machines with a smaller drum size and the same energy rating. As the drum size is larger, it can fit more clothes in so it reduces the number of loads you would need to do in a machine of a smaller size. As you can fit more in, you'll be using your machine less and therefore using less energy.

Spin Speed

The higher the spin speed, the less amount of water your clothes will hold onto, which in turn, will mean they take less time to dry. Spin speeds in the UK vary from 1,000 rpm (rotations per minute) to 1,600 spin washing machines but the best 12kg washing machines tend to have a higher spin speed so you can get your large laundry loads dried more quickly.


The more expensive machines tend to have more features than the cheaper washing machines, so this is something to bear in mind when you're figuring out which model you're going to go for. If you want the option to wash your favourite garment in a hurry, opt for a model with quick wash settings. Don't have a tumble drier or lots of room to hang washing to dry? Look for a washing machine with different spin settings. To give yourself more flexibility, choose a washing machine with a timer feature so you can pop your laundry on at a time that suits you.

You can also get machines that have built-in Smart technology and coordinating apps so you can control your washer from your phone.


As 12kg machines have a larger drum size and therefore bigger capacity compared to smaller machines, they do cost more. How much you spend on your 12kg washing machine will depend on your budget and what additional features it may have.

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