Black Washing Machines That Have Form And Function

Fall into the background with these outstanding black appliances.

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A black washing machine is an aesthetically pleasing appliance. Whether it's glossy or matte, it offers a modern look and is even better when it's coordinated with matching – er – white goods. There's a plethora of black dishwashers, tumble dryers and countertop appliances that blend harmoniously to create a sleek and contemporary kitchen. While you're looking for the best washing machine, a gorgeous graphite appliance could complete your Star Wars First Order kitchen vibe... just saying.

It's not all about style, these next-gen washing machines are packed with innovative features that save on energy and water consumption. In addition, some use spray nozzles to apply water rather than relying on the drum to vigorously spin clothes, resulting in a thorough yet gentle wash. You can play Candy Crush while you're putting on a load too; most appliances are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with an app. Control and monitor a wash cycle and even download new programmes for your washing machine. And the great news is black appliances are available in a range of capacities, there are even integrated washing machines too.

Black Washing Machine At A Glance

Best overall black washing machine: LG EZDispense with TurboWash 360 V11 F6V1110BTSA 10.5kg – View on Reliant
Best 11kg black washing machine: Samsung Series 5+ SpaceMax 11kg Washing Machine – View on
Best black washing machine for stain removal: Hotpoint ActiveCare NM11946BCAUKN 9kg Washing Machine – View on Currys

Glaring white can be off-putting, and for some, it makes the display more difficult to read. Really, it's the reason why many of us switch our devices to dark mode. So, it's great that all of our favourite brands have got on the trend and manufactured black and grey appliances at the same price as a standard white washing machine. If your home is a hub that's connected by SmartThings and you favour the dark side, you'll love the Samsung washing machine that's available in black. It's not simply a case that black hides the dirt, rather, it looks classy and means your washing machine doesn't have to stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise contemporary kitchen.

There are practical considerations to know when buying any washing machine, such as its dimensions, capacity and spin speed. In addition, note the energy rating, as this can make the difference between a 20p cycle or double that in a less efficient appliance. Also, the larger the capacity, the more it will cost to run per wash, but if you have a large household, it's essential to have a durable 10kg washing machine that performs well, rather than a 7kg in which you need to do multiple loads. Scroll to the FAQs at the end of this article for more washing machine know-how.

Best Black Washing Machines

Best overall black washing machine

LG F6V1110BTSA 10.5kg Freestanding Washing MachineReliant/LG
Price: £649 (was £1,249)

If ever there was a black washing machine that was outstanding in its kitchen, the LG EZDispense with TurboWash 360 V11 F6V1110BTSA 10.5kg is it. An A-rated appliance for its energy consumption and spin performance, and features and statistics that knock the spots off other washing machines. It automatically dispenses a precise amount of detergent for less waste and better care. TurboWash gets the load done in a 39-minute cycle. Steam cleaning reduces creases and allergens; you can even wash a duvet in this machine. AI technology calculates the optimum wash settings for your load. In addition, it can be controlled with a voice assistant and is compatible with the ThinkQ app via Wi-Fi. With a weighted energy consumption of just 53kWh, this is an amazing appliance to invest in for the future.

Customer review: "Now I have semi-mastered how to use the machine it is pretty simple to use I am happy with it.
The auto dosing works really well. The cycles are much quicker than my previous machine so that means I'm saving energy but the results are still impressive. The spin cycle is quiet, though it does jog the machine out of place a bit. The only thing I've not worked out yet if it's possible to use the rinse or steam cycle independently on its own. It appears you have to opt for a wash cycle first but it seems to steam midway through the cycle? I was able to do this on my previous Siemens machine as sometimes I just want to refresh a piece of clothing and not fully wash it."


  • Several quick wash programmes and additional programmes that you can download
  • App compatible and has steam cleaning
  • Incredible efficiency and Optimised washing
  • Fast cycles less than 39 minutes


  • Might be a little too high-tech for some

Best 9kg black washing machine

Hoover H-Wash 500 HW69AMBCB 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine Amazon/Hoover

Make washing an experience with the Hoover H-Wash 500 HW69AMBCB 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine. It's compatible with Alexa, and with Wi-Fi connection to the hOn app, you can download additional cycles, start a wash and run diagnostic checks. In addition, the Label Scan and Virtual Wardrobe feature on the app stores the washing instructions on your clothes and suggests specific wash programmes. This appliance has nine care cycles, so you can take care of all your favourite clothes. It boasts an Eco-Power Inverter Motor which is a durable and long-lasting motor. Also, this motor technology makes washing more efficient as the machine adapts to the laundry load. It has an 'All in One 59' cycle, which is a mixed wash in less than an hour. In addition, there are three rapid wash cycles that are less than 60 minutes. Power care system creates the perfect lather of detergent and water so that the cleaning agent penetrates the clothes fibre better for 20 per cent improved cleaning results. Active Balance Technology reduces washing time and vibrations with an optimised spin that produces the best rinsing results.

Customer review: "There are tons of features many I will probably never use along with several that I will simply not be particularly aware of but benefit all the same, such as it weighing the load and adjusting the water and cycle time to maximise efficiency. One of the best features I love is the notification that the cycle is done as well as the ability to check using your smart phone how much time is remaining. Perhaps on a more mundane but even more beneficial are a number of cycles that enable mixed loads."


  • Extremely energy efficient
  • hOn app compatible
  • Packed with features


  • A bit of a learning curve utilising the app

Best black washing machine for stain removal


Hotpoint ActiveCare 9kg Freestanding Washing MachineCurrys/Hotpoint

The Hotpoint ActiveCare NM11946BCAUKN 9kg Washing Machine is one of Hotpoint's new range of appliances and offers superlative stain removal and steam hygiene. We love Hotpoint as a trusted, affordable and reliable brand for over 110 years. Its latest washing machines and dryers with ActiveCare have PRO-Inverter motor technology, resulting in quiet, efficient and durable appliances. These machines look good too; take this sleek and stylish black washing machine as a case in point. Ideal for a family, the 9kg capacity comfortably takes a 55-litre basket of laundry with room for more. Outstanding features include Active Care, 30-minute Rapid Wash, Eco 40-60, Anti Stain Removal and Steam Hygiene.

Read our full Hotpoint ActiveCare 9kg Washing Machine review.


  • Stain removal
  • Stream hygiene and refresh
  • Energy efficient
  • Add an item mid-cycle


  • Pay close attention to the Wash Cycle table in the instructions, as some cycles are intended for half or quarter loads

Best 11kg black washing machine

Samsung Series 5+ SpaceMax WW11BB504DAB 11kg Washing MachineAO/com/Samsung
Price: £599

With an A-rated spin performance and energy rating, it doesn't get more efficient than this. The Samsung Series 5+ SpaceMax WW11BB504DAB 11kg Washing Machine makes quick work of stubborn stains and uses sensors to weigh your washing so that it can optimise the cycle and calculate how much water and energy to use. As you'd expect from a Samsung appliance, this model is packed with features, including Hygiene Steam, ecobubble and Eco Drum Clean+. Additionally, this is a SpaceMax appliance, meaning it has a large capacity without taking up more space. A tip-top family-sized black washing machine, and at 72dB, this has a quieter spin cycle than other washing machines.

Customer review: "There are some great cycles including a sanitise steam clean and a drum cycle clean. It's really simple to use and the tune it plays when it finishes is nice compared to the incessant beeping you get with other machines! The fast cycle is handy too. Really happy all round."


  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Huge range of features
  • Large capacity without taking up more space
  • Anti-allergy


  • Needs more information on how this links to the SmartThings app

Best easy-to-use washing machine

Candy Ultra HCU1492DBBE/1 Washing Machine 9kgAmazon/Candy

The Candy Ultra HCU1492DBBE/1 Washing Machine 9kg is another appliance that detects the weight of the load so that it can apply the optimum amount of water and power. Sensors washing that automatically adjusts the settings to wash to remove tough stains, yet gently wash your clothes. It's compatible with the Simply-Fi app, which allows you to control and monitor your appliance via NFC. While it's not the most efficient or all-singing and dancing black washing machine, it is a great price, effective and more efficient than an older appliance. If you're on a budget and looking to upgrade, this is a good option.

Customer review: "It’s an excellent easy to use washing machine, other owners have stated that it can be noisy, I haven’t found that it’s no louder than I’d expect from a comparable machine. I have no hesitancy in recommending this machine."


  • Value for money
  • Effective
  • App compatible


  • Not the most efficient

Best 10kg black washing machine

Candy Smart Pro CS1410TBBE 10kg Freestanding Washing Machine Amazon/Candy

As the name suggests, this Candy Smart Pro CS1410TBBE 10kg Freestanding Washing Machine can connect to an Android smartphone using near-field communication. This is for the purpose of running diagnostic performance checks and downloading additional programmes. This next-gen black washing machine weighs the load at the start of the cycle and adjusts the wash so that the optimum water and power is used. This water-saving mode, in conjunction with three rapid wash cycles, makes everyday laundry fast and efficient. This appliance's weighted energy consumption is ‎239kWh. Additionally, its general noise level is 60dB – that's the same as a person talking. This increases to 81dB during the spin cycle. It's received over 1,500 positive reviews on Amazon and is a great price for a mid-range 10kg washing machine.

Customer review: "Fab product. Looks very good. Works like a dream and has the quick wash programme for 15, 30 or 45 minutes which is what I primarily use. Its not overly loud but it's not quiet. I'm more than happy with the purchase and the price was perfect."


  • Water saving
  • Smart features
  • Large capacity


  • Not the most energy-efficient

Best 7kg black washing machine

BEKO WTL74051B 7kg Washing MachineHughes/Beko

The BEKO WTL74051B 7kg Washing Machine has hidden depths whilst actually being a bit slimmer than other appliances. This clever machine will automatically reduce water levels for smaller loads. There are 15 programmes, including a handwash cycle for delicate fabrics. The fantastic DrumClean feature sanitises the drum after a wash so that your machine is hygienic. Also, this has a quick wash feature that will wash a load in less than 30 minutes. The D energy rating is the equivalent of an A on the pre-2021 energy efficiency scale.

Customer review: "The time delay is especially good in these days of trying to use electricity away from peak times. Low consumption despite long cycles. Noise level very very quiet. Sensible cycles - clearly printed."


  • Self-cleaning
  • Quick wash
  • Good and effective range of programmes


  • Reviews comment that it's not possible to manually adjust the temperature and spin speed

Best integrated black washing machine

HOOVER H-WASH 300 Pro HBWOS 69TAMCBET Integrated WiFi-enabled 9kg Washing MachineCurrys/Hoover
Price: £549 (was £579)

It's a real bonus to discover a 9kg integrated black washing machine. Mostly, built-in washing machines are 7kg, furthermore, this HOOVER H-WASH 300 Pro HBWOS 69TAMCBET Integrated 9kg Washing Machine is a sleek black model. There a several rapid cycles, including at 14-minute wash for up to a 1.5kg load. KG Mode weighs your load at the beginning of the cycle and calculates the exact time and water needed. It can factor in whether it's cotton or synthetic fabric. The Hoover H-WASH 300 Pro connects using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to your smart speaker and smartphone. The All-in-One programme means you can mix whites and colours in one wash. Importantly, this model has an inverter motor, so it's quieter (72db spin) and produces less vibration than an older appliance – crucial as this will be encased in a cabinet.

Customer review: "Really impressed – works like a dream. The app is great even tells me when the washing has finished on my phone and Apple Watch - no idea why the app received some bad review I’ve found it works perfectly. A little more expensive than a lot of machines but even on the 15 min wash clothes are really clean so hoping it cost less in power over time - don’t usually do reviews but felt this deserved one - hope it helps."


  • Integrated
  • Sensor washing
  • Control via smart speaker or smart device
  • Quiet


  • According to reviews adjusting the spin speed is problematic

Best budget black washing machine

Indesit MTWC71252K ECO 7kg Spin Washing MachineArgos/Indesit

The Indesit MTWC71252K ECO 7kg Spin Washing Machine is a no-frills but effective appliance. It has a Water Balance Plus sensor that optimises the amount of water that's used throughout all stages of the cycle. There are three full-load FastCycles that are less than one hour and there's a Rapid 30 cycle. Also, the fast iron cycle to make ironing easier. Choose from 16 programmes. It has a less powerful spin and less features than others, and in some ways, this could be ideal if you're looking for a 7kg appliance that's easy to use.

Customer review: "Bought this washer about a month ago to replace old Indesit washer, very happy with the new one, very quite plenty of programs, quick wash only 15 minutes really can’t fault this machine."


  • Value for money
  • Fast cycles
  • Easy iron feature


  • Less powerful spin

Best energy-saving black washing machine

BEKO Pro Aquatech B5W5841AG Bluetooth 8kg Washing Machine - GraphiteCurrys/Beko

With futuristic side panelling, the BEKO Pro Aquatech B5W5841AG Bluetooth 8kg Washing Machine is for black appliance completists who love the sci-fi aesthetic. Control this black washing machine via Bluetooth using the HomeWhiz app. The wizard can choose the best programme for your laundry needs. It's an innovative build, as recycled plastic water bottles have been used in parts of the machine. No more blindly rummaging around for odd socks, loading and unloading is made easier with an internal light. Its Anti-Allergy programme is endorsed by Allergy UK and reduces the number of allergens caused by pet hair and bacteria on your clothes. Also, SteamCure can make ironing less of a chore. Finally, AquaTech technology utilising the power of water with less power consumption and drum movement for a gentler wash.

Customer review: "Excellent quality machine, space age design and packed with features."


  • Light inside drum
  • Energy efficient
  • Gentler on clothing
  • App compatible
  • Aesthetically stylish


  • Issues connecting via Bluetooth

Our Verdict: Best Black Washing Machine

If your budget allows, we recommend the LG EZDispense with TurboWash 360 V11 F6V1110BTSA 10.5kg. We especially like the Turbowash multi-nozzles that spray water into every corner for a thorough washing performance. Additionally, it features auto dosing and steam cleaning. LG claims that this washing machine reduces washing times by 34 per cent and offers 16 per cent more fabric protection. The invertor drive motor has a 10 year warranty, making this an appliance to see you into a new decade and beyond. And if you want to control this mothership via an app, you can with ThinkQ.

FAQs: Best Black Washing Machine

What do I look for when buying a new washing machine?

So, you know you have matching black appliances and you're going for a coordinated look, but there are some technical considerations to know too....

First, you need to determine what you can afford. Washing machines range from £200 to almost £2,000 with a premium appliance.

Next, do you want a freestanding or an integrated washing machine? A freestanding model will sit alongside your kitchen units, while a built-in appliance will hide behind a cupboard door. Read our buyer's guide for a full breakdown of the pros and cons of freestanding and integrated washing machines.

The capacity of a washing machine determines how much you can fit into the drum. Washing machine capacity ranges from 6kg to 14kg. As a rule of thumb:

6kg is a small drum that's best for single households.
7kg is a standard drum that's ample for two or three-person households.
8kg–9kg is a large drum that's perfect for small families.
10kg+ is an extra large drum that's best for busy households, such as large families.

Spin speed ranges between 1,000 rotations per minute and 1,600rpm. The benefit of an increased spin speed is that it will reduce residual water and reduce drying time. But it may be louder, consume more energy, plus spinning is not so great on delicates.

If you live in an open-plan place it will be important to get a quiet washing machine. In which case, you need to take note of the machine's noise level (measured in decibels) when it's washing and when it's spinning. Generally, a washing machine is between 74 dB and 77 dB. Appliances that have been awarded a Quiet Mark Award will be the best for quietness.

What features should I look for when buying a new washing machine?

Look at the particular features, such as whether the appliance has specialist stain removal functions or allergy programmes. All washing machines have pre-programmed washes, such as separate programmes for fabric settings. In addition, there are sports and baby cycles for extra grubby clothes. Quick wash can be as brief as 15 minutes. Eco cycles take longer but do save energy. Also, look for anti-crease, as this eliminates the worst creasing and makes ironing less of a chore.

Sensors are now as standard and weigh the laundry in order to work out how much water, heat, detergent and spin speed to apply. This optimised washing saves money on water and electricity. Similarly, auto-dosing applies a precise amount of detergent to the load and helps you not to use too much.

Washing machines with a self-cleaning function is a boon as it keeps the drum hygienic.

Finally, there's a plethora of appliances with smart features. Connect the washing machine to an app to control the load and even activate it with your voice. Monitor the cycle, download updates and maintenance.

What is weighted energy consumption?

Weighted energy consumption appears on the new energy labels for white goods. From March 2021 energy ratings changed and all manufacturers had to provide new style energy labels on their appliances.

As well as the energy rating changing to a A–G scale, weighted energy consumption is a measure of how much electricity is consumed (kWh) using Eco 40–60 for 100 cycles. It differs from the annual energy consumption measure. Similarly, weighted water consumption is measured in litres using the Eco 40-60 programme. Miele provide a breakdown of the new energy label.

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