Best Coffee Machine Under £100

Enjoy luxurious coffee at home, without counting the beans.

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There's a brilliant range of coffee machines that are under £100, in fact, many are less than £50. If you shop savvy and look out for offers, you can bag an appliance to unleash your inner barista. If you dream of decadent chestnut cremas, but your bank balance is more red than green - fear not - you can still have your favourite coffee and drink it.

The perfect coffee cup size for a flat white is a dinky 160ml... but cheaper doesn't have to mean meagre. Coffee pod machines such as the Nespresso Vertuo Pop can brew mug-size coffee (330ml) that would knock the socks off any high street coffee chain. In addition, compact machines from Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Tassimo offer an enormous range of delicious flavour pods, including all things chocolatey too.

For those of you who enjoy the ritual of preparing coffee or are conscious of the environmental impact of single-use coffee pods, there are bean-to-cup and filter coffee machines that retail at less than £100 too. These budget coffee machines, which include some of the latest models, will ensure barista quality at home with easy-to-use one-touch tech.

The best coffee machine under £100 at a glance

Best Nespresso under £100: Vertuo Pop - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best for a range of flavours: TASSIMO Bosch Vivy 2 - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best filter coffee machine: De'Longhi ICM 17210 Filter Coffee Machine - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best bean-to-cup: Tower T13005 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker - Buy now on Amazon UK

For now, let's take a closer look at the ease of use, efficiency and features of these brilliant brewing machines.

Best Coffee Machine Under £100

Best Nespresso under £100

The Vertuo Pop retails at a very reasonable price for a high-end coffee experience. In terms of taste, it produces more flavoursome coffee because of the high-pressure technology (centrifusion) used in the brewing process. This compact coffee machine is available in a range of vibrant colours, and it's small enough to fit between appliances on a kitchen counter or on a pedestal in the office. It's incredibly energy efficient and produces excellent coffee at the press of a button with no mess.

Our review: "I call the Vertuo Pop the 'Crema of the Cup'. The thick frothy top you get on these decadent coffees is incredible. If you are a coffee lover, I highly recommend trying coffee from the Nespresso Vertuo range. Other benefits that the machine offers include: speed, ease of use, no mess and compact size. Nespresso offers a premium customer journey in every way. I greatly enjoy having my coffee experience curated and getting to feel like a connoisseur. There are nods to Italian café culture in the names of the blends and language used to describe the preparation and cup size. The provenance of the beans and the tasting notes is akin to characterising fine wine. From the brilliant simplicity of colour-coded capsules, beautiful graphics and evocative language, Nespresso's attention to detail makes every step of the coffee experience feel like a luxurious treat."

Read our full Nespresso Vertuo Pop Review


  • No mess
  • Quality coffee in less than one minute
  • Excellent crema


  • Limited selection of capsules
  • A faff to arrange recycling used capsules

Best coffee machine for range of flavours

For less than £50, you have your favourite drink at your fingertips. Choose from over 70 coffees, hot chocolates and teas from your favourite hot drink and confectionary brands. Kenco, L'OR and Costa Coffee are available. The Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2 is super easy to use, and an adjustable cup stand means you can alternate between your espresso cups or latte glasses. Stylish and compact, this would nestle nicely in the corner of your kitchen.

Customer review: "If you are a fan of coffee then you should consider this. I've bought an Aeropress for thirty pounds, an Oomph for forty pounds, a French press for just under forty pounds and a filter set for twenty pounds. I really wish I had bought the Tassimo at the beginning because it beats everything else hands down. Perfect coffee."


  • Compact
  • Super versatile drink options
  • Adjustable cup stand is so handy


  • No water filter included
  • Can only use T Disc capsules

Best filter coffee machine under £100

This compact pot is ideal for keeping coffee hot and perfect for one person. With simple-to-use controls, a sleek aesthetic and two brewing functions, this filter coffee machine is ideal for your everyday coffee needs. The De'Longhi also has an added feature: a heating mat underneath the jug, which keeps your coffee warm for an additional 40 minutes - excellent for busy mornings. As this is a drip filter coffee maker, you'll need to purchase paper coffee filters.

Customer review: "This is a very good coffee machine, it has great functions, a standard drip function, but also a flow controlled 'pour over' function which would be more like a V60 you would receive in a proper speciality coffee shop. It brews the water to between 92/96 degrees (which is the correct temperature for pour-over) so I would definitely recommend this machine to someone who would consider themselves a real coffee lover."


  • Easy to use
  • Attractive design
  • 10 cup capacity
  • Simple controls


  • Some customers have commented on frequent spillages
  • Can be messy to use

Best bean-to-cup coffee machine under £100

In a world of coffee pods, sometimes it's easy to forget that coffee is actually the seed of a fruit that needs to be roasted, ground and brewed. A bean-to-cup machine is a way of getting involved in the process of making proper coffee. Ideal for one person, this Tower coffee maker has coarse and fine grinding options and four cup capacity glass carafe. Additionally, a standard mug will fit, so you can literally create coffee from bean to cup. It doesn't use paper filters, so you need to clean the grounds out after each use, but that's no different to the process of brewing coffee in a French press. And it's great to know, if you dislike the sound of a coffee grinder first thing in the morning, this machine brews with ready-ground coffee too.

Customer review: "Grinder function is loud - very loud - but only to be expected really as some very sharp blades are whizzing round at high speed and literally chopping the coffee beans into a coarse powder. Can alternatively use ready-ground coffee if you prefer (in which case there is no noise). Grinder appears to do a thorough job. Water is heated to boiling and allowed to trickle through the ground coffee and into the waiting jug."


  • Wonderful aroma of freshly ground coffee
  • Easy to use


  • An involved process to make a cup of coffee

Best iced coffee machine under £100

Make an iced coffee in under four minutes with the Iced Coffee Machine from Breville. It comes with an insulated tumbler, complete with lid and straw - perfect for enjoying your iced coffee on the go. Simply fill it with water, scoop in your favourite ground coffee and pour your brew over ice. Great for keeping cool in the hotter months. Additionally, add some milk and syrup to make a tasty iced coffee that will rival any high-street coffee brand's fancy summer menu.

Customer review: "Great product have only used it once and was easy to set up and use. Makes a great iced coffee. The water and coffee attachments where easy to clean so was the cup would highly recommend for any iced coffee lover."


  • Easy to use
  • Good for one cup


  • No ice dispenser

Best for energy saving

Enjoy your favourite high street coffee brands with this small, powerful and easy-to-use Genio S Plus. This great value machine features a compact design but doesn't compromise on the quality of the brew, with the easy and fast preparation of over 50 coffee creations. Nescafe's Dolce Gusto coffee machines are convenient and easy to clean. With a high-pressure system, your creamy coffee-shop-quality coffee will be ready in no time. The adjustable temperature means you can also make drinks like hot chocolate for the young (or not so young) ones and serve it at the perfect temperature for them. It comes with an eco mode which automatically switches the appliance off after one minute of inactivity.

Customer review: "Maybe Nescafe could include a pod in the box so you can get started? Anyway… now with pods and having 'cleaned through' the machine the coffee was amazing. It automatically shuts off when it's reached the level you want and also has an adjustable temperature gauge… all very useful settings."


  • Compact design
  • Adjustable drink size


  • Can't fit a latte glass under the spout

Best compact coffee machine under £100

This is the ultimate starter kit for coffee lovers. You will get this popular coffee pod machine, along with different packs of capsules, so you can try a variety of Nescafe Dulce Gousto drinks, including Americano, Chococino and Flat White, to name a few. The compact design means it can fit into the smallest of nooks, and like the Genio S Plus, it has a power-saving Eco Mode. Enjoy over 40 reasonably priced pods, including Nescafe and Starbucks coffees. Additionally, we think this would make a great going to university pressie or gift for a sweet-toothed coffee lover.

Customer review: "This is a great little machine to make your special coffees. I quickly got use to adjusting the quantity of water going into the pods to match our taste. Its so simple, easy and quick. Don't expect a superb Costa however the coffee you get is very acceptable and fulfils that yearning for a cappuccino at home."


  • Comes with packs of capsules
  • Eco-mode (switches off after five minutes inactivity)
  • Small and compact


  • Bit noisy when in use
  • Small capacity for not ideal for large households

Best budget coffee machines for espresso

This machine is really easy to use; to turn it on and off and start preparing the coffee, you just use the same button. If espressos and americanos are your go-tos, you will love this coffee machine. It has a sleek design that is ideal for smaller kitchens. The A Modo Mio Tiny specially features slow coffee extraction at a high temperature to release the maximum flavour. It calculates the optimum water pressure to brew a smooth, creamy coffee. Additionally, the A Modo Mio coffee capsules contain the perfect amount of coffee and tamping level with espresso ground coffee preserved in an air-tight pod. Additionally, if you prefer a longer drink, you can brew mug-sized coffee by removing the drip tray.

Customer review: "For when I fancy an espresso in seconds. Simple machine to operate and Lavazza capsules are compostable so no concerns about disposing of the by product."


  • Two temperature settings
  • Adjustable cup holder (2 heights)
  • Thermoblock technology


  • Only compatible with A Modo Mio capsules
  • Not intended to make longer coffees

Our Verdict: Best Coffee Machine Under £100

Perhaps we're suffering from a slight coffee pod fatigue, which is why we choose the Tower T13005 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Maker as our best coffee machine under £100. If you're serious about exploring coffee, this budget machine will open up a whole world of aromas and flavours. Freshly ground coffee that can be finely ground for espresso intensity or coarsely ground so that the flavours can percolate - all with a simple twist of a dial. Additionally, there is no doubt that buying whole beans is the cheapest way to buy coffee. So, if you're on a budget, this machine and the right beans is a match made in heaven.


Which coffee machine is right for me?

It's worth taking a second to think about the type of coffee you love to drink. If your fuel of choice is espresso, you'll find that there are some compact machines that are tailor-made for the 40ml morning miracle. Alternatively, if you are a coffee connoisseur and love discovering speciality coffees, you may be more at home with a bean-to-cup or filter machine. You can buy and prepare any whole-bean coffee or ground coffee you're eager to explore. In contrast, if you love a latte or creamy cappuccino without the faff of having to prepare milk, then you may opt for a model that has a wide range of indulgent coffee pods.

Finally, it's worth noting that these budget machines won't have the bells and whistles of built-in milk frothers, high-spec machines, or the capacity to brew a large quantity of coffee. On the whole, they are intended for single servings and are, therefore, perfect for a daily treat coffee. It's ideal if you're trying to curb the habit of buying a high street coffee every day, and in that instance, the machine will definitely earn its cost back within three months. Plus, you'll get a luxurious cuppa in the comfort of your own home.

If you are after a more advanced machine to match your household's coffee-drinking habits, keep an eye out for the best coffee machine deals where you can save money on all types of machines.

Which type of coffee machine should I buy?

There are several types of coffee machines, so think about your favourite drink and how much time you have in the morning. Also, consider your budget before deciding whether to buy a coffee pod machine, one that uses ground coffee or a bean-to-cup model.

Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines
Quite literally, a bean-to-cup coffee machine takes the coffee beans, grinds them, and makes the espresso - all at the touch of a button. Your coffee is made fresh every time.

Ground Coffee Machines
Choose your packet of ground coffee, pop it in, and off the machine goes. You can buy ready-ground coffee or buy a separate coffee grinder and grind fresh beans yourself. This type of filter coffee machine is the most time-consuming, as you're prepping a lot more, but it means the coffee can be more individual. They tend to be smaller than bean-to-cup machines.

Capsule Coffee Machines
Also known as coffee pod machines, these use little capsules that are packed with ground coffee. Pop the capsule in, and off it goes. No messing around with beans or grinds, so these coffee machines are real-time savers and need less tidying up after. One for you if time is precious. However, you're often limited to one type of capsule. Then there's the matter of recyclability of single-use plastics, so they're not the most eco-friendly - and they can be pricey.

How do I descale a coffee pod machine?

Generally, it's advised to run a cycle without a coffee pod and with a commercial descaler with the water instead. But always read your instruction manual in case it says something different.

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