Quiet Washing Machine: A Low-Noise Appliance For Your Home

Here are some quiet suggestions to help you keep your home peaceful on laundry day

Quiet Washing Machine

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Consider a quiet washing machine for your laundry needs. After all, a washing machine awarded with the Quiet Mark can revolutionise your washing loads. Many brands – such as Miele, Bosch and Samsung – are making strides to keep our wash cycles as quiet as possible. Especially, when you live in a larger household, your mucky clothes will be spinning all hours of the day, throughout the week. An appliance that disturbs and distracts you from your day is not what we like to hear.

When determining the type of washing machine you need, you should begin by asking yourself: “What do I need from this appliance?” Do I need to find a washing machine under £350? How big is my household? Is my kitchen or utility space integrated? As Curry’s aptly points out, "With a ton of different features, types and cycles, buying a washing machine can put you in... well, a bit of a spin". If a quiet appliance is your priority, we recommend a washing machine with a quiet spin cycle. Though washing machines may look similar, they can differ in many ways…

Best Quiet Washing Machine At A Glance

Budget quiet washing machine: LG F4V310WSE – view on Amazon UK
Quiet Bosch model: BOSCH Series 4 WAN28250GB – view on Currys
Quiet washer dryer: HAIER i-Pro Series 7 HWD80-B14979S – view on Amazon UK

Not only have we looked at integrated washing machines and freestanding, but we’ve also looked at drum capacity with our round-up. A quiet washing machine with 12kg capacity is made for the larger households out there, but may not suit others. Plus, energy efficiency is a great feature when we’re all feeling the pinch. A higher rating on the Energy Scale (rated A to G) means you’ll save money on spins in the long run. Washing machines with straight A’s tend to be pricier, though.

On the other hand, you may want something user-friendly, as opposed to teeming with the latest programmes and features. For example, some Bosch washing machines have programmes specially for night-time – guaranteed so silent, that you’ll sleep right through the cycle. How cool is that? Catering to all budgets and lifestyles, we’ve handpicked some super silent washing machine deals for your dreaded laundry day. If you’re a little clueless about which washing machine is best, our editor – Ellie – has written a great guide.

Best Silent or Quiet Washing Machine For Your Home

Budget quiet washing machine

If you're on a budget, this was the cheapest quiet washing machine could find. The LG F4V310WSE has a mighty 10kg drum complete with allergy and baby care programmes that sanitise your clothes with pure water using Steam™ technology. With a 10-year warranty for peace of mind, this large-capacity washer prevents fabric damage and allows you to pause the wash mid-cycle for forgotten items. How nifty!

Customer Review: "I previously had a Direct Drive LG washing machine and when it finally gave up there was no other decision to be made. I love this machine, quiet and reliable it's amazing. I would only buy my electrical items from John Lewis as the after-sales service is second to none."


  • Budget-friendly washer for most households
  • Quiet Mark certified washing appliance
  • Large capacity, but takes up the same space
  • Pause the wash mid-cycle to add extra items


  • Programmes are rather long for some
  • May take time to learn all the features

Quiet Bosch model

At A Modern Kitchen, we're big fans of everything Bosch does. The BOSCH Series 4 WAN28250GB appliance gets clothes clean in a flash. As well as the super-silent EcoSilence Drive, which helped this appliance Quiet Mark status, this fabulous washer has striking features to suit any household, no matter the lifestyle. It has allergy and hygiene-focused cycles to eradicate stains and allergens but keep us and our clothes safe. Plus, it has a super quick 15-minute cycle.

Customer Review: "Quiet. excellent at the job. end of cycle audible alert with auto repeat. easy to load, easy to clean, wide range of programs (not all of which are used but that's personal choice)."


  • Automatic water detection - so no waste
  • EcoSilence Drive means noise-free cycles
  • Quiet Mark certified washing appliance
  • Complete with Hygiene Plus and Anti-Allergy


  • Some customers found instructions complicated

Super quiet washing machine

The AEG 8000 L8FC8432BI is a built-in model, that fits seamlessly with other appliances. Plus, it makes less noise and provides unrivalled care for clothing. This integrated washer guarantees that delicate fabrics are cared for and cleaned, even in shorter cycles. Hurrah - this model may eliminate your need for a dreaded iron. The ProSteam uses steam as a quick and easy way to refresh creased clothes so they’re ready to wear. Easy and smart: we love that.

Customer Review: "We've had this machine a couple of months now and have found it straightforward to use, with the noise levels being low, even on a fast spin. We haven't needed all the programmes, but we like the options for either speeding up a wash or choosing an energy-efficient mode. A word of commendation also to the John Lewis fitters, who managed to install the machine successfully in a very tight space."


  • Integrated washing machine hides under your kitchen counters
  • Delicates Programme to look after your treasured clothes
  • ProSense adjusts washing times to save water and energy
  • ProSteam refreshes clothes and reduces the need for ironing


  • Constant hum whilst in operation may not be ideal
  • Heavier items will need a spin cycle after the wash

Samsung quiet washing machine

The Samsung Series 6 WW90T684DLH Freestanding Washing Machine has all the core features of the latest Samsung appliances, including Super Speed, Auto Dose and ecobubble and Addwash. A 9kg capacity equates to 45 shirts per wash, which is perfect for a family-size household. So, for a super quiet and smart washing machine at the best price and the whole range of features, you'd be at pains to find better than this deal for John Lewis.

Customer Review: "The 1 hour 'Super Speed' wash cycle works perfectly for all but the dirtiest of clothes. Only having to fill the liquids once a month and not having to manually measure each time is a fantastic feature that I didn't even know I needed, but would never go back now! The 'AddWash' hatch for adding stray socks is useful! The App is great for checking on timing and notifying when finished, however, it would be even better if it could also allow remote start and change a delay time. Overall the best washing machine we've ever had!"


  • The Addwash door lets you add extras mid-wash
  • Auto Dose adds the right amount of detergent
  • Super Speed cycle cleans your clothes in an hour
  • Smart Control + make washing faster and easier


  • The spin cycle is louder than other cycles

Premium quiet washing machine

Control your washing from your phone with the BOSCH Series 8 WAV28EH3GB using the Home Connect app. If you're clueless about using the appliance, it has an Easy Start Guide function to take the guesswork out of your laundry, suggesting the right programme for supremely great results. Complete with iDOS for the perfect amount of detergent and water, 4D wash for penetrative intense clean and AntiStain, this appliance is a premium choice.

Customer Review: "Fantastic features, iDOS is amazing and means you really don’t have to do much at all! Washing always comes out smelling and feeling amazing! Maybe the price is slightly high."


  • Comes with an impressive A energy rating
  • The AllergyPlus program is ideal for sensitive skin
  • Sensors scan load to decide on detergent and water
  • EcoSilence Drive means quiet and efficient cycle


  • Eco-Cycle is a rather long cycle

Miele quiet washing machine

Miele WED025 WCS is very impressive. Though one of the pricier washing machines on our list, the Miele washer is A-rated on the energy scale and Quiet Mark approved. Plus, it's kitted out with pre-ironing options - which could be very convenient for larger households. The automatic load sensor takes away the guesswork of choosing the right settings. How could we forget the super helpful Quick Wash that cleans clothes in under 30 minutes?

Customer Review: "I had my previous Miele washing machine for 21 years without any repairs. I am very pleased with the programmes on my new machine and hope it lasts as long."


  • Honeycomb drum protects delicate clothes
  • This is a Quiet Mark-certified appliance
  • Complete with impressive A-rate energy usage
  • CapDosing extends the life of clothes


  • End of cycle buzzer is annoying

Beko quiet washing machine

Beko WTIK72151
Price: £379


Perfect for open-plan living, this Beko WTIK72151 guarantees quick, thorough and quiet washes. If you're feeling a little rushed, there are plenty of daily Quick cycles to do a full load in 14 to 28 minutes. Plus, with programmes such as Anti-Allergy, those of us with sensitive skin will no longer be itching and scratching at our clothes. With DrumClean to keep your drum clean (and last for longer) and HandWash for delicate fabrics, you're equipped to tackle any eventuality.

Customer Review: "Extremely easy to use. Instructions and control panel were mastered in no time. Washes well and even the short wash is really effective no matter how dirty the clothes are. Thoroughly recommend."


  • Super silent motor - ideal for open-plan living
  • HandWash is a delicate cycle for fabrics
  • Daily Quick Setting is only 28 minutes
  • Anti-Allergy programme for sensitive skin


  • A smaller model with a 7kg drum capacity
  • May have some trouble fitting it

Quiet washer dryer

HAIER i-Pro Series 7 HWD80-B14979S
Price: £649

Finally, we have the HAIER i-Pro Series 7 HWD80-B14979S as our top washer-dryer pick. It has a decent-sized 8kg drum for larger laundry loads; thanks to the larger porthole, you can pop your clothes in much easier. When setting the machine, you have a choice of 14 programmes, to tailor your wash. From fabric type to lifestyle requirements, you won't have to worry about this one. It's an ultra-hygienic, smart, quiet and innovative washer-dryer.

Customer Review: "Beautiful design, good preset programs, absolutely silent and the best energy consumption I have seen in a washing machine. If you forget to add something to the washing machine after you start the washing cycle, I couldn’t find a way to reopen the door(even if it is right after I started the program)."


  • Quick wash to get your clothes clean in less time
  • Choose from 14 programs for tailored cycles
  • Ultra-hygienic surface for bacteria-free clothes
  • Large porthole, meaning easy loading


  • The spin cycle is rather loud compared to others
  • No Reload feature for forgotten items

VERDICT: Which Is The Best Quiet Washing Machine?

Our top pick is the HAIER I-Pro Series 7 HW80-B14979S, available on Amazon UK.

First and foremost, this model has been certified by Quiet Mark, which was a very important factor in our decision, especially if you’re looking for an extra quiet appliance. Not only that, but it’s mid-range, has a pillow drum for delicate fabrics, automatic weight detection to reduce detergent and water use and an adjustable cycle duration – for accessibility and flexible washing. Impressive.

Alternatively, if you’re wondering which washing machine is quietest, we think it could be the Bosch S4 WAN28250GB washer. It has an A energy class and is fitted with a Quiet-Mark-certified EcoSilence Drive™, which ensures an energy-efficient operation and a very quiet washing cycle. Overall, it makes a reliable, cost-effective appliance if you require an 8kg washing machine.


What Is Quiet Mark?

Quiet Mark is a certification organisation, which conducts expert acoustic testing and verification of products. Quiet Mark has “over the past 10 years driven change in manufacturing worldwide to prioritise noise reduction within the design of everyday machines, appliances, technologies and house build materials, creating the first one-stop platform for third-party approved noise reduction solutions for every living space to health and well-being”, says the organisation.

Why a Quiet Mark? Well, Quiet Mark aims to help consumers make more informed choices about the products they buy – with regard to sound levels. Quiet Mark adds that the scheme: “drives designers and manufacturers to reduce sound levels of their products enabling households and workplaces to rebalance the soundscape reducing stressful unwanted noise”.

After all, excessive noise can have a damaging effect on “health, productivity and social cohesion.” Even the World Health Organisation has conducted research into pollution as it can affect “mental and physical health and is now second only to air pollution as the world’s largest killer pollutant”. Don’t believe us? You can read more on how serious noise pollution is at the WHO.

So, the Quiet Mark reassures us that this appliance or machine has undergone some testing and has been marked as one of the quietest models in their appliance category. We’ve made sure to include some Quiet Mark washers in our round-up of washing machines that are quiet.

There is even a Quiet Mark Podcast, intent on exploring our relationship to sound.

Photo: Kinga Krzeminska / Getty

How Many Decibels Is A Quiet Washing Machine?

Perhaps, you’re wondering: what is a quiet washing machine – and what does it sound like? Well, sound measurement is complex and will likely be perceived differently. Quiet Mark calls this “content driven”, which can be influenced by place, times and individuals. Plus, the tone and frequencies of sound can throw a spanner in the works, too.

This is just a thought to take for a spin before we talk about quiet washing machine decibels…

Between 50 and 75db is considered a quiet washing machine, claims appliance manufacturer Ebac. To contextualise this measure of sound, “75 dB is the equivalent of a toilet flushing, 70 dB is equivalent to a shower, and 60 dB is the noise level of a normal conversation”. Therefore, anything under 50db is considered to be very quiet and any appliance over 75db is considered to be very loud.

When considering a washer from our top picks, it’s important to consider the sound levels of every feature. Ebac reminds us that the “‘spin’ section of your wash cycle will be significantly louder than the ‘wash’ section”. Understandably, it is trickier to find a washing machine with a quiet spin cycle.

Can I Make A Washing Machine Quiet?

If you think your beloved washer is a little too loud, and you’re not keen on forking out for a new model, we have written a small guide on how to make the washing machine quiet, thanks to Which? Hopefully, this advice will help reduce noise pollution in your home and keep things peaceful…

Which? recommends turning off your washing machine and unplugging it before any maintenance.

How To Quiet A Noisy Washing Machine

First, balance the feet – as both should be “in firm contact with the floor.” For this, you’ll need to harness your inner DIY-er to adjust the feet by undoing the locking nuts and unscrewing the feet. Which? says to use a spirit level to help even the feet out – and to screw the nuts back when happy.

Or, it could be an unbalance with your washing loads. This can be remedied by keeping heavy items (such as towels and dressing gowns) away from lighter garments. Hopefully, this will prevent any unwanted noise and shakiness. Keep heavy items together and balance out the load in the drum.

Consider checking the drum for rogue items, such as coins and even bra wires. Items such as these could be the reason behind the strange sound and problems you’ve been having with your appliance. We’ve all done it. Make sure you inspect the drum and clean the seal to avoid any issues.

Next, clean the filter on the front – as some items are very keen to work their way down the filter. Often found at the front of the machine, the filter can be emptied easily. Which? recommends following “the instructions in your instructions manual to check and clean the filter.”

Though less likely, but something could be making a racket in the outer drum. Which? says: “Items that don’t get washed down into the filter will end up in the outer plastic tub that surrounds the metal washing drum,” so chances are, an item could be stuck here. This will require replacing.

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