Best Washing Machines Under £350 To Get Your Money’s Worth

Get the best for your money with these washing machines that are affordable, efficient, and reliable.

Best washing machine under £350

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A Modern Kitchen has rounded up the best washing machines under £350 for your kitchen. So, you've moved into a new place, and whether you're renting or a first-time buyer, you can't always afford to splurge on a washing machine. Speaking from experience, we know the cost of moving is expensive enough.

Sure, you could save up for a more expensive machine from the offset, but those few months where you're constantly handwashing undies or hoping your clothes don't have a noticeable smell are not going to be the best. What you need is a reliable, affordable washing machine under £500 that'll get the job done without breaking the bank.

But with so many washing machines on the market, how are you supposed to know the good from the bad when shopping below the £350 price mark? In addition, you may not want to be limited to a small 7kg washing machine, especially if you live in a shared household.

Best Washing Machines Under £350 At A Glance:

Best customisable washing machine: Candy CS 149TE 9KG 1400 Spin Washing Machine - View offer on Argos
Best for efficient wash performance: Beko WTL84121W 8kg Washing Machine - View offer on AO
Best budget-friendly washing machine: Indesit MTWE91495WUKN 9kg Washing Machine - View offer on AO

We've done the research for you and found the best washing machines for under £350 where you can get the most for your money and have a trusty washer that'll last for a few good years to come. Not to mention, some come with installation included in the price, so you get off to an easy start in your new home with the least stress possible.

The Best Washing Machines Under £350

Best customisable washing machine

The Candy Smart Pro lets you determine exactly what you need from your washing machine. NFC enabled, you can connect your Android Smartphone to download additional programmes and even set it to run when you're out of the house. While it may have one of the lowest energy ratings on our list, it comes with a water-saving mode, so will weigh your load and adjust the programme and water or maximum efficiency. You can wash a full load in just less than an hour with rapid wash cycles too for when you need clean clothes pronto. 

Customer review: "I've had this washing machine for a week, and so far it's been excellent. The quick cycle is only 14 minutes which is a godsend for me with a potty training toddler who also loves getting wet and muddy outdoors. It means that I can have his uniform washed and dried ready for nursery the next day, and it's got ample room to wash all the bedding etc too. The washing comes out clean and not soaking which is ideal."


  • Quick delivery
  • Big door for easy loading
  • Simple to use
  • Good range of programmes


  • Quite noisy

Best for efficient wash performance

Beko WTL84121W 8Kg Washing Machine
Price: £249 (was £309)

As well as having a super quiet mode, the Beko WTL84121W has some fantastic features for getting your clothes cleaned quickly and efficiently. With the Fast Wash option, get small loads cleaned in a jiffy, we're talking less than half an hour, or use the Fast+ Function that'll not only cut any cycle's length by 70 per cent but will also increase the water temperature and use rapid drum movements to give you excellent results every time. 

Customer review: "Amazing machine. This Beko washing machine has great functions. It tailors for every wash and temperature you could possibly want and need. The super-fast wash at 28min is a God send! Super quiet and I would have no hesitation to recommend this make and model to anyone. The price is also very good for such a quality product. Well done Beko and AO. This washing machine is Definitely worth a 5-star rating."


  • Quiet
  • Great wash settings
  • Cleans well
  • Large load size and door
  • Handy countdown timer


  • Some found the end-of-cycle tune quite annoying after time

Best budget-friendly washing machine

Indesit MTWE91495WUKN 9kg Washing Machine
Price: 299 (was £359)

At a low price, the Indesit MTWE91495WUKN 9kg Washing Machine is amazing value for money. It has a 9kg capacity, great for medium-sized households, and 16 programmes ideal for washing everything from your shirts to sports kits, woollens to delicates. It features Extra Wash that removes more detergent after the wash. Similar to the Candy Smart Pro, the Indesit has Waterbalance+ that will optimise the amount of water used in each cycle – kinder on your time and wallet. 

Customer review: "I chose this washing machine for the quick wash programs. It will do a full cotton 60° load in 1 hour (although not with the fastest spin) and there are lots of other quick options. Very easy to use."


  • Lots of wash and spin cycles options
  • Super quiet for open plan living
  • Easy to use with clear instructions


  • Doesn't clearly indicate how long is left on a wash

Best eco-friendly washing machine

Want a washing machine that's good for the environment? We think the Beko RecycledTub is the best you're going to find for under £350. Designed to reduce plastic pollution, this washer is made from recycled plastic bottles, transforming waste into a high-performance bit of kit. Plus, it has energy-saving features to automatically reduce water levels for smaller loads. We also love that this machine includes the Fast+ Function for speedy washes, a quiet motor, and an anti-allergy programme for sufferers.

Customer review: "This washing machine is VERY quiet. All our previous washing machines have made the familiar whining noise as the drum rotates. This machine is super quiet, all you can hear is the gentle tapping of zips and buttons on the glass door. This machine is very easy to use, good capacity and has the ability to speed up the cycle times is very handy. And finally, this washing machine is very quiet. Did I say that already? It's worth mentioning again!"


  • Quiet
  • Most energy-efficient
  • Good choice of short cycles
  • Wide door


  • Spin speed not the best - some customers needed to respin to remove water

Best for small households

With a smaller 7kg drum, the Montpellier MW7141W is ideal for small households of one to two looking to save money. It has 15 programmes, including Cotton, Eco 40-60 and Mix. The LED indicator clearly shows the status of the wash. Perfect for young professionals or busy socialites looking to get the washing done pronto.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast wash options
  • Variable temperatures
  • Ideal for a small household


  • No installation offered

Best for app compatibility

Candy Ultra HCU1482DE Freestanding Washing Machine
Price: £259 (was £289)

Grabbing a washing machine for under £300 is a steal. So, you don't want to miss this Candy model - which comes with high praise for its D energy rating and smartphone connectivity. For the price it packs a lot of features, including four rapid cycles, sensor washing, three stain levels and a delay timer. In this appliance a half-load requires 70% less electricity, water and time. Smart Touch and Smart Check-up allows you to monitor your machine from your phone. This is only possible with Android smartphones that have NFC technology.

Customer review: "I really love the features on the washer as it works from my Samsung phone so the extra features are brilliant. I really love the machine. Well recommended."


  • App-control
  • Great value for money
  • Energy efficient
  • Fast cycles
  • Three stain cycles


  • A little noisy

Best for programme variety

Hoover H3WS495TACE 9KG 1400 Spin Washing Machine
Price: £279 (was £349)

The Hoover H3W68TME is packed with 17 wash programmes, that's more compared to other models under on our list with variable speeds, times, and settings for different clothes. It's also packed with a load of other high-tech features, including KG mode that'll adjust your cycle based on the weight of the load. It is also fitted with NFC technology, you can connect your android smartphone to the machine, giving you the ability to download additional programmes and run diagnostic checks on your machine.

Customer review: "Easy to understand washing programmes, and is so quiet to use. On 1600 spin some of my clothes are almost dry. Door opens high up so my wash basket fits underneath to empty my wash. I would highly recommend this Hoover Washing Machine."


  • Very quiet
  • Slim depth ideal for kitchens
  • Effective spin for drier clothes on retrieval
  • Plenty of programmes


  • Connecting WiFi can be tricky

OUR VERDICT: Which Is The Best Washing Machine Under £350?

For families looking for an affordable washing machine that gives you impressive value for money, we'd have to recommend the Candy Ultra HCU1482DE Washing Machine. It has app connectivity and a range of energy saving features, a rare find for under £350. Also you'll benefit from sensor washing that'll save you water and energy in the long run.

For smaller households, the Hoover H3W68TME Washing Machine has many fantastic qualities that we found in other washing machines, including a range of programmes, and a reasonable energy rating, with the app connectivity being the cherry on top.


What Should I Look For In A Cheap Washing Machine?

They might all clean clothes using washing powder or detergent but not all washing machines are the same. Regardless of budget, there are some key features you should be looking for that'll help you work out what's the best you can get for your money.

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Drum Capacity

The drum capacity is most important, and this really depends on your household size and the amount of washing you expect to get through. Most washing machines under £350, fortunately, come with a standard 7kg capacity, great for single households or couples, or a large 8kg or 9kg washing machine capacity, which is ideal for small family households. If you need a larger capacity like a 10kg washing machine, it can be a lot trickier to get a wider range of options for under £350, however, there is still one on our list.

Spin Speed

You'll also want to look at the spin speed, with higher speeds generally resulting in cleaner and less damp clothes on retrieval. The ideal spin speed is 1400rpm, with anything below 1200rpm classed as poor.


All washing machines come with their own washing programmes, but some models may have their own specific programmes, which could be handy for making sure your clothes are as clean as possible and treating them just right. From delicate, hand-wash cycles to even sports modes for that extra muck and grit, you can choose one tailored to your household's wardrobe needs. If you're stuck between a couple of machines, pick one with features you'll actually use, and always top up on a washing machine cleaner to keep your machine running smoothly.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, if you want to continue to save money, you want to look for washing machines with good energy efficiency. These are the cheapest to run and most environmentally friendly, ticking all the best boxes. With the new rating system introduced in March 2021 to better suit our modern tech, energy ratings go between A-G, with washers rated A-C being the most energy-efficient.

For more advice, check out our washing machine buyers guide for everything you need to know about when shopping for a new washing machine.

Why Don't Any Of These Washing Machines Have Energy Rating A?

With the new energy ratings ranging between A and G, you may be wondering why on our pick of the best washing machines under £350, none are rated A for energy efficiency.

The answer is simple. With technology becoming more advanced year on year, there needs to be space left on the scale for improvement. On the old energy rating scale, appliances were rated between A+++ to G. But, with modern technology, most washing machines were maxing out the scale. The revision to energy ratings in 2021 has reset the scale to make it easier to understand - given the opportunity for higher ratings. This will encourage manufacturers to make their machines even more sustainable.

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