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Elevate your oven and gain twice the space for grill-seeking and roast feasts.


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Cook family-size meals with greater efficiency in the best integrated double oven. The oven is the heart of any kitchen, and with a double oven, you benefit from two chambers for versatile cooking. No one wants their chocolate chip cookies to smell like garlic bread, but when you're cooking with the best oven you can cook a whole number of dishes simultaneously without tainting flavours. If you love entertaining, a double oven is a must-have for rustling up meatloaf and mac n' cheese.

Save time with a double oven by simultaneously baking at different temperatures. Furthermore, appliances with touch control and an LED display allow you to set the temperature with precision – all-important if you want your soufflés to rise like a Bake-Off showstopper. As well as user-friendly controls, a touch display is sleek too, which is in keeping with an integrated appliance. A built-in oven fits seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets and can be a more space-saving cooking solution than a freestanding cooker.

Best Integrated Double Oven At A Glance:

Best integrated double oven for features: Bosch Series 2 MHA133BR0B Built In Electric Double Oven – View on Currys
Best large built-in double oven: NEFF N50 U2GCH7AN0B Electric Double Oven – View on Currys
Best self-cleaning double oven: BEKO Pro RecycledNet BBXDF29300Z Electric Double Oven – View on Currys

Unlike an integrated single oven which can be built-in or built under a kitchen countertop, you need to pay close attention to the dimensions of an integrated double oven as some are taller than others. In addition, the oven capacity you need will depend on the size of your household. As a rule of thumb, over 70 litres is for a large household, whilst between 40 and 60 litres is ideal for a household up to four people. Singles and couples can enjoy their roast beef and stuffed peppers in an oven that's around 40 litres.

As much as we love our air fryers and halogen ovens, some dishes need an oven to achieve that authentic roast flavour. Before you buy, it's worth visiting a department store or retail park to view a range of ovens. The dimensions of an integrated appliance are all-important and cannot quite be visualised online yet (VR headsets permitting). Additionally, double ovens need professional installation because they run at a higher wattage than other appliances. An electrician will hardwire the oven into the household cooker circuit that's traditionally denoted by a big red switch in the kitchen wall. Most retailers offer an installation service. If you're looking for an oven that will rise to the occasion, here are our top picks. Just to add, for information about key features to look for scroll to the FAQs.

Best Integrated Double Oven

Best integrated double oven for features

Bosch Series 2 MHA133BR0B Built In Electric Double OvenCurrys/Bosch
Price: £599 (was £699)

With a premium look and feel, this Bosch Series 2 MHA133BR0B Built In Electric Double Oven is packed with clever cooking functions. The main oven has a 76-litre capacity and features 3D Hotair and Hotair Gentle. There are five shelf positions, and it uses 0.83kWh per cycle. From pastries to pavlovas, this oven is a star baker. EcoClean Direct means the oven is self-cleaning, thanks to a special coating of microfine ceramic spheres that are heat-activated and break down grease. The top oven has a 34-litre capacity and three heating methods, including convection, large-area grill and small-area grill – ideal if you just want to cook a few bacon rashers. It also boasts top or bottom heating functionality and is enamel-lined, so it's easy to wipe clean.

Customer review: "This cooker is easy and convenient to use. It can be installed at eye level, saving having to keep bending down and the contents can be clearly seen through the glass doors, especially with a backlight in both cookers. Food can be quickly cooked using the fan cooker and when only heating up or seeking to cook at a more leisurely pace, the non-fan cooker can be used. I also use this to warm up plates before the meal. Cleaning is easy with internal surfaces that don't need abrasive treatment on a regular basis. This makes it low maintenance, giving more time to cook freely without worrying about making a mess. Overall, easy to use; easy to keep clean; convenient and efficient."


  • Easy-to-use rotary knob controls
  • Premium design
  • Outstanding heat distribution
  • Energy efficient


  • Timer alarm is a little too quiet

Best self-cleaning double oven

BEKO Pro RecycledNet BBXDF29300Z Electric Double OvenCurrys/Beko

Discover premium features in the mid-range Beko Pro RecycledNet BBXDF29300Z Electric Double Oven. Achieve even roasting and baking with True Fan Cooking in the 75-litre main oven. Upkeep is easy thanks to steam cleaning, catalytic liners, and an enamel-lined 38-litre second oven. The sleek touch controls and LED display offer a user-friendly interface. Simply wipe clean to maintain its pristine look.

Customer review: "Stylish ergonomic unit. Easily removable side rails for easy wiping."


  • Catalytic liners
  • Steam cleaning function
  • Fan and LED touch display


  • No handle on the grill pan

Best large built-in double oven

NEFF N50 U2GCH7AN0B Electric Double OvenCurrys/Neff

With a huge 105-litre capacity, the NEFF N50 U2GCH7AN0B Electric Double Oven accommodates hefty dishes like cottage pie and sausage casserole. Its multi-level design ensures impeccable results while cooking multiple dishes. CircoTherm ensures even cooking on three levels, with specialised programmes for every dish. The user-friendly touch controls and LCD display, along with sleek retractable dials, enhance its appeal. Finally, pyrolytic cleaning reduces stubborn grease to ash, and EcoClean offers day-to-day cleaning ease.

Customer review: "Oven comes up to temperature really quickly AND gives an audible warning when it is to temperature."


  • Large capacity
  • Self-cleaning
  • Touch control
  • CircoTherm cooking


  • No grill tray provided

Best budget built-in double oven

INDESIT Aria IDD 6340 IX Electric Double OvenCurrys/Indesit
Price: £329 (was £349)

The INDESIT Aria IDD 6340 IX Electric Double Oven is an ideal budget-friendly built-in choice for family-sized meals. It has a spacious 75-litre fan oven and a versatile 40-litre variable grill. Benefit from Defrost and Slow Cook functions for safe and thorough cooking, while enamel liners ensure easy cleaning. The LED display with a timer allows for quick monitoring of cooking progress so you can be sure of perfect cuisine every time.

Customer review: "Heats up really quickly which cooks fast and saves money."


  • Great value double oven
  • Defrost and Slow Cook functions
  • A-rated energy rating


  • No light in the top oven

Best luxury integrated double oven

Smeg Victoria DOSF6920N1 Built In Electric Double
Price: £1,217 (was £1,389)

Perfect your Baked Alaska with this gorgeous contoured black appliance that has a whole host of premium features. The Smeg Victoria DOSF6920N1 Built In Electric Double Oven has automatic cooking programmes and sets the time and temperature for you. The main cavity is 70 litres and uses 0.99kWh per cycle on a normal setting. It features telescopic shelf runners, rapid preheat, vapour clean and easy-clean enamel. The second cavity is 35 litres, operates as a conventional oven or grill and uses 0.74kWh.

Customer review: "The build quality is off the scale in a good way. Everything feels very solid and there's a distinct lack of plastic. One of the features that sold this model to me was the rapid heating and triple-glazed doors. It gets up to temperature very quickly and the outer glass is cold even when the oven is at 200°C."


  • Luxury Smeg style
  • Circulaire technology for even and efficient cooking
  • Quality build and performance


  • A little complicated to understand at first

Best for efficient and versatile cooking

AEG DCE731110M Built In Electric Double OvenCurrys/AEG

No need to turn dishes around halfway through cooking. For perfect apple pie, pork chops and roast potatoes every time, the SurroundCook advanced fan technology evenly distributes heat. The AEG DCE731110M Electric Double Oven is an A-rated appliance with a main oven that's 61 litres and a second 43-litre oven. Choose from conventional cooking, grilling or fan cooking. And because there are two separate areas, you can bake, grill or roast at the same time. Cooking time and energy consumption are reduced by 20 per cent as the oven's convection system is designed to be efficient. It's a self-cleaning oven to boot, as the heat-activated catalytic liners oxidise grease when they reach 220°C.

Customer review: "We had a long search to replace the double oven that had died on us. We wanted one where both ovens were almost the same size and did the same job. This one fitted the bill perfectly. We have had it for five months now and are so pleased we chose this one. Cleaning it is easy. Everything we have cooked so far has worked out really well. Slight difficulty at first being able to switch only one oven of the two off, but have worked this out now. It's much easier to operate than our last oven. Love the fact we can speed up heating the oven up."


  • Advanced fan cooking
  • Anti-fingerprint coating on stainless steel
  • Sleek LCD touch control display
  • Energy efficient


  • Some reviews have commented about faults with the oven

Best built under double oven

Hotpoint Luce Electric Built Under Double OvenAppliances Direct/Hotpoint

With an overall capacity of 96 litres, this compact double oven fits under a countertop. The top oven is a conventional oven and grill with a 37-litre capacity. The bottom oven is fan-assisted and boasts a 59-litre capacity. It's a good space-saving option if you don't want a cooker taking up floor space. Available in stainless steel or black, this stylish Hotpoint Luce Electric Built Under Double Oven offers quality and value for money. Finally, the triple-glazed door keeps it cool to the touch, so it's a safer option for busy households.

Customer review: "Just love using it. It cooks evenly all over. The top oven gives you another choice for cooking at a different temperature than the bottom oven."


  • Built under design
  • Space-saving
  • Value for money


  • Less capacity

Best built under gas double oven

Stoves SGB700PS Built Under Gas Double OvenAppliances Direct/Stoves

Only the best and not a turkey in sight with the Stoves SGB700PS Built Under Gas Double Oven. This premium appliance is made in Britain by an iconic brand, and it's top-notch for design and build. The benefit of gas cooking is that it maintains moisture and is great for baking and keeping meats succulent. The main 44-litre oven is intended for cooking multiple dishes at different temperatures and boasts seven shelf positions. The gas jets are at the base of the oven, so the top of the oven will be the hottest as heat rises. The top oven is 26 litres and has an electric grill. No need to open the oven door to check on a dish; halogen flood lights in the main cavity offer excellent and energy-efficient illumination. Also, a facia cooling system keeps the outside of the oven door safe to touch. Now we're cooking with gas.

Customer review: "Separate grill and oven (there aren’t many of these around for gas ovens). Useful top oven."


  • Gas cooking
  • Iconic oven brand
  • Stylish stainless steel and black glass finish
  • Compact built-under-design


  • Some reviews comment that they wanted the grill to be gas too

Best mid-range integrated double oven

Hisense BID95211XUK Built In Electric Double
Price: £399 (was £449)

If you're looking for a large-capacity double oven that doesn't break the bank, this Hisense BID95211XUK Built In Electric Double Oven is a great value and an A-rated energy-efficient model. The large capacity 72-litre main oven offers fan-assisted cooking. The top oven is a generous 38 litres, ideal if you pile up the cheese on your Welsh Rarebit. Also, it has a greaseproof enamel coating that's easy to clean. The height of this built-in double oven is 90cm so it will only fit at eye level, and a professional installation service is available.

Customer review: "Being a standard double oven it slotted straight into the existing location, vacated by the old oven, hassle-free. After the required 30-minute run-in time it was ready to go. The next day we tried some roasting with it and the results were very good – the oven is very efficient and we're able to cook a good 10 to 20°C lower than we used to on the old oven. The roast chicken breasts we cooked came out juicier and tastier than our old could ever achieve. Grilling was also faster and more efficient than our old oven. The finish on the oven is good and construction seems to be solid and comes with a separate drip tray for each oven, cleaning is simply a wipe down to remove any residue."


  • Large capacity
  • Good value
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • Would benefit from a grill pan handle and more oven trays

Our Verdict: Best Integrated Double Oven

We recommend the Bosch Series 2 MHA133BR0B Built In Electric Double Oven. Expect a quality build and performance with a Bosch appliance, and in addition, installation, old cooker removal, recycling and product insurance are also available. The impeccable spec on this Bosch integrated double oven puts the excitement back into baking. It's A-rated for energy efficiency too, so you can make every day a bun day.

FAQs: Best Integrated Double Oven

What features should I consider when buying an integrated double oven?

When buying an integrated double oven, note the dimensions of the kitchen unit in which you want to install it. The standard width is 60cm, and height is around 90cm for a double oven. In addition, think about what capacity you need for your household. Are you a family that thrives on roasts or a couple that enjoys batch-cooking lots of healthy meals? If so, opt for a 60+ litre capacity in the main oven. New ovens are rated A or B for energy efficiency; as long as you're fully utilising the oven space, it won't cost a fortune to run.

Look for flexible shelf positions. An adjustable layout with multiple shelves is a boon if you're into batch cooking or preparing large roast dinners. In conjunction with fan-assisted cooking, every dish will cook through evenly as heat reaches every part of the oven chamber.

Enjoy versatile cooking modes – such as slow cooking and steam cooking – and some ovens offer automatic cooking settings too. Cooking is even easier thanks to simple touch controls that set the time and temperature to the degree. In addition, premium ovens have self-cleaning interiors.

Finally, an integrated appliance will harmonise with your kitchen aesthetic, whether you opt for a stainless steel, white or black glass finish.

You want the best cooking experience and functionality from your new appliance. So, if in any doubt, read our guide on how to choose an oven.

What's the difference between built-in and built-under double ovens?

Built-in double ovens are installed at eye level, offering easy access and boasting a larger capacity. Typically, this type of oven is around 90cm tall.

Built-under ovens fit beneath countertops, saving space and are around 70cm tall. The choice depends on convenience, kitchen layout, and what oven capacity you would prefer.

If you need help deciding which type of oven you need, Appliances Direct have a comprehensive oven buying guide that directs you to the relevant products.

What's the difference between self-cleaning ovens?

There are three types of self-cleaning ovens, and they deal with cooking residues in different ways. The choice depends on the level of cleaning intensity you need and whether you want additional energy consumption.

Catalytic cleaning ovens feature special panels that absorb and break down food splatters and grease during regular cooking. While it reduces the need for deep cleaning, it's limited to coated areas and might require occasional manual wiping for stubborn residues.

Catalytic cleaning operates without extra electricity, relying on high temperatures during regular cooking to absorb and break down stains. It's an ongoing maintenance method, gradually reducing the need for intensive cleaning.

Pyrolytic cleaning ovens reach extremely high temperatures to incinerate food residues – as much as 500°C. During the pyrolytic cycle, all organic matter is turned to ash, which can be easily wiped away once the oven cools down. This method provides thorough cleaning but consumes more energy due to the high temperatures involved.

Steam cleaning involves using water and low heat to soften and loosen grease and grime inside the oven. This method is less intensive than pyrolytic cleaning, as it doesn't involve high temperatures or ash production. After the steam cycle, simply wipe away the softened residues with a cloth.

What is the temperature range of a typical oven?

The temperature range of a typical oven is around 150°C to 260°C, with variations based on models and cooking features.

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