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Discover the best stainless steel kettles with this buyer’s guide. If you’re partial to a cup of tea, you likely take shopping for the best kettle very seriously. And – who can blame you? Getting through the day – for most of us – requires copious amounts of tea. 100 million cups daily, according to the UK Tea & Infusions Association. As tea is such a big industry here in the UK, kettles will be in every kitchen. With that comes a dilemma: Which kettle is best for me? After all, there are quite a few to choose from…

A Modern Kitchen is on a quest to find you the best appliances for your kitchen. What kettle you buy will likely be influenced by its look. However, remember: Looks aren’t everything and they can be deceiving. Just like a budget kettle, stylish and fashionable-looking appliances seldom last long. For us regular hot drinkers, it’s best to fork out for something that is made to last and give us fabulously boiled water, with a press of a button and no limescale in sight if that’s not too much to ask.

Best Stainless Steel Kettles At A Glance:

Best quiet stainless steel kettle: Russell Hobbs, Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle - View offer on Amazon UK
Best energy-efficient stainless steel kettle: Breville Edge Electric Kettle - View offer on Amazon UK
Best stainless steel kettle: Russell Hobbs 20460 Quiet Boil Kettle - View offer on Amazon UK
Best stainless steel kettle for hard water areas: Sage The Smart Kettle - View offer on Sage

With this guide, we’ve considered the material of your smart kettle. Most kettles are made of stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean. This is ideal for many of us who live busy, chaotic lives. However, some may prefer a retro and traditional look with a ceramic or porcelain finish.  We’re certainly not knocking this style. But, stainless steel seems to be a great option – and will offer a monochromatic and flashy finish to your kitchen. Having said that, there are even glass kettles, where you can watch the water boil away; ideal for those of us who are gasping for a cuppa.

Whether you live in an area with hard water or not, it’s good to consider a well-designed limescale-proof kettle, with a limescale filter. After all, you don’t want bits of limescale bobbing around in your milky brew. Or, perhaps, you like that sort of thing. Each to their own! But with that, we’ve found the best stainless steel kettles for your sideboard, reliably boiling water for tea, coffee and beyond.

Best Stainless Steel Kettle

Best stainless steel kettle

If you have an open living space, then a quiet kettle is a must. This Russell Hobbs 20460 Quiet Boil Kettle has been designed with quiet technology, so it won't disrupt the peace. It also has dual water windows on each side, making it perfect for left or right-handed users.

Customer Review: "This is a nice compact-looking kettle that is easy to use. I like the blue light that glows when the kettle is boiling and the double-sided water gauge. It is not too noisy and has useful markers showing one, two and three cups."


  • Can boil one cup in 45 seconds
  • Designed to boil quietly
  • Stainless steel is easy to clean


  • Stainless steel will get very hot to touch

Best quiet stainless steel kettle

This sleek and stylish Russell Hobbs, Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle doesn’t just look good but is practical too. Designed with quiet boil technology, this kettle was found to be 70 per cent quieter when tested against other Russell Hobbs kettles, so you can rest assured that it won’t disrupt the peace in your household. Other highlights include its perfect pour spout for no spills and the fact that it can boil one cup in a speedy 45 seconds is a win in our eyes.

Customer Review: “I replaced the previous fully functional kettle as it was noisy and stayed on long after the water was boiled. This new kettle is neither and is very fast. The little tabs inside it allow you to accurately measure and boil water for just one cup or just two cups, which is brilliant!! Quick turn off, fast boil, quiet and ease of putting in just enough for one or two cups save energy and time.”


  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Matching toaster available
  • Available in either grey or copper


  • We can't think of any

Best smart stainless steel kettle

If you love having the latest bit of tech, are a new parent, or have mobility issues, this WeeKett Smart Kettle is perfect. Although it's a little pricey, it does everything you'd expect from a smart kettle. You can control its temperature and turn it on at certain times straight from your mobile phone. It even connects with Alexa and Google devices, so you can command your kettle turns on without even having to lift a finger.

Customer Review: "I am very impressed with our new kettle. It's very handy to have the access in your app, and also having a newborn using that setting to boil and keep water at 70 degrees is brilliant. Great purchase!"


  • Ideal for those with mobility issues and new parents
  • Extra safe with the dry-boiling protection
  • Complete with a paired app and voice control


  • Can take some time to get used to

Best energy-efficient stainless steel kettle

This clever Breville Edge Electric Kettle saves you time and energy and will prevent you from constantly reboiling water. The water level indicator changes from white to red when the kettle reaches boiling, and it will stay red until the temperature falls below 80 degrees Celcius, so you'll know if the water is hot enough for another cuppa.

Customer Review: "I like the idea of saving energy, it shows you when the water is still hot enough to drink without having to reboil. We're using it in our office, so it's a really good feature. The non-slip base is a really good thing. I like the stainless steel finish as it's easy to keep clean. We have a great number of drinks in the office, so the built-in limescale filter is great too."


  • Still hot illumination light prevents unnecessary reboiling
  • Non-fussy, modern design
  • Great value stainless steel kettle


  • No cup indicator level

Premium stainless steel kettle

This Dualit Classic Kettle guarantees a quiet boil with its Quiet Mark stamp of approval. Let's not ignore the fact that it's stunning, as far as kettles go. For its price, you also get all the additional features you'd want in your kettle, such as rapid boiling (it can boil two cups in less than a minute and a half), a non-drip spout, a removable filter, and dry-boil safety cut-off. There are also two measuring windows, so you only put in as much water as you need, helping the environment in return.

Customer Review: "There's a limit to what you can say about a kettle-it boils water. But this one is very smart and stylish, boils quickly and quietly and has a useful big lid for reaching inside to wipe out the limescale (very necessary in this area). It's expensive but well made and looks like it will last for many many years."


  • Beautiful design and BPA-free
  • Available in three different stain steel finishes
  • Quiet Mark stamp of approval


  • Pricier than others on our list

Best stainless steel kettle for hard water areas

Not everybody wants a scalding cup of tea, especially if you like to drink it without waiting around. Plus, water that's too hot can affect the taste of certain teas too. Fortunately, the Sage Smart Kettle solves that problem. With one-touch settings, you can alter the temperature between 80-100°C — the handy instructions booklet comes with the best recommendations for a whole host of teas. Plus, to keep the limescale at bay, the kettle is fitted with a removable, washable limescale filter, concealed heating element, and a large opening for easy cleaning.

Our Review: "If you are a really particular tea or coffee drinker this is the kettle to go for. Being metal it naturally keeps water warmer for longer. Sage's the Smart Kettle has been developed with Heston Blumenthal with the USP of getting the maximum flavour from tea and coffee by adding water that's the optimum temperature to release tasting notes and aromas. And it's true - coffee does have more flavour when boiled at 90 degrees. Also, green tea tastes delicious boiled at 80 degrees, allowing the delicate flavour of the leaves and jasmine to shine through."


  • Temperature selection via the base
  • Ideal for tea and coffee connoisseurs
  • Complete with a Keep Warm button


  • Not the most stylish design

Best budget stainless steel kettle

The Morphy Richards 102786 Equip Jug Kettle is a stylish appliance for your kitchen. Coming in at £30, this kettle is decked out with some great features for you to enjoy. You won't be compromising on quality, that's for sure. It features a 3kW concealed element for rapid boil, a 360-degree base (for right or left-handed use_ and a removable limescale filter for clear water. Plus, it has cord storage to keep your kitchen sleek and smart.

Customer Review: "This is a very nice kettle, does the job, and was very reasonably priced. Would happily recommend."


  • Great value stainless steel kettle
  • Rapid Boil and illumination on boiling
  • Removable and washable limescale filter


  • Mixed thoughts on the water gauge

Best whistle-hob stainless steel kettle

Alessi Blue Bird Whistle Hob Kettle
Price: $147.88

This sharp yet playful Alessi Blue Bird Whistle Hob Kettle is a design classic in production since 1985. It has a one-litre capacity, and if the classic bird whistle doesn't quite do it for you, there is the option of purchasing a little dragon whistle instead. This kettle is suitable for all hob types.

Customer Review: "Functional a good kettle but what really stands out is the fantastic design. This kettle would make a great addition to any kitchen."


  • Suitable for all hob types
  • Attractive and stylish
  • Quick boil


  • Low capacity

VERDICT: Which Is The Best Stainless Steel Kettle?

Our top pick for the best stainless steel kettle is the Russell Hobbs 20460 Quiet Boil Kettle. If you have an open living space, then a quiet kettle is a must. It has been designed with quiet technology, so it won't disrupt the peace. It also has dual water windows on each side, making it perfect for left or right-handed users.


What Makes A Good Kettle?

We’ve got some ideas on what to look out for when shopping around for a kettle.

Capacity – is going to depend on your household. The bigger your household, the more mugs of hot drinks you make, so it is essential to look at how much water your kettle will hold. However, bear in mind: the larger the capacity, the heavier it will be to carry away from the kitchen tap.

Quiet Mark – or Quiet Boil are often on a kettle, meaning they measure lower in terms of decibels. After all, kettles are bound to make some noise – whether during or after boiling. Typically, a kettle will make a noise between 71 and 76 decibels. Check out our pick of the best quiet kettles.

Design – may be at the top of your list. We’ve handpicked silver-brushed stainless steel kettles for your kitchen. However, you can get stainless steel appliances in different tints, such as red. Overall, you want your kettle, toaster and microwave to match. Consider a toaster and kettle set.

Which Kettle Is Best: Plastic Or Stainless Steel?

Much like a mug warmer, an electric kettle is a much-needed appliance in your life. So, when picking out an appliance from the lot, you want to get the best option for your lifestyle. The material will likely be factored into your decision. If you’re unsure about choosing a stainless steel kettle, we’ve got the answers.

Is a stainless steel kettle better than a plastic? All this and more…

Plastic Kettles – retail at low prices, much less than their stainless steel or glass counterparts. Not only that, but they’re lightweight and therefore, easier to pour. If you lack mobility or can’t hold heavy objects, a plastic kettle may suit you best. On the other hand, there are some cons to plastic. When in contact with boiling water, it can pose a health hazard and even leave a slight taste in your drink. That’s less than ideal. Plus, the plastic variation is by no means stylish.

Stainless Steel – is, by far, the most durable option for your kettle. Though they’re not as cheap as the plastic kettle, stainless steel models can be found at reasonable prices and arrive with extra features to make your tea-drinking easy and accessible. Plus, stainless steel kettles are safe to use, will likely have removable limescale filters and look fabulous on your countertop. Though lighter than glass kettles, stainless steel kettles are by no means lightweight – so, may not suit all.

Why Is Stainless Steel Used For Kettles?

Stainless steel is more durable than its glass and plastic counterparts. If anything, stainless steel is virtually indestructible and has a longer life cycle than other materials, especially when put under extreme temperatures.

How Do You Clean A Kettle?

When you live in an area of hard water, you may find white flakes in your kettle - which is limescale. How can you get rid of limescale from a kettle? Well, there are many kettle descalers on the market, which can be effective. However, one of the easiest ways is to use lemons. Yep, when life gives you this versatile citrus fruit, consider it for cleaning.

According to Good Housekeeping, you should “combine one tablespoon of lemon juice with enough water to cover the bottom of your kettle.” Then, boil and let it sit for around 20 minutes. After this, remember to dump the sour mixture and rinse the kettle thoroughly with fresh water.

On the other hand, Oust's All Purpose Descaler is used by Instagram sensation, Mrs Hinch, to keep her kettle up to scratch. The product dissolves limescale and keeps appliances functioning efficiently.

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